Saturday, October 28, 2006

it has been a long day 4 mi...but i tink overall it was a good experience!!! n we amazingly got 5th prize...so how can we not be happy?? haha i'm toking abt City Venture 2006 organised by sim-uol-src!!! joshua, byron, joween, jacintha n i (all from SIM42) formed a team...called Team JB!!! haha anywae we were supposed to meet @ 8.15am @ harbourfront mrt station but apparently e rest were late...so josh n i went to e hawker centre 1st!! as time passed...e rest arrived n we boarded e bus to sentosa when everybody finished their breakfast!!

when we reached palawan beach (e gathering place)...we got our shirts n went to change into it!!! after which...we took many pics wif e 2nd SIM42 team (cedric, ghimhong, laura n 2 of her frenz)!! haha e whole event kicked off @ 10+ wif an obstacle course...den we were given e "lock" n we're supposed to get e "key" for our 1st station!! in order to get e key...we had to move ard sentosa looking for missing words!! can u believe it...we walked from musical fountain to siloso beach coz dere were no bus-stops!! haha we were quite tired...but we continued on!!! haha when we completed e 3 missing words, we got our 1st clue to our 1st station which was @ CHIJMES!!! @ dis station, we had to look for 5 pics given n we took really long for e last pic!!! our 2nd station was @ marina sq...once again we took a long time running ard e shopping mall, looking 4 e game masters!! after tt station, we proceeded to e 3rd station which was @ far east square!! here, because we failed to pass e 1st stage, so we did forfeit which was to duck walk from 1 pt to another pt!! haha we were so malu lah...but dis was 1 of e stations which we stayed for e shortest time!!! den we moved on to our 4th destination, which was @ dhoby ghaut!! we didnt spend much time @ dis station as well...after tt...we moved on to our 5th station @ east coast!! oh man...dis's 1 of e worst stations!!! we walked from e starters' skate park to e hawker centre n e whole walk took abt 30mins or longer!!! by den...we were all shacked n hungry n e time was alr 4+ or 5pm!! guess wat...our 6th station was oso @ east coast but it's @ e other far end!! we decided to take e bus but we alighted @ e wrong stop...so had to walk to e lighthouse which took another 20mins++!!! as a result...we arrived @ our 6th station past 5.30pm n dey were alr clearing up!! after much begging....dey decided to let us go w/o doing anyting!! after which, we left east coast park n went to e nearby taxi stand!! oh did i mention tt i sprained mi ankle juz as we were walking towards our 6th station?? it was quite pain but i didnt really bother much abt it as i didnt want to waste more time!! anywae joshua, jacintha n joween shared a cab back to harbourfront while byron n i took e 2nd cab coz we were trying to solve e sudoku!! apparently we got stuck sumwhere so we stopped doing n juz chat n took pics!! haha...

thou we left later den josh dey all...but dunno y we reached earlier den dem n our cab fare was slightly cheaper den dem!! haha we walked to e meeting point n everybody were shacked by den (it was alr 6+pm)!!! ooh jolene came down to meet us for dinner!! haha we waited as e committee accumulated e total scores n oso took a few pics...e prize-giving ceremony finally began!!! surprising...our team got 5th despite not completing all e 7stations!!! haha @ e moment when dey announced our team no...all e 5 of us were in shock coz we didnt expect to win!!! fr e moment onwards, our feelings turned from tired to high!!! haha we opened e bottle of sparkling (which every1 tot was champagne) n shared amoung ourselves!! after taking many pics....we finally left e place @ 7.30pm n proceeded to harbourfront food court for dinner!!! as jacintha n joween went off to met their frenz...tt's left wif joshua, byron, jolene n mi for dinner!!! we sat dere from 8pm to 10pm...eating n chatting abt many stuff!!! haha it was a nice chat thou we were very tired...i reached hm @ 10.30pm!!

dis city venture is a pretty nice experience...n it kinda helps us to bond wif our frenz!!! n it has taught us a lesson...nv give up till e end coz u nv noe if u'll stand a chance to win a prize!!!! haha we're gonna form e same team n join again next yr!!! gambatte Team JB...u all haf been a great team!!! :)

what we could have been, 11:42 PM.
Sunday, October 15, 2006

ooh dis's mi 99th entry!!!! haha so maybe mi 100th entry shld be a very interesting 1 ya!!! haha anywae mi test week is cuming soon...it's from 25th oct till 27th oct!! hope can pass all of dem thou i noe it's pretty impossible!!! haha...

was toking on the phone wif clarence juz now n we were toking abt how to celebrate our 21st bday!! haha dis's nt e 1st time we're toking abt dis topic...cum to tink of it...i seriously nv tot b4 how i'll celebrate mi 21st bday leh!! haha i didnt want to tink tt much as i'm nt sure if i can survive till then...*i noe dis's unlike mi optimistic character but i cant help thinking so as too many things haf happened recently*!!! haha if i can survive till then...i oso dunno how i'll want to celebrate leh!! haha hope can haf a bf by tt time...den maybe can spend tt day wif him!!! or maybe a surprise from mi friends?? haha but its pretty hard to spend tt day wif mi frenz..coz it's a public day n mi frenz will either be gg to watch e parade or if nt spending it wif their family!! hmm see how bah...anywae it's still 2yrs away!!! haha...

went to kbox wif dennis ystd...i feel its really nice to go dere once in a while to de-stress ya!!! haha we sang many old n new songs...it was overall a fun kbox session!! hope can go back dere again...haha!!!

what we could have been, 11:47 PM.
Wednesday, October 11, 2006

juz came back from school 2hrs ago...very tired today!!! maybe bcoz i've been slping @ 1+ for e past few days bah!!! anywae i skipped lecture dis morning...for e 1st time!!!! haha *seems like dere's nuting to be proud of*...but i didnt slack @ hm while skipping lect!!! i completed e games proposal for SIM42 carnival...haha hope it'll turn out fine!!!! met matthieu n yunxian in school library @ 1pm after which we went to megabites for a drink!!! we got matt to teach us french n i muz sae it's really nt easy to learn tt language lah!!! haha...

was juz reading yy's blog n i was pretty envious that she had so many frenz treating her for meals as bday present!!! thou mi bday was 2mths ago...but i still feel envious leh!! well different pple haf different fate...but @ least i'm grateful that so many of mi frenz rmbed mi bday tt day!! haha weiting bought mi a present but i juz got it from her 2days ago!! haha it was exactly 2 mths after mi bday lah...haha clarence told mi b4 he bought a present for mi as well but he didnt bring it when we met tt day!! haha i shall sae thanx to him in advance 1st!!! haha.

haf managed to loosen e tense feeling which i had few days back!!! didnt noe how i did it...juz got miself bz wif school work n src stuff!! pray tt tings will get beta for mi!!! :)

what we could have been, 6:17 PM.
Friday, October 06, 2006

it's mid-autumn festival 2dae!!!! thou it's abt 15mins left to e end of e day...but i still wish that all mi frenz enjoyed themselves wif their families n frenz...no matter is eating mooncake or playing wif lantern!!! e haze is pretty bad 2dae...so its a pity that we cldnt really enjoy e moonlight!!! haiz...

to many pple...2dae may be a happy occasion where dey can gather wif their loved ones!!! but for mi...i dun feel tt way!! in fact...i feel sad n uneasy instead!! u may ask why?? coz 2dae is mi 2nd uncle's funeral in melbourne....his body has been frozen up in e hospital for e past 2 weeks n 2dae is e day when he'll be buried!!! haiz...really wonder how mi relatives in melbourne r feeling now!!! how i wish i can be over dere to assist them in any way that i can!!! when i went to hospital to visit mi mum after dinner juz now...she told mi mi uncle called back in e morning n told mi auntie in sg that dey were waiting in e hm while auntie lisa n mi cousin went to collect e body. the body stopped by e hse for 10mins b4 proceeding to e burial ground. e funeral started @ 1pm (sg time)...which is abt 3pm (mel time)!! haiz...dis's e end!! i'll nv get to see uncle eddie again....but he'll alwaes remain in mi memory.

i'm getting very tired dese few days...haf been slping @ 1+am for e past few nights!!! n today had 2 src meetings...1.30pm wif welfare sim41 n e 2nd meeting was @ 5pm wif e excos (general sim41 meeting)!!! thus i left school @ 7pm n reached hm @ 8pm...was totally shacked by then!! mi IC put mi in charge of e games section of e carnival...sumtimes i feel it's quite ez to do but sumtimes i feel it's oso very hard!!! nevertheless...we'll still do our best in making dis event a success!!! gambatte guys....

what we could have been, 11:45 PM.
Thursday, October 05, 2006

i feel totally worn out as of dis moment....issit e lack of slp or e workload that's piling fr mi studies or issit e strange feeling in mi heart tt's causing mi to feel so tired??? i really dunno....maybe i shld juz tink thru dis problem when e wkend cums!!!

2ml is mid-autumn festival...another occasion when pple spend time wif their families n their loved ones!!! but for mi...tings r alwaes different!!! family-wise...mi's mum is in hospital while mi 2nd sis is in china!!! mi dad n mi eldest sis juz nv seem to be on talking terms...haiz overall mi family juz doesnt seem like a family so i can forget abt celebrating such occasions wif dem!!!

sometimes *or shld i sae recently* i really wonder...wats e feeling of spending all dese occasions wif ur bf/gf?? festivals like valentine's day, birthdays, mid-autumn festival, christmas n even e countdown to a new year....how is it like when i haf a bf?? will dese occasions still be a lonely day for mi?? or will it be a day when mi bf n i will stroll along esplanade or fullerton or singapore river, feeling each other's love n care?? for e past 19yrs...i've been leading a single life!! when can mi life change to hafing another person inside as well?? dis wish of hafing a bf haf been included in mi bday wish list which nv seems to cum true...i'm getting abit tired of being alone!!! especially seeing so many of mi frenz haf bf/gf...i juz cant stop being envious!!! haiz...i'm really sian le...

anywae here's wishing all mi frenz a happy mid-autumn festival first...dun forget to enjoy e day wif your loved ones!! :)

what we could have been, 9:07 PM.



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