Thursday, July 31, 2008


9 more days to......
my birthday party,
receiving angbaos,
getting presents,
knowing whatever plans and surprises that sexists have for me,
watching national day parade,
and more importantly, MY 21 YEARS OLD!!!!!

ooh and by the way, 8 more days to Beijing Olympics!!!


what we could have been, 12:31 AM.
Tuesday, July 29, 2008

watched e movie "Over Her Dead Body" this morning...before i returned e dvds in e afternoon. i learnt a lesson from e show...if you love someone, let him/her go if you know that he/she doesn't belong to you anymore. if e person that you love is happy, you'll be happy too. isn't it?? *i guess everybody knows this but how many people can actually do it??* haha

had dinner at mel's place just now...her mum wanted to thank us for helping out at e party so she cooked a meal for us. met yisheng n grace at compass point n we walked over to mel's place. met johnny at e void-deck. we waited in e hse for mel, yiwen n huanxin to come. instead of dinner...it sort of became our supper!! haha anywae mel's mum cooked a big feast, with century egg porridge, curry chicken, drunken prawns, vege n a bear-shaped jelly which turned out to be pudding. nevertheless, it was still nice!! like wat grace said, her mum's really a great cook!! it was a splendid dinner n i was super full!! we watched tv after tt...i left her hse at 12+am!! *mel, thanks to ur mum n u for e treat.* =)

christine is very sad tt she gotta work on all e wkends starting fr next wk...so she gotta miss mi party!! btw, she works at Flyer!! haha girl, i really appreciate ur 'sadness' but consider carefully abt quitting ya!! no job, no money!! of course i'll love it if u can attend mi party...thou there's a saying, u gonna work for e rest of ur life after u graduate so wat for tire urself now?? haha anywae just give it a good thought 1st before u make ur decision!! lolx

what we could have been, 1:14 AM.
Sunday, July 27, 2008

was out e whole afternoon!! firstly, met alvin for lunch at kovan xin wang cafe. we arranged to meet at 12pm but i left hm at 12pm instead...haha *sorry*!! yet he still paid for e lunch...*thanx alot*!! we separated ways at s'goon stn as i had to meet my 2 kukus at 2.15pm at funan mall!!

i didnt reach on time...but jun was later den mi!! haha we sat in kfc while rob helped jun to check her thumby!! rob left at 3+pm...jun n i moved ard raffles city!! ooh let me tell u a super kuku incident!! as jun was hungry so we went to breadtalk at citylink!! when we were abt to step out of e shop...she didnt see e glass in front of her n she knocked into e glass!! omg...e lady standing beside jun was staring at her!! so paiseh lah!!! hahaha how kuku can this get?? haha after tt...i walked with her to e bus-stop where she took bus hm!! i took e train to yck...

mel's bday party was held @ grace's hse!! i reached e condo at 5.10pm but grace n her friend jasmine weren't there!! after half an hr or so...regi n fabius came. when grace n jasmine reached, we helped wif e balloons n stuff!! as time passed, mel's relatives n friends came. we stayed dere till 11+pm...after tt, clar sent yunsheng n mi home!!

next up will be mi bday party which is 2weeks later!!! lolx cya guys then.... =))

what we could have been, 12:43 AM.
Friday, July 25, 2008

went town in e afternoon to get mel's present and help my sis to help her colleague to get some shoes from charles & keith *my sis's on business trip these few days*!! wanted to buy shorts for myself...but ended up just getting a tube top from mango!! haha ooh n i saw mel n grace as i came out fr wisma!! =)

shopping is fun...esp when u buy things!! though 90% of e stuff tt i bought today r for other people!! haha but it's also tiring...not just physically, financially as well!! lolx see my savings going lower n lower...really depressing!!! haha like what my friends say...i better get a job!! at least can earn abit of money before i start school...maybe i can try giving tuition!! seems like i gotta start looking ard for students soon!! haha

what we could have been, 8:09 PM.
Thursday, July 24, 2008

dear friends, i'll be fine. thanks a million for talking to me, advising me and encouraging me, be it over msn or on the phone. i know my mistakes and will learn from these mistakes. with these lessons in mind, i'll grow to be a better person. i will resume back to the usual cheerful me, especially with my birthday around the corner, how can i afford to be sad? haha

i wish that everything remains the same after this incident. i'm willing to change, and i hope that you all will give me the chance to change. =)

anywae i'm meeting jun later, to accompany her while she go for her swim. haha i couldn't really sleep ystd night, slept at 5+am and was awake at 7am, and my eyes are quite painful now, but meeting her is definitely better than staying at home. haha cya~~

what we could have been, 8:08 AM.
Wednesday, July 23, 2008

had a gd kbox session wif geraldine 2dae!!! haha we sang fr 2pm to 6pm (supposed to stop @ 5pm but dey didnt 'chase' us so we continued)!!!! ooh n we counted.....we sang a total of 71songs!!!! ok lah...shld sae we had a list of 71songs but we skipped a few n sang half for quite a no of them!! haha we oso picked a few of zhang xin zhe's old songs, william su yong kang "nan ren bu gai rang nu ren liu lei", lin fan "yi ge ren sheng huo", shino lin "xin dong" etc etc!!!!! haha it was quite like an oldies' session!!! during 2dae's kbox session...i realised tt i dun sing much of 5566's songs despite dey being mi idols!! n 2dae....i sang their "wo nan guo"!! or rather...we sang!!! really a classic song....love it like mad!! haha 6pm...we finally left e place!! we walked to dhoby ghaut to take train...reached hm juz in time for 7pm show!! lolx.

we took quite a few pics 2dae...n ger...thanx for dis advance bday present (she paid for me)!!! cya soon.... =))

what we could have been, 10:39 PM.

There are some feelings, some words which I can't pen it down in my blog, don't know who to tell to, can only keep them in my heart, and probably cry it out.

what we could have been, 1:22 AM.
Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm a failure
as a daughter, a sister, a friend.
I'm a failure
at home, in school, at work, in personality.
I'm a failure
in every single bit of me.
I'm sorry.

what we could have been, 1:09 AM.

met mi frens in gardens juz now!!! as i boarded e bus to gardens...i saw regi!! clar came nt long after we reached...n we went chomp chomp again!! haha we had hokkien mee, bbq stingray, kangkong, fried omelette n sugarcane!! after tt...we went to Happy Daze for a drink *clar n i had a mug of beer each n regi ordered ice-cream*!! nearly 9pm...we went back to chomp chomp to find grace n her friend jasmine. we discussed abt e games n forfeits for mel's bday dis sat!! haha mel joined us @ abt 10pm...n we bought more food to eat...fried omelette, chicken wings, carrot cake, hokkien mee, rojak n sugarcane!! ys came to find us @ abt 11pm. after supper...we stood outside dbs bank after some of dem withdrew money...tinking abt where to go n how to go hm. n i took e bus hm...reached back a few mins after 12am!!

wed's kbox session wif ger....n sat's mel's bday!!!! haha cant wait ya~~

what we could have been, 12:18 AM.
Monday, July 21, 2008

its a super nice weather to stay @ hm n lie in mi bed 2dae!!! haha becoz of e rain dis morning...i had a good slp till abt 11am. after breakfast...i came online n listened to music...toked to mi fren when he came online @ 12+pm!! he wanted to re-dye his hair n asked if i wanna help him...we decided to meet for lunch @ hg mall 1st!! i reached @ 12.50pm n he came @ nearly 1pm...we went watsons to buy e hairdye n bought food fr shihlin market...den went over to his place!! @ his place...he dyed his hair, had lunch n listened to some songs!! his hair turned out quite gold (esp e front) but i tink its nice...esp after he styled his hair!! haha quite cool ya...anywae i left his place @ abt 2.35pm!! reached hm @ 3.15pm..

what we could have been, 3:30 PM.
Sunday, July 20, 2008

sleepy, shag, abit high, nt drunk, feel like vomitting!! tts all e feelings i haf now. haha juz reached hm after a long night!! i reached suntec @ abt 5.30pm n moved ard tt area till regi came to find mi @ MS @ abt 8.15pm!! we waited for clar, zy, ck, kelven n ys to come...dey finally came @ ard 8.40pm!! we walked to e cinema to collect e movie tix (kelven booked e tix online) n we waited outside till dey let us enter!! we watched 'The Dark Knight' (153mins)!! haha its rather action-pact....but i like e show!! after movie ended...clar n i walked wif regi to her car which was parked @ millenia walk!! she didnt join us coz she was hafing a bad cough n wanted to go hm n rest...den we went to find e guys who were @ a pub @ millenia walk (opp suntec)!! each of us gt a drink..except for ck!! i drank a medium mug of beer...n oso shared a 2nd medium mug wif clar!! tink coz i didnt haf dinner *e only meal i ate was carrot cake for lunch* n oso drank too fast....tts y i felt high quite fast!! we left e place @ 1+am...n walked to e makansutra area beside esplanade!! i seriously wonder how did i manage to walk for so long n jay-walked across e roads wif a spinning head...jun called to check if i'm ok!! haha thanx girl...zy n clar bought food to eat!! after tt, i shared cab wif clar, kel n ys!! reached hm @ 2.40am...

what we could have been, 3:00 AM.
Friday, July 18, 2008

i'm so sleepy now...but i had a gd afternoon!! haha met jun @ queensway shopping centre to buy her sports stuff...supposed to meet @ 12pm but she wanna eat sth @ hm 1st...so we pushed e time to 12.30pm!! but both of us were late...lolx we stayed @ queensway till ard 2pm. den we took e bus down to cityhall n continued her shopping spree dere!! we shopped till we didnt haf time for our kfc lunch...we took e cab @ 4.15pm (n she had tuition @ 4.30pm)!! haha i dropped her off @ a bus-stop in hg while i took e cab to hg plaza!! after getting 2 bowls of mee sua fr shihlin stall for regi n mi....i walked to clar's hse!! reached dere @ abt 5.15pm!! we had lunch while watching dvd. ooh clar dyed his hair 2dae...wif e help of regi!! haha quite gold actually...e 1st ting tt came to mi mind when i saw him was "wah look like some ah beng or sth"!! lolx we left his place @ ard 6pm....walked to e bus-stop n 3 of us took bus 136 *n we successfully persuaded regi to take 136 to amk*!! haha reached hm @ ard 6.30pm...

what we could have been, 6:45 PM.
Thursday, July 17, 2008

had lunch wif regi n clar juz now!! we discussed on msn n decided to meet @ 3pm @ hg mall!! as i was sending a mass sms to mi frenz abt mi bday party....so i overlooked e time!! left hm @ ard 2.45pm...reached hg mall @ 3.15pm!! as regi wanted to eat bak kut teh so i met dem in e foodcourt but dere wasn't any bak kut teh...juz normal foodcourt stuff!! after lunch, we went down n dey had desserts!! den we moved ard hg mall...clar went to e kodak shop to take some passport-size pics needed for uni!! we left hg mall @ ard 4.30pm n walked to clar's place coz he saed he'll send us hm!! we waited for his dad to come hm...while enjoying wind @ e open-air space above e function rm. his dad was finally hm @ abt 5.45pm n clar took over e car!! he fetched his fren fr e bus interchange bus-stop n oso sent us hm!! reached hm @ 6pm!!

what we could have been, 6:22 PM.
Wednesday, July 16, 2008

tired after a whole day out...nt really whole day coz i was @ hm in e morning!! met regi after her class @ far east for gelare waffle dis afternoon!! haha den we moved ard far east n isetan!! wanted to get a tube dress fr mango but apparently e 2 outlets in orchard dun haf tt dress!! but i got 3tops instead....haha @ ard 3+pm....we took e train down to amk hub n continued moving ard dere!! we got quite tired so decided to go mc-cafe for a rest!! she lent mi her psp n i started to play wif e fruit game!! was figuring out @ 1st..when i gt e hang of it..i let her take over e game!! since dey allowed 2 players...so we played tgt n were competing wif our scores!! haha we sat in mac for 1hr or so....until yili called n said tt she has reached so we left!! yunsheng n yinru reached nt long later!! after yili had her dinner...we went to watch 'get smart'!!!! haha its a nice show.....freaking humorous!!! lolx i'm sure all of us had a gd laugh during e movie!!! after e movie ended @ ard 9.20pm...we called clar n asked abt meeting for supper!! we took e bus back to regi's place n she drove us down to jln kayu for prata!! clar came ard 10.15pm...we had our supper n chat alot abt uni stuff (yunsheng n clar will be starting their 1st yr in ntu in 2wks time)!! we left e place @ 12+am...clar fetched yinru n mi hm!! reached hm @ ard 12.20am...

what we could have been, 12:33 AM.
Monday, July 14, 2008

hafing cried for many times since sat night, i'm feeling much better now (i guess n i hope)!! maybe due to all e crying n not enuff slp...i've been feeling rather tired!! so dis morning, thou i woke up @ 11am, i took a nap @ 1pm again!! i set alarm to wake up @ 3pm...but i woke up when clar called mi @ 2.10pm!! he saed regi n him added mi in msn conversation n discussed abt hafing lunch but i didnt reply a single thing!! he even called mi twice yet i didnt pick up!! he told mi tt dey were meeting for lunch @ s'goon gardens n asked if i wanna join. well...i was getting abit hungry after e nap so i agreed n went to change!! left hse @ ard 2.25pm, reached gardens @ 2.35pm n met dem @ e coffeeshop for western food. after lunch, we went to 2 pet shops in gardens n looked @ some cute dogs!! since we still had time...we sat in mac while clar n regi had their ice-cream!! we left e place @ 4.15pm as regi gotta give tuition...she took a cab down to toa payoh!! i waited wif clar for his bus...n i walked hm after he boarded e bus!!!

what we could have been, 5:02 PM.
Sunday, July 13, 2008

just had a long chat with regi on msn...n she's off to bed now. frankly speaking, i've been feeling very down since we started chatting. or rather, before we started chatting.

Chao Ge's concert ended at 11pm, and i smsed clar after that. he didnt reply me, until 2+am. only till that time, then i was told that he, regi, mel, zy, ys and a few others went drinking and had supper. i asked why didn't he tell me that or i could have taken a cab down to join them. he said he was lazy to reply. considering he knows that i like to drink, yet he left me out in this drinking session. he told the rest that i went for concert, and also told regi and mel that i smsed him, they kept telling him to reply me and he said 'later', but the 'later' never comes. how am i to feel?

i'm not feeling sad because of this matter (well yes, partly), but my thoughts went wild again.

I hate myself for always being 24/7 available.
I hate myself for being taken for granted.
I hate myself for not knowing how to say NO, not knowing how to reject people.
I hate myself for being so gullible, trusting people so easily, believing every word that they say.
I hate myself for not knowing how to detect loopholes in people's words.
I hate myself for putting too much into friendships.
I hate myself for always getting empty promises (i bet he can't remember what he promised to do for me).
I hate myself for being rejected by people all the time.
I hate myself for placing my friends more important than myself.
I hate myself for always being so sad and depressed, and nobody gives a damn.
I hate myself for always going the extra mile and not getting anything in return.
I hate myself for being such a shitty friend, not being able to help my friends when they're sad or angry.
I hate myself for not knowing what my friends treat me as.
I hate myself for not knowing what i want.


i'm really tired of all these nonsense. sometimes i'll think, does anybody even know of my existence in this world? why can't i be as lucky as other people, yet got to suffer all this shit? i don't know what the hell am i doing in this world. maybe, i'm better off dead.

what we could have been, 6:35 AM.

i'm really tired now....but still wanna blog abt 2dae!! haha slept 6hrs ystd night...woke up @ 9.45am!! left hse @ 10.40am coz i had to meet huijun n other sexists @ sembawang mrt @ 11.15am!! but i was late n reached ard 11.25am!! when xie ai reached nt long after mi, she, jun, benny n i went to look for a bday cake n oso bought whipcream fr sun plaza ntuc!! zaw n ashley joined us dere...we gt a choco cake fr angie the choice...den went to e bus interchange to look for yvonne!! n we walked down to christine's place!! upon reaching e void deck...we got e cake ready while waiting for her to come down!! when bday girl came down....n saw e rest of us *other den benny n von who were waiting for her in front of e lift* walking out wif e cake n singing e bday song....she was so surprised till she almoz cried!! haha after she made her wish n juz as she was abt to cut e cake, jun n von appeared on both sides of her n started spraying whipcream on her!! dey 2 definitely had a gd time @ it!! haha when dey were done wif e 2 bottles, we went up to stine's place coz she gotta take a shower again!! we helped her to clean e floor, ate e cake n left her place @ ard 1.30pm or so!! we went dhoby ghaut for ice-monster feast again....den walked down to marina square!! haha ashley left halfway thru, we went xin wang to tok cock since we dunno where to go...jun left @ nearly 5pm as she's gg for ndp wif her sis!! claire came to meet us b4 zaw went off to meet his frens...i separated ways fr dem after dey decide to go for steamboat @ bugis!! i moved ard MS for a while b4 walking down to e cathay to meet joanne *another sexist*!!

after joanne n her fren picked mi up in a cab...we headed down to indoor stadium!!! n we attended chao ge's concert!!! haha it started ard 8.30pm....ended @ ard 11pm!! omg...he's really cute n his singing's superb lah!!! we took videos (i only took video for 1.5songs)....n oso took many pics!!! ooh yah if u noe who's aska yang zhong wei...we saw him @ e concert!! we weren't very cfm until 1 part where chaoge used e camcorder to record e face of every audience n juz nice, caught aska's face!! of coz, everybody went crazy upon seeing his face!! haha after e concert....we shared a cab hm!! reached hm @ ard 11.45pm n took mi shower!! after which....had a phone conference wif mi 2 dearest kukus (jun n rob) coz rob's bored while doing e 'mas selamat' operation @ sembawang jetty!! we chat fr abt 12.30am till 3am!! den called clar to tok for a while after tt...he called mi @ ard 2.45am but i didnt call back immediately!! after all e long chats on e phone for e whole night...i'm finally free to blog!! but mi mood's rather down now!! haiz...nt a very gd ending to e wonderful night!! anywae thanx sexists...next up will be mi bday!!! as u all hinted...i'm gonna get a big surprise too?? lolx looking forward to it...but i really wonder wat kind of havoc i'll get tt day!! =p

what we could have been, 3:32 AM.
Thursday, July 10, 2008

continuous 9days of seeing clar!!! (02/07) mi haircut n lunch wif him n regi, (03/07) lunch, (04/07) dinner wif him n regi, (05/07) went beach to support his team, (06/07) he dropped by mi place to collect dvd, (07/07) lunch, (08/07) beach wif him n other frens, (09/07) return/rent dvd, (today 10/07) lunch!!! we dun even see each other for so many days when we were in sch last time....haha broke record dis time!! speaking of which....Regi, when can e 3 of us meet again????? lolx ur thumby's still with mi!!

anywae i woke up @ 11 dis morning....had a gd slp!!! haha haf been rather tired dese few nites...so slept b4 2am!! was eating mi porridge n watching e dvd when clar msged mi @ 12pm...asking if i wanna haf lunch!! i finished mi breakfast den left hse ard 12.30pm!! reached hg plaza @ abt 12.55pm n waited for him dere!! he came @ nearly 1.05pm!! we didnt haf lunch @ hg mall, but ate e western food stall @ hg plaza *as recommended by him*!! both of us ordered hot plates...juz tt his was mixed n mine was black pepper chicken!! e food took quite some time to come...it was sizzling hot when it was served to us!! haha we waited for a min or so for e sizzling to be over...den started enjoying our food!! after lunch, we moved ard hg mall but apparently dere's nuting nice to shop!! den i walked wif him to e shuttle bus stop n waited for e bus to come!! e bus came ard 2pm. fr dere....i took e train back to s'goon stn n took a slow walk hm!! haha

i cant wait for dis sat!!! meeting up wif sexists in e afternoon to celebrate stine's bday *we haf a big surprise for her* n chao ge's concert @ night!!! haha

what we could have been, 3:00 PM.
Wednesday, July 09, 2008

met clar again!! b4 tt...he was contemplating whether to go the cathay to return/rent dvds!! quite lazy initially....but if we dun go den we gotta pay fines....so ya we went!! met him on e train @ ard 3.20pm....sumhow we were so blur tt we missed e dhoby ghaut stn n by e time we knew...we were reaching chinatown stn!! so we took e train back to dhoby ghaut den walked down to the cathay....we took quite some time to find 3dvds tt we wanna watch!! when we're finally done wif e getting e dvds...we walked back to PS!! we were quite hungry n we walked ard e food area @ basement 2...yet didnt buy anyting!! haha after tt...we took train down to amk!! @ amk hub...we shared a pkt of ji pa...den took e bus to amk ave 4 coz he gotta take e car fr his dad!!! i waited for him @ e main road n he picked mi up after he gt e car!! we drove down to his grandma's place as he gotta collect dinner!!! haha i waited for him in e car while he went up!!! he didnt take long....but we spent alot of time on e roads coz dere was a terrible peak hr jam along serangoon road!!! @ last....we were back @ mi area @ 7+pm...we dropped by s'goon mac n i helped him to get mcflurry n fries!! *considering he collected dinner fr his grandma's place, yet he's still buying all dese fr mac!!* lolx n he sent mi hm....reached hm @ abt 7.40pm for mi own dinner!! =)

what we could have been, 7:58 PM.
Tuesday, July 08, 2008

went to e beach again!!! haha met clar, zy, kelven n alvin on e train @ abt 9.55am...dey had breakfast @ subway den went giant to get some drinks!! ken came 10+am...we took e train into sentosa!! haha i gt a complimentary tix fr mi fren working @ islander counter while dey were lucky to be given hotel guests tix!! haha we reached sentosa @ ard 11.15am....steven came @ ard 12+pm coz he overslept!! sometimes dey'll play 3 on 2....sometimes split into pairs!! we played vball, suntanned n went to e waters!! abt 3pm...we went to shower den left sentosa!! had lunch @ food republic, followed by e bank where zy n alvin were opening an a/c or sth @ standard chartered bank!! we checked out movie timings @ gv after tt n decided to watch "Wanted" @ 6.20pm. after getting e tix...we moved ard vivomart n giant!! ken n steven left @ 5+pm as dey were meeting other frenz...we went to coffeebean to kill time!! of coz dey oso bought something to eat...haha we entered e cinema @ ard 6.30pm!! ooh e show was NC16...n guess what....we were told to show our IC!!! lolx omg tink dis's e 1st time i'm being checked for watching such shows!! either e 1st or 2nd time lah...haha we all showed our license to e girl!! lolx e movie was nt bad...liked e driving scenes!! it ended @ 8+pm...we went down to e hbft stn n took train hm...wanted to go for supper but clar wanted to go hm n watch e 9pm show *thou he knew he cant make it for e whole show*!! so i went hm instead....reached hm @ 9.20pm!!

i'm quite tired actually...slept @ nearly 4am n woke up @ 8am dis morning!! but e afternoon @ e beach was great...n i had a good suntan!! haha ken n clar kept saeing mi skin's very red n i've become very tanned now!! thanx guys for 2dae...cya soon~~

what we could have been, 9:50 PM.
Monday, July 07, 2008

juz reached hm after meeting clar for lunch!!! initially i alr planned to go hg mall to get concert tix fr sistic counter...n when i chat wif clar on msn earlier on...he mentioned abt getting some plasters fr e pharmacy @ hg mall!! *nt sure if i said in mi earlier post...he sprained his back after e match on sat n its still hurting now*...since i was gg down so might as well get e plasters for him den bring over to his place...he can save e trouble of leaving hse n haf more rest instead!! so i left hm @ ard 2.45pm...

upon reaching hg mall...i went up to sistic outlet n got 3tix for chao ge's concert dis sat!! haha after tt...i went to e pharmacy n i gave him a call to ask which kind of plasters he needed!! i oso bought 2boxes of shihlin chicken ricebox n walked over to his place!! i reached his condo @ 3.35pm...waited for 1resident to open e gate n followed in!! haha ususl trick....met him as i was walking towards his blk...we had lunch @ his hse n watched a dvd which he rented!! abt 4.20pm...we decided to go to e tables downstairs n tok cock...rather den sitting in his hse!! b4 his dad comes hm n finds mi dere!!! hahaha we went to e table behind his blk...we played wif his new hp, sent some songs to him, discussed abt gg beach 2ml n stuff!! ard 5.40pm...he walked wif mi to e sidegate den i walked to e bus-stop!!

great!!! i'm gg to e beach wif e guys 2ml!!! haha can suntan again....n watch dem play vball!!! n e happiest ting is i'm gg chao ge's concert dis sat!!!! haha finally managed to find mi fren who oso wanna go!!!! cant wait man.....cya guys!!!! lolx...

what we could have been, 6:45 PM.
Saturday, July 05, 2008

quite shack now!!! everytime after i spend a day in sentosa, i'll alwaes be very tired @ night!! well anywae went for e summer fiesta organised by mediacorp in sentosa!! b4 tt...met chookiat @ seah im food centre @ ard 12.15pm for lunch 1st....den took e train in!! reached palawan beach n found clar n his team @ ard 1pm!! dey warmed up, practised n stuff...while i sat dere to watch n suntan!! haha only 8teams were selected to play in dis beach vball comp...n clar's team was lucky to be chosen!!! haha e comp started @ 2pm....clar's team played @ 2.30pm!! dey were to play 2matches in each game....1st match was 10-10 n 2nd match was 9-11!! e opponent team was quite strong n well clar's team lost!! dey decided to walk over to siloso beach n cont their usual saturday game!! we stopped by 7-11 @ beach stn to get sum drinks b4 walking over...ck n i seperated ways fr e others as we stopped by e toilet to shower!! i didnt shower so waited outside for ck....@ abt 3pm...he came out saeing dere was a long q in e washroom!! n since e drizzle had stopped...so we decided to go back to e beach to find clar!!! haha we stayed @ e beach till abt 5.30pm n left coz e rain was back!! ck n i went over to palawan beach where e match btw e winner n artistes was gg on!! haha i stood dere to watch while he took his shower!! he came back @ abt 5.50pm...we walked back to beach stn n took e train!! i came hm n he went over to yishun for some family ting....reached hm @ abt 6.45pm!!

what we could have been, 6:58 PM.
Friday, July 04, 2008

mi 300th post!!! haha well yeah met clar n regi juz now....ate fr dinner to supper!! haha we discussed on msn n decided to meet @ 630pm @ chomp chomp...i left hse ard 6pm n walked down!! haha met clar @ gardens bus-stop @ abt 6.25pm...waited for regi in chomp chomp!! we started ordering some food in e mean time...she came ard 6.40pm!! we had bbq stingray, kangkong, chicken wings, fried omelette n sugarcane drinks for tt meal...we left e place @ 7+pm...wanted to go yisheng's place but he told us to take our time...so we went to watsons, dbs bank n regi oso bought an ice-cream to eat!! after which...we walked up to ys's hse!! we were dere for abt an hr or so...left wif ys as he had to meet sum frenz!! regi, clar n i went to regi's car n we drove down to upper thomson for desserts!! haha we reached upper thomson @ ard 9.40pm...had durian waffle n ice-cream brownie!! we were so in love wif e durian waffle!! haha after eating so much...regi n i were alr full but apparently clar cld still eat more!! so we went to prata house n he ordered 1 plain prata, 1 mushroom prata n a drink!!! omg look @ e amt he ate!!!! haha we went back to e car @ 11pm...he drove down to zy's place to get sth fr him n we went hm!! reached hm @ 11.50pm...

been hafing migrain since ystd....but its on n off!! damn terrible...nevertheless i still enjoyed miself 2night!! haha n e food spree we had~~~ next time we'll go for more ya!!! we shld try n get out of gardens!!! haha n 2night proves tt clar can eat alot....yet nv get fat!!!! *jun...tink u can haf an eating competition wif him 1 day!! maybe regi can join in too* haha anywae i'm gg sentosa 2ml...clar n his frenz r selected to play in e summer fiesta beach vball comp organised by mediacorp...n i'm gg to support!! in e meantime, can see artistes as well!! haha blog 2ml...cya!!

what we could have been, 11:58 PM.
Thursday, July 03, 2008

had lunch wif clar!! after sending him sum pics fr regi's bday....i left hse n took train @ hg mall!! when i reached @ ard 2pm...i went ntuc to get robitussin cough sweets since he was coughing quite badly...oso helped him to get delifrance sandwich which he wanted n a bottle of anti-cough tea...bought mi own lunch n went over to his place!! as usual...managed to smuggle in wif e residents...haha n waited for him @ e entrance of his block!! he came @ ard 2.40pm...we had lunch n watched tv/dvd!! after tt...he packed his stuff n gt ready for his trng!! we left his hse @ abt 3.25pm...walked over to hg stn n took e train!! i reached hm after 4pm..

i'm bringing mich n xiaomei to try out chomp chomp food later!!! haha cant wait for tt!!! lolx ooh n fren....take care of ur cough n e wound on ur knee cap!!! cya...

what we could have been, 4:30 PM.
Wednesday, July 02, 2008

was quite tired dis morning...but i had a great afternoon!!! met clar on e train @ abt 2pm...when we arranged to meet @ 1.40pm initially!! haha we seem to be hardly on time!! anywae we went to gramaphone @ e cathay...took less den 5mins to find e dvds tt we want to watch *unlike on mon when we took like 15mins or even longer* haha. we returned e dvds...rented 3 new ones den walked back to ps as regi's @ samsung shop to send her laptop for repair!! when she was done...we walked down to far east under e hot sun n a little drizzle!! upon reaching far east...we had lunch @ a hainanese chicken rice stall...den i went for mi haircut!! regi n clar went to buy bubble tea, shopped ard n came back to find mi @ e salon!! haha i was finally out of e salon juz b4 5pm...we moved ard far east....regi n i ended up buying a dress each!! oh man...talking abt saving!! but when i'm out wif dem...dey nv fail to make mi buy @ least a dress back!!! haha after tt...we walked wif regi to e bus-stop opp far east as she gotta go to work!! clar walked wif mi to e 105 bus-stop....reached hm @ abt 6.15pm!!

thanx guys for gg to e haircut wif mi!! i'll try hard to maintain dis hairstyle ya!! haha cya...

what we could have been, 6:30 PM.



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