Tuesday, June 26, 2007

met up wif mi gd fren for lunch again!! haha tink its a gd ting tt i'm getting off on every tues...coz only den tt we'll haf a chance to enjoy e waffle @ half price @ Gelare cafe!! haha supposed to meet @ 12.10pm but i reached @ nearly 12.15pm...so of coz i ganna suaned by him again e min he saw mi!! haha as usual...we enjoyed e waffle...chat n suaned alot abt each other!! haha he was supposed to study but dunno y he didnt haf e mood...we sat dere for quite sum time b4 strollng back to e bus-stop near his place!!! as e weather is hot...we decided to get bubble tea along e way!!! after we bought our pao pao cha, we walked to e bus-stop b4 e 1 where i usually board bus fr since i cant bring mi bubble tea up!! we waited quite long for e bus...he went hm after seeing mi board e bus!! i reached hm @ 2+pm....

quite a boring meet-up....juz to enjoy tt waffle promotion!! haha but still thanx for e effort to meet up on mi off-day...thou i noe i'll see u entering sentosa every sat!! haha cya soon...take care n study hard~~ lolx..

what we could have been, 4:28 PM.
Saturday, June 23, 2007

mi working place (which is sentosa) organised a party for mi dept (admission operations) juz now....it was held @ Taste of Singapore which is along siloso beach!! after contemplating for long...mi frenz n i decided to go for it!! well janise n i were supposed to end work @ 6.30pm but we extended till 7.30pm!! after which...she, nancy, audrey n mi took e monorail to beach stn!! haha when we reached...only e few big bosses were ard coz e rest went to play e luge (dis was 1 benefit for gg to e party)!! we took sum food 1st b4 e rest came in...haha after tt...we took e skyride since we wanted to watch 4D magix!! skyride was quite nice....except for tt moment when it stopped for a few minutes n juz nice we were @ its highest point!! haha when we reached imbiah lookout n ran to e 4D magix counter....we were told tt e tix r all fully sold out alr!! so we took e skyride back to siloso beach...many pple haf arrived by e time we went back!! we took many pics wif each other n oso joined in a few games during e party. e last game included sum dancing....maybe coz many of us were tired after a whole day's work...so we didnt participate in tt n juz sat down or stood ard!! we ended e event wif a big family pic....haha after which we took a few more pics b4 leaving e place!!

janise, nancy, benny, audrey n i left 1st....we took pics wif claire n yingyan when we reached back @ sentosa stn since their shift has alr ended!!! we left e place soon after...i reached hm @ abt 11+pm!!! thou very tired n sleepy....but doubt i regretted gg to e party coz tt was prob e only chance to take so many pics wif mi fellow colleagues!! anywae i'm really sorry to jean for nt attending her 21st bday party which was supposed to be tonight as well...i wanted to try gg for both but bukit panjang is really very far fr harbourfront lah!! hmm so cya all back @ work 2ml....haha!!

what we could have been, 11:47 PM.
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

met up wif him for lunch juz now!! since its tues...so of coz we went for half-price waffle @ Gelare cafe again!!! haha arranged to meet @ 1.40pm @ hg mrt...i reached on time but he came @ 1.50pm!! haha @ least i'm nt late for once...he studied abit @ e cafe after finishing our waffle...i bought a drink n shared wif him in e meantime!! e drink was nt very nice thou...haha oh yah felicia (mi fren fr iras) msged mi saeing she saw mi but i cldnt find her!! @ ard 2+pm...she came in e cafe n toked to mi...haha she left after a while!!! he n i continued sitting dere till 3.10pm den walked to bus interchange coz he had to go bukit panjang!! since i had nuting to do @ hm...i took bus 153 wif him to bukit timah road b4 changing to our respective buses!! haha we listened to his mp3 along e way!! thou dis was nt e 1st time he took e route...but we still missed e bus-stop which we were supposed to alight!! so we walked back fr e next bus-stop n waited for our buses!! *he waited for bus 190 n i waited for 105* e buses took quite long to cum...he bus came 1st n mi bus was behind!! haha i reached hm @ abt 5pm....

well...dis's how i spent mi off-day!!! haha shld be seeing him again dis sun coz dey're entering sentosa for a vball comp n i hafta work!!! see how lah...haha anywae take care of urself n cya soon~~

what we could have been, 5:05 PM.
Tuesday, June 12, 2007

mi 2nd official off-day 2dae!!! had a gd sleep till 10am dis morning...clarence called mi @ nearly 12pm once he came online n saw mi "off-day" nick on msn!! he asked if i wanna go out...after much discussion...we decided to meet @ 2.30pm @ s'goon mrt!! he called eileen along since he had to meet her to pass her sth oso...haha!! i reached @ exactly 2.30pm...clarence came @ abt 2.40pm n eileen reached @ abt 2.45pm!! we waited for lichen n he came @ 3+pm!! clar wanted to go vivo for marche coz he missed e crepes we had tt time...but since lichen had a job interview @ orchard...we walked to bus interchange n took 105!! haha upon reaching orchard...we walked to e zara outlet beside wheelock where his interview was!! e rest of us moved ard e shop while waiting for him....den we went for lunch since clarence was getting very hungry!! haha but we took a super long time to decide where to eat...clar wanted to eat v'illage @ heeren but eileen was nt very keen on it!! in e end...we went for chicken rice @ far east!! dey wanted to go to e stall which dey used to go in sec-school but cldnt find it anymore!! so we settled for another stall...it was quite nice but abit ex (as compared to e 1 dey used to go)!! after tt...we moved ard for abt 20-30mins b4 gg for hongkong dessert (oso @ far east)!! clarence n i shared 2 kinds of dessert while lichen n eileen ordered 1 dessert each!! we ate n chat for quite a long time b4 we left e place coz eileen had to meet her bf outside isetan!! den clarence, lichen n i walked to wisma to shop ard for a while b4 taking e train back!! but since clarence was still hungry after e chicken rice meal n e desserts (we tot e chicken rice meal was our dinner but clarence saed it was nt)...i went wif him to hg mall for more desserts!! haha

since 2dae's tues n Gelare's ice-cream waffles r @ half-price...we wanted to eat tt again but dere were no more seats!! after moving ard for abt 10mins n deciding btw waffle n chi desserts...we finally went for chi desserts coz e hk dessert which we had @ far east was quite nice!! i paid for e supper n as usual...he wanted to pay mi back but i pushed e $$ back to him!! haha so he used e $$ to buy another bowl of dessert for take-away....den we went down to long-john n he bought a meal to eat @ hm!! can u imagine his food capacity??? haha chicken rice, hk dessert n a bowl of chi dessert is still nt enuff for him...he still bought another bowl of dessert n a combo fr long-john to eat @ hm!!! wah lao....really pig lor!!! n e angriest ting is he still can maintain his body!!! haiz...sad sia....everybody has diff fates!! haha well after tt...we walked to e bus-stop to wait for 136 but waited super long coz i prob juz missed e bus...so we walked back to his hse n i took a cab fr dere!!! i reached hm @ abt 10pm....

tts how i basically spent mi off-day!! haha 2ml haf work @ 8am again!! but anywae...thanx for giving mi dis chance to meet up wif eileen n lichen as well!! haha...

what we could have been, 10:27 PM.
Sunday, June 03, 2007

juz came hm after a bbq wif mi jc classmates!!! e whole event was held @ east coast park pit 37 n was supposed to start @ 5pm...but when i reached @ 5.50pm (coz mi work ended @ 4.30pm n i left e place @ 5pm)....dey were still in midst of starting fire!! n nt all haf reached....left wif big carol, dennis, ss n jl!! e guys started to cook e food @ 6+ while e girls were chatting @ another table!! carol, dennis n ss arrived nt long after...n we chat wif each other while eating!!! since dis was oso to celebrate ben's bday...he cut his cake @ abt 8+pm...n of coz e guys didnt miss giving him his "bday present"!! haha ben, cheehao n ber started played wif e remaining cream fr his cake after all of us had a share of it!! haha it was so farnie seeing dem run abt n oso throwing ben into e sea water!! haha after taking a few class pics...small carol, sl n ck left!! we continued to eat b4 ss, ber n dennis left to pick up jl @ marina sq!! wy n big carol took a lift in his car to e nearest mrt stn...e rest of us sat dere n chat while waiting for e guys to cum back!!! dey were finally back @ 10+....dunno y but ben n weiting were chasing each other for e whole night!! e 2 of dem r forever bullying each other lah!! haha anywae py n wt left e place @ nearly 12am while i waited for mi dad to pick mi up n he arrived @ 12.20am!! i met him outside mac n i reached hm @ abt 1am...

thou tired coz i started work @ 8am 2dae....n mi shift is @ 10am 2ml...but i really enjoyed miself thru'out e night!! thanx for organising dis gathering for us to meet up!! n i muz sae dis gathering is quite a success coz dere's 99% attendance rate (only janice didnt go)!! looking forward to seeing u guys again....meanwhile take care ya~~

what we could have been, 1:41 AM.



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