Sunday, May 31, 2009

there is a song by S Club 7 "never had a dream come true". i think "never have a dream come true" suits me more. or should it be "havent had a dream come true"?

we used to be very close. somehow, i feel that we aren't that close recently. i hope we aren't drifting apart. or am i just thinking too much?

was talking to a friend just now and we talked about trusting people. it brought me to this question...is trusting people easily a good or bad thing? advantage of trusting easily is that people like to talk to you as you're able to understand them from their point of view. disadvantage is that being so naive and gullible, people can bluff you and you just fall into their words. i don't deny that i trust people very easily, i'm also rather simple-minded so i won't think too much into people's words. and sometimes, only to find myself being cheated. good or bad? you decide.

i believe my friends' words because i trust them. i hope you won't lie to me again, especially when i trusted your words and helped you to speak from your point of view to others before. well, maybe i'm not in the position to say this. because i lie too. i'm sorry.

what we could have been, 2:00 AM.
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alvin just asked me this question on msn: "what do you want most in life? can only choose one." i didn't know how to answer him.

if you were given this question, what will your answer be?

what we could have been, 2:15 AM.

i feel that i'm not giving equal treatment to my friends. or rather, good friends. certain people, i have high expectations from them. certain group, i don't expect anything in return. i don't know where this unfairness came from.

maybe it's time to do some self-criticism.

*when there are no expectations, a small surprise can also bring about large happiness. (i should truely learn to understand this.)

what we could have been, 12:27 AM.
Wednesday, May 20, 2009

since Jianqi have off and we were on the topic of our good ol' zhonghua days when we met last week, Alvin, he n i decided to visit our secondary school today. many teachers who taught our batch left already, most of the teachers now are rather young. but we still got to meet 4 teachers who taught our class that time...

Mrs Koh (A.Maths and Form teacher): doesn't seem to have changed much and doesn't seem to have aged as well. rather surprised that she still remembers us, considering we graduated in 2003. she asked if we're still in contact with other people and if we have class gathering every year. haha

Mrs See (E.Maths teacher): on the other hand, she seems to have aged alot. guess she found us familiar when we waved to her but doubt she remembers us. she's still the HOD for maths dept.

Mrs Wong (Geography and Form teacher): she was telling us about how some of her ex-students who went overseas and visited the national parks, and they emailed her about it.

Ms Ting (Physics teacher): her classic 'right, k' was something that we used to imitate. she's still saying it now. haha she wanted to buy us drinks when we met her at the canteen, but we were about to leave so didn't take up the offer.

Mdm Lau (Discipline mistress - used to be): i used to not have a good impression of her. in fact, we always got scared whenever we see her coming. because i remember always seeing her scold and punish students. but when we went back today, she gave me a totally different impression. she didn't seem as fierce as how she was. she spoke to us as though she taught us before, even if she didn't. she even asked us to join the alumni. anybody's interested? haha

they have a new building beside the basketball courts...which consists of a street soccer court and a sheltered bball court. the classrooms are in a mess now...i mean it's no longer all sec1 classes on 1 level and stuff. it's kind of jumbled up. they also have many art pieces pasted around the school. haha anyway it was a good trip back to the place which held so much memories of my school life. hope we can go back again... =)


i just bought 4 tops/dresses from Regi's online shop...for a total of $76. i'm still considering a 5th item which is a dress, and a top from another friend's online shop. haha girls, check out these shops when you're free....

http://la-petitmaison.livejournal.com/ - 2 sales now on!! new collection comes with free gift for purchases above $40!!
http://drunway.livejournal.com/ - spring collection and new collection of dresses.

*to whom it may concern, sorry if i offended you in my previous post.*

what we could have been, 9:00 PM.
Sunday, May 17, 2009

you said your mum threw away all your Quiksilver t-shirts so as to make way for your new clothes from your trip.

i guess that includes the shirt that was given by me.

in e first place, i bet you can't even remember that i bought you a QS shirt from Melbourne as your birthday present 3years back.

i suddenly find it pointless to give birthday presents every year and getting nothing in return. especially to people who don't appreciate.

somehow i feel that everybody are all out to make me emo at this time.

*Lulu, i promise you that i'll ask my dad about letting me go HK in july to attend your birthday party. pray that swine flu cases will stop increasing.*

what we could have been, 3:23 AM.
Friday, May 15, 2009

There are many things that no matter how hard we try, we just can't achieve what we hope to achieve...be it family, friendships, love, studies.

Or maybe, i didn't try hard enough.

Some people say, the process is more important or it's good as long as you tried your best. But in Singapore, sad to say, end-result plays a bigger part than the process.


1 said to let him be the 1 some day to break the 6 letters. 1 said after the other 3 return, he'll only meet us when he succeeds with money, if not he can't find any reason to see us (good luck!).

since both of you said these, so be it.

everybody hope that i can understand them. ok, i try my best to understand and i hope i will. on the other hand, who understands me?

*sorry for the bad mood. i guess it's snow white's turn now.*

what we could have been, 1:30 PM.
Saturday, May 09, 2009

on monday, i received a call from Sentosa Resorts World to go for an interview for the position of crew with Universal Studios next monday. they sent me some forms which i'm to fill up and bring it for the interview. in 1 of e forms, there are these questions "are you able to attend training overseas for 3months (for shortlisted candidates)?" and "are you willing to serve a bond with RWS for 2years?". these set me thinking about this....work vs studies, which will you choose?

i guess most people will vote for work? with such a good job opportunity in front of you, who wouldn't take it up? and at this point where jobs are hard to find...all the more i should grab hold of this chance? having a degree cert is important in Singapore, but this being a once in a lifetime opportunity which i may not get it again if i do my degree first, i feel it's not wrong to choose work over studies now? morever there'll be overseas training provided!! who knows, if i can hold back my studies and get this job, it'll be able to lead me to better job prospects in this field. and i definitely don't want to regret next time about having given up this post...after all, it's the experience that i'm looking for.

sigh, having said so much, it all depends on whether i can get through the interview and get the job *which i sincerely hope that i can*. wish me luck!! =)

by the way, if you're me, will you make the same choice? hmm...

what we could have been, 1:57 AM.
Tuesday, May 05, 2009

watched 2 movies these 2 days..."Xmen Origin: Wolverine" with my sister on sunday, "Friday the 13th" with Danile and his friend this afternoon. Xmen movie was nice, as what most people will expect of the show. and i was surprised at the number of people in the cinema, considering it being a sunday morning and we watched the first showtime for the day at 11.30am. "Friday the 13th" is, i shall say, a gross show. the way the teenagers were killed in the movie were really gruesome. that's why it's M18. haha anyway doubt i'll talk more about the movie...before some of you start puking in front of your computer. lolx watch the movie if you want to know what i mean!! =P

had a kbox session with Jianqi and Alvin just now (from 8pm to 11pm). i'll call it an emo kbox session, because 95% of the songs that we sang were rather emo. we sang most of the songs for Jianqi...*i'm sorry if we made you think about her*. though emo, but we kind of enjoyed the session. after all, this's the first time 3 of us went kbox together. haha i sang many songs and some of them reminded me of the group of friends again...

'Cai Hong' - thought of Bert
'Xin Tiao' - thought of Ken
'Pu Gong Ying De Yue Ding' - thought of Dan
'Xia Yu Tian' - thought of Pat
'Shui Xian Mu Xiang Wo Zhe Yang Qiang De Ren' - thought of Lulu

i hope we can go for a ktv session again when you guys come back. anyway the swine flu incident has been rather bad in many countries. wherever you are, take good care of yourself and don't fall sick. *this applies to all my friends in Singapore as well*

what we could have been, 12:46 AM.
Friday, May 01, 2009

had a gathering with my sentosa ex-colleagues today at christine's place!! a day of curry, dvd-watching (high school musical 3 and twilight), mahjong, uno, claire's belated 20th celebration.

this gathering reminded me of the one i had at my place a few weeks ago, with my group (B, D, K, L, P). *i seriously miss those times* anyway stine, thanks to you and your parents for letting us come to your place and for the food!! jun n rob, i'm definitely looking forward to our next kukus' outing!! =)

what we could have been, 11:05 PM.



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