Saturday, September 29, 2007

i really enjoyed mi day!! haha worked 8am-430pm shift as ticketing....n had an excess of $30!!!!! dunno how i managed to do tt lah....haha cashed out till abt 5pm...when i left SS...it was alr abt 5.20pm!! n i was supposed to meet mi a few of mi frenz @ orchard @ 5.30pm!! haha i've been looking forward to dis meet-up wif dem le...dey're sum of mi close frens fr e diploma course last yr!! haha haf been wishing for dis gathering wif michelle, peiying, yunxian n xiaomei....but too bad xiaomei cant join us dis time!!! we asked kahning to join us but he zhong se qing you...haha rather go back malaysia to find gf!!! lol anywae by e time i met dem...it was alr abt 5.45pm....we went to Central HK cafe @ taka for dinner....we ate, chat n laughed alot!!! haha after tt...we entered taka to look for a present for xiaomei....we didnt noe wat to buy even after looking @ alot of options....den we decided to get it fr perlini's silvers!!! haha we stayed in e shop for quite long....trying to mix n match a necklace!! we oso gt a bracelet...after everyting was settled....we went back to basement2 as we wanted to eat ice-cream!! lol when we came out of e hk cafe after dinner...we alr saw e ice-cream stalls but coz we were too full...so we moved ard 1st!! n now we're back dere again...i recommended e "azabu sabo" hokkaido ice-cream to dem n we bought 4 different flavours...of coz we oso took a small bit fr each other's ice-cream to try e diff flavours!! we found sum place @ e b2 fountain n took a few pics while enjoying our ice-cream....haha @ abt 8+pm...we finished our ice-cream n left taka where dere were sum performance gg on so we stayed n watched for a while!! den we slowly strolled back to e mrt n we separated ways.....i reached hm @ 9.30pm!!

thou it was juz a few hours....but i really liked wat we did!!!! haha cant wait for xiaomei to cum sg next yr n join us....den e 5 of us can alwaes go out 2gether!!!! anywae thanx frenz for making mi day....had excess $$ during mi work n oso had a great time wif u all!! gotta work 2ml as well...as ticketing again!! haha hope everyting goes on fine....

what we could have been, 11:42 PM.
Tuesday, September 25, 2007

after toking abt it for so long.....huijun, robinson n i finally went shopping to get e stuff we want!!! arranged to meet @ 1.30pm @ cityhall mrt but rob n hj were late!! rob came @ 1.45pm n hj came @ 1.55pm!!!! we went to raffles city basement as we wanted to get crumpler bag!! we entered e shop n chose e colours we wanted....after much discussion we finally got 1 bag each!!! haha i gt e red 1, hj gt e brown 1 n rob gt e grey 1!! after tt...we walked to suntec n marina square!! haha whole afternoon was spent btw dese 2 places!! ooh rob treated us to sakae sushi @ marina sq....haha thanx arh!!! after lunch...we went back to toys r'us @ suntec n spent alot of time playing dere!! didnt noe playing dere can be so fun...den we slowly walked to e suntec bus-stop @ 6+pm where hj n i took 133!! we were so tired till we practically slept thru e whole journey....hahaha hj changed bus in btw n i reached hm @ 7+pm!!!

well thou tired but we definitely had a great afternoon....esp @ toys r'us!! haha n nt forgetting our 3 new crumpler bags as well....hope can go out again!! tink we saed we'll go out again after we get e next pay?? n rob wanna get a freaking ex cam too...well see how lor!! haha...

what we could have been, 7:51 PM.
Friday, September 14, 2007

finally home after a bz day in sch 2dae!!! haha well lect started @ 8.30am-11am den i met natalie for lunch @ megabites...we rushed thru our socio tut after lunch as her socio tut is @ 12pm. dere was filming gg on in e sch canteen for e variety show "Hey, Gorgeous" n we wanted to go n watch but had to finish our tut 1st!!! after which....i went to meet yingyan as dere were sum booths set up for student week @ atrium n she wanted to join a cca...i accompanied her till 12+pm/1pm b4 she left sch n i went library to continue mi socio tut!! @ abt 1.50pm...i went atrium to check out e src (e cca which i joined) booth n oso toked to joshua for a while!! den i went for mi socio tut @ 2pm....

after tut ended @ 3pm...i went back to atrium to see if e filming was still on!! haha it was alr halfway thru but still managed to catch abit of e filming!! i went down to level 3 n stood dere b4 noticing joween @ e atrium so i joined her dere!! haha we even went up stage to place our votes for Mr SIM n she went to vote for Ms SIM as well!! haha didnt noe e whole filming took so long....it was nt a whole shot @ 1 go but dey filmed by sections!! sum scenes had to be retaken as it was nt very well taken....dey retook e ending scene for many times as e comperes (Desmond Koh, Fiona Xie n Ben Yeo) kept making mistakes n it was quite farnie!! hahaha after e shooting finally ended....many pple went forward to take pics wif e special guest (Julian Hsu) but i didnt get a chance!! haha as he had to take e lift to basement to get his car....joween, i n a few others oso entered e same lift as him!! hahaha quite stupid lah as i was gg level 1 only....but anywae after tt i went hm!!

for once....i got to see how filming of a show went abt!! it really isn't easy...but anywae keep a lookout for e SIM episode on tv...... =)

what we could have been, 6:05 PM.
Monday, September 03, 2007

wah hafing headache now...more of migrain!!! super pain n sian sia....slept 8+hrs ystd night...but when i woke up @ 10+am dis morning...was still very sleepy so i took a nap after lunch (fr 2+pm till 6+pm)!!! dunno y but juz cldnt wake up lah....after i woke up...tts when mi headache started!!! its so pain till i can juz cry @ any time when watching tv or listening to songs...cannot tahan sia....gonna go back to bed soon!!!!

hmm worked over e wkend...as rover!!! quite a relaxing job....haha met clarence, rex n yiyang on sat!! haha super bz wkend...coz its sept sch hols now so many pple r cuming in big grps!!! hmm clarence called mi @ 11.05am tt day...asking mi to buy lunch for him so i went for break @ 11.15am!! haha i went food republic to buy chicken rice for him n his frenz...n oso bought 2 cups of soyabean for him n miself...den took monorail to beach stn!! upon reaching beach stn....wanted to take e beach tram but tot i gonna wait very long for it...so decided to juz walk!! he told mi tt he n his frenz r @ e court near new zealand ice-cream stall...n it took mi sum time b4 i finally spotted him!! haha it indeed seem strange to be moving ard e beach in tt uniform lah...haha anywae i passed e food to him n we chat for a while b4 i left e place!!! slowly strolled back to beach stn...n it was nearly 12.10pm when i reached sentosa stn!! haha rest for a while b4 i started work again....shift supposed to end @ 4.30pm but extended till 6pm since i was meeting mi dad, grandma n sis for dinner @ vivo tt evening!!! haha worked as rover on sun again...super big crowd tt day but sumhow i enjoyed working!! lolx.....

hmm nt in a very gd mood dese few weeks....since tt day!!! dunno wats wrong wif mi oso....haiz hope everyting will change for e beta soon!! pls pray for mi..... =(

what we could have been, 9:26 AM.



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