Tuesday, November 27, 2007

this team of 22 dragonboat rowers went to Cambodia happily last week for a competition. but @ e comp last fri...their boat capsized!!! 17 of dem managed to get themselves out fr e waters but 5bodies were unfound until last sun!!! when their bodies were found...dey were all rotten!! juz like dis...we lost 5 promising rowers who had so much passion in their lives!!

thou i dunno dem personally...but reading e newspaper articles abt wat their family n frenz sae of dem...it sumhow seems like dey're oso mi frenz n i feel sad for losing dem as well!! sumtimes when i entered their blog which their frenz set up for dem....reading thru e long lists of blog entries really made mi cry!! dey were so full of life n passion....yet we juz lost dem overnight!! 1 of e rowers...Jeremy Goh was oso fr SIM-UOL...we might haf walked past each other b4 n even took e same bus b4....even if we dunno him as a fren...many of mi frenz n i didnt feel good when we learnt of his death!! dere was a table in SIM where we could write sum tributes to him n his family!! wif this opportunity...many of us went to write!!

Jeremy, Stephen, Reuben, Boon San and Wei Cheng...your smiles, your passion in things that you enjoy doing, the memories that you left behind for your family n friends will always be remembered...even by a stranger like me. i know you all won't be lonely...becoz you all are in e arms of e angel!!! please bless e pple around u. hope i can be fortunate enough to know e 5 of u n be your frenz in my next life. till we meet again....rest in peace.

(a small tribute to e 5heros who died while rowing e singapore flag)

what we could have been, 6:33 PM.
Tuesday, November 20, 2007

haha mi fren finally finished his exams!!!! after so long...he's finally getting freedom fr dose books!!! lol he called mi @ abt 10+/11am asking if i wanna go out....after discussing abt a few options...we decided to go for suki sushi!!! haha he called mi @ abt 11.45am saeing tt i can leave hse!! reached @ 12.15pm n met him @ hg plaza....had sushi buffet till 1+pm!! den we walked back to his place as he wanted to get sum stuff b4 gg out....i waited for him while he got his stuff!! den we went down....he waited for a cab while i walked to e bus-stop!!! separating ways for less den 1min....he shouted mi name n told mi tt he forgot sth!! haha so forgetful sia....i went back wif him!! when we came down...i saw mi fren (who was staying in e same condo but diff block) who juz got into a cab!! haha when he was waiting juz now...dere were no cabs...when he had to go back to his hse to get sth...dere were 2 empty cabs!! haha now he had to re-wait again...didnt wait for long thou!! when he got into e cab...i walked to bus-stop to get a bus!! *nt tt he didnt want to fetch mi...but we cldnt find a place which was along e way for him n convenient for mi to alight* haha!!!

dunno when we'll meet again....maybe when u go sentosa e following wk!! haha take care n enjoy ur super happening post-exam activities!!! hahaha...

what we could have been, 5:33 PM.
Monday, November 19, 2007

haha met him for less den 5mins juz now!!! he was retaking a'lvls n had a paper @ 1pm....but he called mi @ abt 12.30pm asking if dere's any shelter fr e bus-stop opp srjc into e sch!! i was a student dere so i noe dere's no shelter no matter which route u take!! haha i decided to take a cab down n fetch him into sch!!! i reached e bus-stop @ abt 12.45pm where he entered e cab den it turned into sch!! haha after getting out of e cab...he went to his exam venue while i went hm!! haha gd luck for ur 2nd last paper!! lolx...

what we could have been, 2:18 PM.
Thursday, November 15, 2007

had lunch wif him juz now!!! haha went for a lect in e morning...supposed to end @ 11am but it delayed for abt 10mins....he msged mi @ abt 10.55am asking if i'm @ hm!!! when i told him tt i'm hafing lect n its ending soon...he told mi to pay attention 1st!! haha i msged him after mi lect ended....we discussed for quite long b4 reaching an agreement tt i'll buy sum food fr hg mall n bring it over to his place...i can oso buy sth hm to eat!! haha i took e bus which went direct to hg interchange....when e bus was 2stops away fr interchange...he called mi again asking where i m!! when i saed i'm alr nearing hg mall...he tot for a while den decided to go hg mall n meet mi!! i reached hg mall @ abt 12.25pm...he came @ abt 12.40pm!! we walked ard...tinking abt where to eat!! n we walked ard for quite long...our final decision was pepper lunch since it was quite long since we last ate tt!! haha we were dere till abt 1.20pm den slowly strolled back to e bus-stop near his place where i took a bus hm!!

what we could have been, 2:06 PM.
Tuesday, November 13, 2007

studied together again!!! chat on msn in e morning n decided to meet @ kovan mac @ 12pm...i was late by 5mins but he was later den mi!! haha he came @ abt 12.30pm...we had lunch 1st b4 starting studying @ 1.30pm!!! as he wasnt feeling very well...we studied till abt 2.30pm den left e place....he went hm while i moved ard kovan heartland mall for a while!! haha i reached hm @ 3.15pm....

haha mi dis fren seems so weak...alwaes falling sick!!! anywae take care n all e best....

what we could have been, 3:25 PM.
Friday, November 09, 2007

juz came back after meeting him for dinner...or rather it was supper for mi as i had dinner @ hm b4 tt!! haha he called mi @ 8+pm...asking if i wanna go wif him to buy food!! he drove to mi place n reached @ abt 8.50pm...we went to eat teochew porridge (along upper serangoon road) n crapped alot!!! after dinner....he sent mi hm den drove back to his place!! haha

quite tired actually....went to A*Mei's concert ystd night (refer to previous entry for more details) n reached hm @ 12+am....took shower n chat on msn....we oso toked on e phone fr abt 2am till abt 2.40am (till both of us were too tired to cont)!! haha n still had lessons @ 8.30am so hafta wake up @ 6+am....@ least still managed to catch abit of slp after i gt hm fr sch!! haha

ooh btw....thanx to mi fren for paying for e dinner tt we had earlier!! haha cya soon n haf a gd time studying....everyting's gonna end in another 11 more days!! haha jiayou...i'll give u moral support n oso will accompany u to stay up thou we aren't studying together!! lol =p

what we could have been, 9:59 PM.

had a splendid night!!! haha went to zhang hui mei's (a*mei) 2007 concert juz now!!! can only sae it was really great...n oso a rather gd way to relieve stress!! haha went wif mi sis...b4 tt we went orchard to move ard n had sakae sushi for dinner!! den we took bus to indoor stadium...e whole bus was practically full wif pple gg for e concert!! haha we were sitted inside by abt 7.45pm....but e concert didnt start until abt 8.20pm!! we were quite happy tt we got quite a gd view of e stage!! as usual...she kicked off e concert wif a few high songs...haha when her 1st slow song came out after e opening...it was as thou dere was a big choir grp coz everybody were singing along wif her!! e feeling was really great....to haf everybody singing together!! if i'm here...i'll cfm be very touched!! haha her encore session was very long...n of coz by den...she got @ least 99% of e crowd standing up n cheering along!!! haha dis made e whole atmosphere even more high....moz of us were screaming @ e top of our heads but we juz didnt care...haha her concert ended @ abt 11.50pm....mi dad fetched us back hm!!

woo...its been 3yrs since i last went for a concert...still rmb e last 1 i went to was jay's concert!! haha gd news...i'm gg to his concert next yr again!! haha cant wait for tt day to arrive....anywae i really enjoyed miself thru'out e night...althou i've gt no voice now due to all e screaming n cheering!! haha dis marks e end of e 6th concert tt i've been to (nt including 1 tt i went to which was held outdoor).....haha tts all peeps....cya soon @ jay's concert if u're gg!! =p

what we could have been, 12:22 AM.
Friday, November 02, 2007

hmm met him in e afternoon 2dae....actually had lect (8.30am-11am) n tut (2pm-3pm) but i left sch after mi lect ended!!! haha well...in fact he didnt approve of mi ponning mi tut 2dae when we chat on msn ystd...it was i who persuaded him to let mi pon!! hahaha weird rite??? anywae we arranged to meet @ 11.30am @ dhoby ghaut stn...but i reached @ 11.45am instead!! haha we walked ard PS tinking abt wat to eat....decided to settle for mos burger!!! we had our lunch den studied dere for a while...b4 changing our studying venue coz e strong aircon!! wanted to go smu but dere was a fair gg on...so we ended up @ e coffee bean outlet near smu!! i studied wif him till 3pm...his fren fr smu came n study wif him after tt...so i left e place!! haha btw gd luck for e rest of e upcoming papers!! n thanx for e lunch treat....*it was to pay mi back for e donuts i bought for him ystd lah* haha!!

what we could have been, 4:27 PM.
Thursday, November 01, 2007

wah so tired 2dae!!!! ran so many places 2dae...haha started off wif lect in e morning!!! fr 830am till 11am...den took e train to hbft as i had work fr 12pm to 5pm (nt tt i wan to work but was rather "forced" to do so)!!! haha when it was nearing 5pm...i went to change n gt ready to punch out!!! haha i spent sum time in e ofc trying to get mi fren to take mi shift for 2ml...as usual...was asked to work fr 4pm to 9pm n i dun wan coz haf sch fr 8.30am to 3pm!! haha mi fren saed she'll give mi her reply by 2night...so i left e place 1st!! haha i went cityhall pool fusion as he asked mi to help him collect his fren's student pass!! dey came ystd but forgot to take back e pass...how careless can dey be!! haha he told mi e direction to e place over e phone...but apparently dey cldnt find any pass to e name tt i told dem!! hmm so choice lor...nt tt i didnt try mi best but dey really cldnt find!! haha after tt i walked back to raffles city n guess wat i did?? i went to q for donuts @ e popular donut factory!!! hahaha

didnt q for very long....tink abt 30-40mins?? haha since i was buying...i oso bought half a dozen for mi fren...waited quite a while for e double chocolate donuts!! haha when i finally gt e donuts n went to e train stn....dere was an announcement saeing abt sum probs @ dhoby ghaut stn...which was where i had to change train as i had to go hougang to pass e donuts to mi fren. i decided to get a cab fr raffles city taxi stand...but dere was a long q as well!!! waited @ least 30-40mins for a cab to cum....tt was nt e end!!! dere's even a big jam on e roads...haha dunno wats wrong 2dae lah!!! anywae by e time i reached mi fren's place...it was alr 8.15pm but he came down @ abt 8.20pm!! i took e same cab back after giving him e donuts...reached hm @ 8.35pm!!

finally got to try e donuts...thou only bought 4 diff flavours!! quite nice lah...but its quite sweet...haha but @ least its still recommendable!! haha okie...gtg!! haf lect in e morning 2ml...cya~~

what we could have been, 9:30 PM.



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