Saturday, September 27, 2008

had a crab feast with my kukus just now at kuishinbo japanese restaurant *a fren told me that e jap food at this place was nice but i never got e chance to go...until today*!!! haha

check out e long crab legs!!! haha e meat is so solid n heavenly!!! we're so in love with it and even had 2 plates of crabs!! haha *i want to try e crabs again*

we took our turns at being 'wolverine'!! haha and according to jun, 1 guy at e table beside us was laughing at our creativity!!! lolx they had nice desserts too (well some were nice and some not), and my fav choco fondue!!! at e end of e meal, we were too full to move!! haha we slacked for a while before leaving e place.

ooh we found another place to go to if we've nothing to do at suntec, other then carrefour!! e arcade!!!! haha we went there before and after dinner, played car-racing and shooting!! haha by e way, thanks guys for this great evening!!! see ya all at our sexists chalet 2 weeks later!!!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

had our kukus' outing again today!!! haha we met at cityhall stn...rob n i waited for jun amidst e saturday crowd and we had quite a hard time finding her!! when she finally came, we walked to marina square!! we were thinking between kenny rogers n billy bombers, n we decided on this...

*cheese fries*

*ole fish & fries*

*honey stung chicken & fries*

rob wanted to treat us but jun insisted on paying him back because of her principles!! so they were running around with jun pulling rob's bag!! haha

jun somehow managed to put e money into rob's bag but he put it back into jun's bag w/o her knowing!! haha we didnt know where else to go so we entered coffee club!!

after payment (which was rob's treat again), we went to toys 'r'us at suntec!! that was when jun found out about e money that was in her bag!! so we ran around toys 'r'us while jun chased rob with e money...n they even had a fight!!

hahaha after a long chase, jun was finally persuaded to keep e money!! we all got tired so we went carrefour furniture section n slacked!!!! lolx

*couch potatoes*

we separated ways at 6+pm!! rob went to meet his frens while jun n i went braddell!! it was really fun hanging out with my kukus!!! haha a great day chasing each other from marina square to suntec!! lolx rob, thanx for e treats today!!! cya guys for crabs next week, n stine too!!! =))

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Monday, September 15, 2008

i'm tempted to take up korean classes!!!!

what we could have been, 11:39 PM.

Happy Birthday, Raphael!! my little nephew turns 3 today!!! =)
i'm beginning to exercise, starting today. whack me if i ever stop!!! haha

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

met alvin for lunch yesterday!! we had sushi, n that solved my craving for jap food!! lolx he told me about his updates and also advised me on some matters!! when i see him, a question will pop up in my head. is it so hard to let go of somebody you loved before? for a start, i know it's not easy. but after 3years, going onto 4? haix, hope that he can get over it soon, though i know it's kinda difficult for him!!

my second sis's going taiwan for business trip tomorrow, till next sat!! how good can it be? she just came back from bangkok not long ago, and now she's going taiwan!! *think about shihlin night market ji pa, smelly tofu and whatever food you can get there!! yummy* haha though e countries are not far away, but at least can get to travel!! what more my elder sis? spent a week in hanoi till thurs night, and she's off to bintan for this weekend!! so one conclusion, either i get a job which allows me to travel around or i'll earn alot of money to go travelling on my own!! hahaha

ooh yes, it's Mid-Autumn Festival today!!! enjoy the mooncakes and moonlight with your loved ones!! Happy mid-autumn festival to my friends!!! =)

p/s: should i work at sentosa for hari raya and deepavali??

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

met up with christine n huijun earlier on!! they went to return their sentosa uniform n jun collected her missing pay (after requesting for it for 8mths+)!! i was late *sorry guys* n found them shopping in adidas!! we moved to ben n jerry's!! stine n i tried their 'chocolate euphoria' which is rich n heavenly!! haha then we went to hfbt stn n were planning to take e train home, but we stopped at dhoby ghaut instead cos jun wanted to eat selegie beancurd!! yet, we changed our minds n went for ice-monster *seems like it's sexists' all-time fav*!! haha

poor stine was sneezing all day!!! take good care of yourself ya!! n thanx for e pics!! cya guys on 27th sept for crabs feast n sexists' chalet fr 10th-12th oct!! can't wait for these 2 events!! haha rob, join us if u're free!!!!!

since afternoon, i've been feeling rather uncomfortable, uneasy, pissed n irritated, even till now. don't ask me for e reason cos i myself oso not sure why!! these feelings just stick to me for e whole day n i'm getting sick of it!! haix

your name has been in my mind today n i don't know why.

我的快乐, 会回来的. i wish so yet i don't know when.

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Friday, September 05, 2008

went for steamboat with chiekling n yunxian just now!!! a small meet-up before xiaomei n mich go back to m'sia since their exams were over today...but mich didnt join us tonight as she was quite tired n had to buy some stuff before going home!! we went for chin huat steamboat at novena...*thanks to grace for e recommendation*...now my friends love it as well!! lolx we were there for more than 2hrs...left e place at about 9pm!!

during dinner, we talked about places where we wanna go to when they come back!! korean bbq, steamboat *again*, sushi, kbox!! haha hope we have time to go for all these when they're back in oct!!

other than this, i'm hoping to...
-meet up with regi, grace n clar, be it a meal or whatever
-hang out with jun n rob, n other sexists
-find a day when janise, nancy n jeremy r free for our 'once-a-few-mths' meet-up
-go to sexists' chalet

i want to meet so many people, but everybody's busy with their lives. it feels like everybody's moving on while i'm still staying in my own spot!! i know it's hard to go back to how things were previously and i'll learn to move on as well. anyway i really hope to see these friends again...so see you soon~~

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