Thursday, December 27, 2007

went quite a few places 2dae....met xiaomei @ ard 11am @ lavender as she had to go ICA bldg to do her student pass....we were dere for nearly 2hrs+ n she was told to collect her pass 2ml!! thou we waited very long due to e big crowd dere...but we had so much to tok abt so didnt feel tt e waiting time was long!! haha den we took e train down to cityhall...had lunch @ newyork newyork since she hasnt tried it b4!!! haha after which...we walked to marina sq n oso to suntec!! @ suntec...we went to e arcade n we played car-racing!!! haha yes...n i lost once again!!!! maybe i'm really nt fated to play dis game!!! hahaha anywae we walked to kbox n finally entered e place (we tot for quite long b4 entering thou)...haha we went in @ abt 4.30pm n were allowed to sing till 9pm for e price of $23 (after gst) each!! when we were singing...mi fren msged mi asking where m i!! he was tinking of meeting mi @ a later time....we discussed for a while den decided to meet @ 7 @ orchard!! so we left kbox @ @ 6.45pm...it was alr 7.20pm when i reached cityhall!! haha luckily i didnt haf to wait for e train n so managed to reach orchard @ 7.30pm....

upon reaching...i called him n he was @ lucky plaza!! i went over n met him outside mac...we walked to wheelock to check out crumpler pouches since he wanted to get for his trip 2ml!! apparently dere isnt any tt he liked so we moved to paragon outlet!! he tot for quite long after looking @ e pouches n decided nt to get any!! haha he felt was a waste of $$$.....we slowly walked to somerset mrt where we took e train hm!! i reached hm @ nearly 9pm...

well...pretty envious of him coz he's gg vietnam wif a few of his frenz 2ml!! for abt a week...so like wat i told him b4 i alighted fr e train...i'll see him next yr!! haha i wanted to send him off @ e airport but he didnt allow...no matter how i persuaded!! he had to be @ airport @ ard 5.30am as his flight was @ 7+am btw!! hmm anywae haf a safe journey!!! haha cya a week later....take care lolx~~

what we could have been, 9:25 PM.
Wednesday, December 26, 2007

met a few of mi sentosa frenz 2dae...supposed to meet @ 2.45pm @ hfbt stn!! yet we were still @ hm @ abt 2.35pm....i left hm @ abt 2.55pm after toking to mi fren on e phone!! met huijun @ s'goon stn...reached ss @ abt 3.30pm?? haha we sat in e ofc n crapped....while waiting for farhan to cash out!! we finally left ss @ ard 5pm...reached dhoby ghaut n walked to e grand cathay to get tix for 6.05pm "Alvin and the Chipmunks" show!! *yes i watched it alr as mentioned in e earlier blog but since e 3 of dem wanna watch n rob's paying...so y nt??* hahaha apparently e show was selling fast n we cld only get seats in e 1st row!! haha anywae we didnt haf much time left...so juz moved ard every level b4 buying snacks n settling in e cinema!! thou i alr knew e storyline...but its still nice to see e cute little chipmunks again!!! lolx....after e movie...we walked down to clarke quay to enjoy e climax of e night!!! haha

@ clarke quay...we took e GX 5 XTREME SWING!!! nt e 4 of us...but juz farhan (after much persuasion), huijun n mi!!! haha we took e swing wif 2 foreigners...jun was so scared tt she started screaming e moment e capsule turned...wat more when e capsule was lifted!!! haha but e feeling up dere was really scary...i didnt scream n juz kept mi eyes closed!! haha e 1st time...e causasian cldnt release e ting so dey let us down n taught him again!! e 2nd time...it was slightly beta coz @ least i cld enjoy e nigh scene...until e last quarter of e lifting den i closed mi eyes again!! haha imagine urself being supported up dere @ a height of more den 40m by juz e safety belts n looking down @ e ground fr a parallel angle....how will u feel??? hahaha when e causasian finally released e rope....OMG tt moment was freaking scary lah!!! e whole capsule started swinging back n forth for a few times....b4 it finally stopped!! haha e impact was really terrible....but we juz shouted our way down n tings got beta!!! btw rob didnt dare to sit so he took a video for us....haha juz as we were waiting for e staff to release e belts...jun asked if i wanna take it again but farhan saed another time!! haha we took a few pics after e swing...den we walked over to Central n entered starbucks!! we sat dere till abt 10pm den left e place...i reached hm @ 10.30pm!!

had a marvellous night indeed!!! haha farhan was so farnie juz now....he shouted "hello everybody" to e pple below...whenever we took any escalators up!!! haha quite paiseh but very fun.....lol guess i wont forget dis whenever i take escalators!! hahaha toking abt e xtreme swing...its really a very good experience!!! WORTH RECOMMENDATION *of coz muz make sure u're nt scared of heights b4 u decide to take it*!!! haha next up...its gonna be e bungy!!! thou it's nuting much compared to e swing...but i still wanna try it....@ least once in mi life!! haha tink we gonna go back again...coz we wanna take e swing again!!!!! for e video of our swing...can check it out @ huijun or farhan's blog (pple who dunno dem...juz click on their names under mi links section)!!! anywae thanx ROB for e movie tix, cinema snacks n starbucks drinks treat!!! thanx to miself for treating e swing (i noe its very haolian lolx)....n thanx HAN & JUN for taking e ride wif mi!!! lastly....thanx to e 3 of u for making mi night memorable!!!!!! cheerios~~ =)))

what we could have been, 11:19 PM.
Friday, December 21, 2007

e 3rd time i went out wif michelle in a week!!! haha 1st time was last sat when we did our christmas shopping together...2nd time was on tues when we had e xmas meet-up wif 2 other girls!! haha 2dae...we met to watch movie n shop ard!!!! we arranged to meet @ 12.30pm @ far east bus-stop but i was late (as usual haha)....when i alighted fr e bus n was waiting for her @ e bus-stop...i saw mi fren waiting dere as well!! haha quite surprised to see him dere coz when we toked on e phone ystd...he didnt mention abt gg orchard in e morning!!! he didnt even see mi until i walked towards him n waved to him!! haha we chat for a while den his fren came to pick him up...michelle oso came soon later!! we walked over to cine to get tix for e 2.55pm "Alvin and the Chipmunks" movie....den moved ard heeren b4 hafing lunch @ cine subway!! haha we rushed thru e lunch n were late in entering e cinema...but luckily e show hafnt start!! haha toking abt e show...its really cute lah!!! worth recommending...haha e chipmunks r juz so lovable!! thou a simple story line...but it's quite touching towards e end!! lol...

after e show...we walked to PS n shopped ard till 7pm....den we slowly walked back to orchard as we wanted to enjoy e christmas lightings!! haha many pple's xmas moods were nt disturbed despite e light drizzle....we even saw sum flower boats along e way!! haha we wanted to haf dinner but dere seems to haf queues everywhere...so we decided to buy sum finger snacks fr taka basement!! even buy food fr dere oso haf q...n all e chairs were taken up!! so we juz bought sum food n stood ard...haha after "dinner"....we strolled along orchard rd back to e bus-stop!!! dere were so many performances n carolling....haha really got everybody in e festive mood!! haha i finally reached hm @ 10.15pm...

its gonna be christmas next fri...haha let mi wish u all merry christmas in advance!!!! =)))

what we could have been, 11:20 PM.
Wednesday, December 19, 2007

did sth juz now tt i tink nobody will ever do!! haha e story started like dis....clarence lost his shades in sentosa nearly 2weeks ago!! but he soon managed to get another 1 which he liked alot!!! n getting it fr zy's aunt's shop will haf discount so he ordered his shades dere!! haha 2dae...he was told tt he cld collect e shades!! he called mi @ 5.10pm to tell mi abt it...we discussed for a while b4 i decided to collect it for him since he hafta meet his fren now!! haha as i didnt really noe e exact location...i took e bus down to lavender b4 taking e cab to e place but obviously i gt e location wrong!! so i took a bus back to ICA building...i went to dose hdb blk opp tt bldg (fr wat i was told) but still cldnt find e place!! haha @ 6+pm when i really cldnt find e place...he called to tell mi tt zy will be cuming down to collect...so i decided to meet him!! we arranged to meet @ lavender stn n he reached @ abt 7pm....he was wif another guy who was also fr mi sec sch!! haha we finally managed to find e spectacle shop n finally gt e shades!! haha i decided to go over to cityhall to find clarence so he gave mi e shades!!! we separated ways as he n e other guy r gg PS to meet other frenz...n i took e bus down to cityhall!! i met clarence in pool fusion....i passed e shades to him n toked for a while b4 leaving e place!! i reached hm @ abt 8.45pm coz dere was a jam!!!

haha does it sound stupid?? e shades oso dun belong to mi....yet i'm wasting mi time juz to help him to collect!! haha no lah...coz i oso wanna see how e shades looked like!! haha zy took e chance to try on e shades in e shop n it really looked quite cool!! haha dunno when can i see him wear e shades....but still i muz sae...mi fren really has quite gd taste in choosing such stuff!!! haha bet he muz be happy upon hearing dis...haha~~

what we could have been, 8:59 PM.
Tuesday, December 18, 2007

juz came back after a gathering wif mi frens....met up wif sum of mi close frens fr sim!!! we set to meet @ 12.30pm...thou i was e 1st to reach but i oso didnt reach in time!!! haha michelle n yx met mi @ cityhall stn...while we met py @ New York New York in citylink!! since it was a christmas gathering....we oso exchanged presents!! haha we crapped alot until nearly 3pm!! after lunch...we moved ard marina sq n suntec!! haha as py didnt get presents for yx n mi....we told her to get sth fr perlini silver!! n we finally found e shop in suntec!! haha i chose a pair of earrings tt i've wanted to get long ago...n yx gt a necklace!! den we continued to shop ard.....of coz we didnt miss dropping by e arcade!! haha coz tt time when py n i went out...we went to e arcade to play car-racing so we tot of gg back dere again!! dis time...it was py n mi playing tt while michelle n yx went sumwhere else!! haha we played 2rounds n alwaes lost to her lah...thou i had alwaes been leading!! haha irritating sia....anywae after tt...we went to nydc @ basement 1 coz py wanted to eat cakes!!! we had a different slice of cake each...n shared a drink!! we sat dere till ard 6.45pm...den slowly strolled back to cityhall stn!! yx took e train while e 3 of us walked to our respective bus-stops!! i reached hm @ 8+pm as dere was a traffic jam!!!

sumhow i juz miss dis grp of frenz...its like we juz haf so much to tok abt lah!!! when xiaomei cums back in jan...we'll haf a complete gathering!! haha cant wait for tt day....anywae thanx girls for attending dis gathering n for e presents (e 3 presents tt i received r tings tt i want haha)...really appreciate it!!!! hope u all like e presents tt i got as well...hope to cya all soon....n merry christmas in advance!! haha...

what we could have been, 9:04 PM.
Monday, December 17, 2007

its finally mi hols!!!!!! it started @ 3pm dis afternoon.....haha but i didnt cum hm immediately!!!! becoz mi fren needed to buy sum materials to make christmas presents...so we arranged to meet @ 4pm @ plaza singapura!!! i took mi time to reach coz i noe i'll be earlier den him....reached exactly @ 4pm but he didnt cum till 4.20pm!! we moved ard Spotlight to look for DIY materials!! 1hr later when we were done @ Spotlight...he felt like eating ice-cream so we entered Gelare!! but we didnt order any food coz we cldnt make up our minds abt wat to eat!! in e end...we changed to swensens!!! haha we shared a plate of baked rice n chips n ordered a dessert each!! haha we sat dere n toked till abt 6.20pm b4 leaving e place...we moved ard another DIY shop den took e train back!!! but i didnt cum hm....instead i went wif him to his place to help him make e presents!! we started @ abt 7pm...it was ard 10pm when we finished e 1st stage!! haha i noe its abit long coz its our 1st time doing such DIY stuff....den i took e cab hm n reached @ abt 10.20pm!!

abit sad hor...go out wif him to buy materials but e present is nt for mi!! haha well maybe i'm used to it le bah....anywae christmas is cuming in a wk....so get ur presents ready!!!!! lolx.....

what we could have been, 10:53 PM.
Wednesday, December 05, 2007

went on a nice car ride 2dae!!!!! hahaha mi fren called mi @ 10am...asking if i wanna accompany him to tanjong pagar to buy food!! he reached @ abt 10.40am...he drove down to e place!! it took us quite sum time b4 we finally found e place....he was actually dere to help his father buy sum food!! after getting e food...he went to yishun to pass e food to his dad!! haha den he dropped by a mac drive-thru in tt area n gt himself a meal to eat...i helped him as he drove n ate!! seemed as thou i'm his "maid" or sth lah....hahaha he picked up his fren @ tampines b4 dropping mi @ sengkang stn @ 1+pm!! haha it was quite hard to get a cab in tt area n wif such rainy weather....but i finally gt a cab nearly 10-15mins later!! haha

i reached hm...den rushed down to mi grandma's place wif mi dad as mi grandma wanted to see doc!! but coz mi dad had his own medical appointment....so he left mi to bring mi grandma hm!! obviously....i was totally drenched when i entered mi grandma's hse!! haha i stayed dere for a while n mi aunt helped mi to dry mi hair n clothes wif her hair-dryer!!! den i took e train hm le!!!

haha after gg to so many areas...i'm finally hm n still drenched!!! haha btw take care...mi frens!!! e weather has been quite weird recently so make sure u all dun fall sick ya!!! haha cya~~~

what we could have been, 4:41 PM.



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