Saturday, August 30, 2008

finally got to ride on the Singapore Flyer!!!! haha jun got a flyer coupon after she went for ndp preview, and we can ride for free as an august birthday treat so she gave it to me!! we had lunch at popeye (after wanting to eat that for very long) then went for our ride. i wanted to treat jun for her tix but we met an ex-sentosa colleague at e ticketing counter n she gave jun a complimentary tix!!! lolx

*our Flyer tickets (both are for free)*

*we acted like tourists!! haha*

*onboard Singapore Flyer*

*Formula 1 track*

after e 30mins ride, we walked back to marina square n it started pouring heavily halfway through!! we ran all e way to oriental hotel!!! of course, we were drenched!!! haha we entered marina square, wet from head to toe!! yet still had to walk past e atrium to e toilet on e other side!! after we tried to dry ourselves which were of no use at all, we shopped around!! we split ways at 6pm n i went to jianqi's bday party!! stayed with alvin till 9.30pm then went home as alvin still had a wedding dinner to attend.
stine msged me in e afternoon that e dateline for getting a boyfriend is up today but i haven't gotten one yet!! so she gave me an extension of 21days to get one!!! lolx girl, thanks arh!!! anyway jun n i were chatting n we realised that we had many 'first time' together!! first time sitting e xtreme swing, first time walking home, first time eating popeye, first time on e flyer, first time running under e heavy downpour, first time walking in e shopping mall in such a wet state!! haha we should create more of such 'first time'!!! ooh yes DHL BALLOON!!!! lolx shall we go n take that before it stops operating in end-sept?? =P
went out with clar ysterday, for his haircut n doc appt at NSC!! he said a few people commented he looks like 5566's Sun Xie Zhi, or even F4's Vanness!! maybe if say he looks like xiezhi, i can still agree to a certain extent. but vanness??? lolx knowing him for 7years, i never thought that he looked like any of them!!! what do you tink?? haha

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

10 things to do when i turn 21 years old (as stated in e bday card from sexists):

1) Travel to your favourite country for 21weeks [can i travel to more than one country??]
2) Earn $21million within 21years [this's definitely one of e top most aim!!]
3) Get a boyfriend within 21days [e dateline is almost up but i haven't found one yet!!]
4) Shop for 21hours [tell me which place will open for 21hours first!!]
5) Laugh 21 times everyday [this's simple!!]
6) Get 21 people to go clubbing overnight [my friends, please get your friends to join us e next time we go!!]
7) Play the bungee for 21 times [i'll need e help from sexists to complete this!!]
8) Watch R(21) movies [let me know when such a movie is showing!!]
9) Give birth to 21 kids when you're married [ehh u guys think i'm female pig??]
10) Make 21 wishes

haha this list is so funny!!! you guys never fail to make me laugh!!! but i haven't completed any of them yet!!! haha ooh and by e way, i'm so in love with Royce chocolates (thanks to xieai n benny for this present)!!! haha jun...i'll get it for you on your bday!!! lolx

i was looking through my photos and i saw this :

(taken from e class webby which i think nobody remembers)

i know it's impossible to go back to those days. these memories, i'll always cherish them in my heart.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

dropped by at e airport just now to find mel before she went back to canada!! met her n other frens at popeye...stayed there for about half an hour or so!!

Mel: Take care while you're in canada. You'll be missed greatly by all of us. Keep in touch. See you 2 years later!!! =)

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Sunday, August 24, 2008


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Saturday, August 23, 2008

went for e ntu hall 5 pagaent preview at dxo just now...with regi, shuling, mel n grace!! when we went in after 8.30pm...e catwalk section was alr over!!! n we missed e chance to see clar n yunsheng catwalk after so many days of practice!! lolx we cheered for both of them for e next 2 sections of e pagaent preview...n went out to catch e fireworks as well!! haha i just love to catch e fireworks every year...be it after ndp or at fireworks festival!! haha anyway after e fireworks, we went back to dxo n clar came to find us *e preview was also over by then*!! he bought us drinks *thanks fren* n we played 'cai quan' with some of his frens as well!! i left e place at 11+pm...

p/s: all e best in e actual pagaent in your upcoming D&D!! =)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

just reached home after a small bday celebration for grace. well...met up with grace, mel, regi, yisheng, johnny, elise n other frens for steamboat at zhen fa steamboat restaurant opp novena church!! n it reminded mi of e good old steamboat that we used to have at marina bay for our sec4 class gatherings!! haha we were there for 3hrs+ or so?? ate, chat, laughed, took pics etc. haha thou simple but nice, and more importantly, the bday girl enjoyed herself!! lolx

Grace, Happy 21st birthday!!! Hope you liked e 'hair-perm fund' present that we gave you!!! =)

*send me the pics soon!!! haha

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Monday, August 18, 2008

as i sat in my dad's car n he drove along Serangoon Road just now, i thought of the walking trip i had with my kukus (jun n rob)!!

i remember we stood at the bus-stop at Little India and flagged for a taxi for nearly 15mins but they were all hired.
i remember jun holding my arm and pushing me through the empty slots in between the indians.
i remember rob will let jun n me walk in front of him.
i remember carrying their bags for them as we walked.
i remember the petrol kiosk where we had a hard time finding the washroom.
i remember stopping in front of a hindu temple and praying that we can get a taxi soon.
i remember rob and i bought a bottle of breezer each from the 7-11 at Boon Keng stn as we were too thirsty.
i remember we finally saw an empty cab, just before 'mei zhen xiang', which was just about to turn out to the main road and we ran towards it.
i remember rob didn't reply to our msn conference when we reached home, and he only replied 2-3hrs later as he was sleeping. *that's when we know that rob can't drink*

all these happened the first time we had our walking journey, unintentionally, just because we couldn't get a cab. but it was fun, really!! it's only with the kukus, and the sexists as well, where such crazy events take place!!! hahaha

i can't wait to meet my kukus and give them the popeye and flyer treat from me.
i can't wait to have the crabs feast with them in sept.
i can't wait for the sexists' chalet in oct.
i can't wait for grace's bday meal tomorrow night.

my life's rather quiet these few weeks, after my frens started school a few weeks back. we used to meet every week, for lunch etc!! i miss hanging out with clar n regi!!! and mel's gg back to canada soon?? hope we can meet up more often before she leaves!! ooh yes...and i've yet to visit dory's hall!! haha wanna see how "neat" it is!! lolx cya all soon~~

what we could have been, 7:38 PM.
Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy 43rd Birthday to Singapore *belated*!! n Happy 21st Birthday to myself!! haha celebrated my birthday at home yesterday....with my family, relatives n friends (sec4 classmates, jc classmates, sentosa friends n sim friends)!!!

my 4kg birthday cake....

sec4 friends......

jc classmates.....


sim friends....

i enjoyed myself yesterday, though i didn't have much time to talk to all my friends *apologise for that*!! by the way, my dear sexists gave me a big surprise!! they tricked me into going down with them, saying that rob had to go back to camp already and they wanted to send him!! when i was talking to them at the void-deck, huijun suddenly splashed her bottle of water at me n next came the pkt of corn flour by christine!!! i was really taken aback and had no time to react!! haha then rob chased me with e remaining pkt of flour...i knew i confirm cannot escape so i let him pour it on me!! after that...i went back to my house first cos i got to shower!! everybody were shocked to see me in this state!! lolx

*sexists' art work*
other than this flour and water masterpiece, they also made a big n nice card for me!! they even wrote '10 tasks to do when i turn 21 years old'!! some of them are rather impossible, but i'll try and complete them!! haha 1 task 'sit bungee for 21times', i may need the help of e sexists to complete that!! lolx overall i like e presents which i received, but there's one that i love most!! (i think my friend said that he hasn't finished doing my present, maybe i'll love that too but so far, this's my fav gift!!!) haha

*kukus' jigsaw puzzle*

i think i told jun before that i hope to receive such a present and apparently they remembered whatever i said!! even though i had to piece the puzzle myself (which i completed just now)...but i think this's touching!!! i'm gonna frame this up!! haha they also gave me a wallet, and i've already changed my wallet to e one which they gave!! ooh and i want to say, I LOVE HUIJUN AND ROBINSON!!!! lolx can't wait for our next kuku outing...maybe for crabs in sept??? n our sexist's chalet as well!! haha

mich, xiaomei n yx stayed at my place till 10+pm ystd night...well we chat n opened my presents!! haha

*regi, grace, mel: recognise e dress?? they wanted to see me in this dress so asked me to change into it. haha*

last but not least, thanks to all my friends for coming to my party, for all the wishes n presents!! hope you all liked e food and e cake!! we'll meet up again?? take care n cya all soon~~ =))

what we could have been, 11:50 AM.
Wednesday, August 06, 2008

eat, eat, eat!!! ate alot today!!! haha met stine n zaw in e afternoon....planned to go for bak tuk teh at clarke quay but it was super packed during lunch time...so we settled for pasta de waraku instead *rob...u wan to eat tt?? lolx*!!! after lunch...we went to kinokuniya at liang court as they wanted to buy some things. we had a good exercise e next moment!! we wanted to go dhoby ghaut for ice-monster...n we thought e fastest way is to cut through fort canning park!! so we climbed stairs, walked up slope under e hot sun for quite long....n we finally reached plaza singapura!! haha trust me...e mango ice n e milkshake that we had were super refreshing!!!! lolx we separated ways at abt 4pm...

in evening at ard 5.30pm...i met mich n xiaomei for dinner at bishan J8!! we ate at e foodcourt n i treated them for bubble tea after dinner!! den we moved ard e shops...mich tried on many pants but didnt buy any!! i was thinking whether to get a dress for my bday but well...oso didnt get it!! haha it was really fun hanging out with dem...we went home at 9+pm!!

a few of my friends asked if i'm excited about my party on sat...well i'm getting abit excited esp now that it's 3days away!!! some of them told me that they've bought my present...can't wait to know what i'll get!!! haha cya guys then~~

what we could have been, 9:47 PM.
Monday, August 04, 2008

5days to my birthday...yet i'm getting tired n scared of receiving msges from my friends about them not being able to turn up for my party!! u say go holiday...i can understand. u say busy with projects or upcoming tests...i can understand. what about going to ndp??? seriously...i really don't understand why do people like to watch ndp live?? i mean...yes it's hard to get e tickets!! but other than the fireworks, what's so nice about it?? they say they'll try and rush over to my place asap after the parade...i truely appreciate you for saying that but i know it's impossible!! i was still looking forward to the surprise that sexists have for me...now...i think this plan is cancelled!! =(

nevertheless, i will still enjoy myself on that day!! with other friends and my family/relatives. meanwhile, enjoy yourselves at e ndp!! =)

what we could have been, 10:50 PM.
Friday, August 01, 2008

after 9years, i finally stepped into my primary sch again!!! haha today's e official opening of the new sch building....and i attended this event with li yun, seek peng n jian ni. met liyun at 4.30pm first...we went for a tour ard e sch first!! n we made a conclusion....students nowadays are really lucky!!! lolx they have more ccas den our time...n definitely better facilities!! haha the current Garden of Peace is very nice...but my friends n i preferred e one we had back then!! haha after that, we went into the hall n sat at our table. jian ni, seek peng n her sis came at 6+pm...there were speeches made by the guest-of-honour n other guests n a musical by students. dinner was ard 8pm...we talked to our form teacher n chinese teacher before having dinner!! we left e sch at 9+pm...

it's really nice to be back in e sch again...talking to our teachers and reminiscing e memories we had then!! n i suddenly miss my primary sch classmates...can't wait to have a gathering with them soon!!! =))

what we could have been, 11:20 PM.



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