Friday, January 16, 2009

had a meet-up with my SIM DE tutorial mates, after 1yr and 3mths. haha we had a meet-up in 2007 too, but it seemed like it was more fun this time round. haha almost everybody came after the arranged meeting time, and some of them said they couldn't recognise me at first when they saw me. lol anyway we went to fish&co at glass house for dinner. i love that place alot, with the nice atmosphere, music and stuff. we also took many pics in there. after that, we went to chill at plaza singapura starbucks.

these were some of the group pictures that we took. whole album is up on facebook. kinda lazy to choose e pics to be uploaded here since i've already posted them there. (yah and that was the first album i created) haha it was definitely a fun night hanging out with them, thanks for making the effort to turn up for this gathering!! we'll find time to meet again, probably in april or so?? take care and see you guys again~~


i've been thinking about this and was wondering if should say it. for the first time, i've decided to do so. normally, how to say? i wouldn't 'dare' to get the words out of my mouth?? i'm not sure why too, i guess it's because i know this group of friends are busy and even if i say it, it probably won't happen. so i didn't do so to prevent myself from getting disappointed. actually, i'm hoping to have a small reunion dinner with clarence, regina, grace and yisheng together. not sure if it'll really take place since i've said it. well, no harm trying my luck though. cya all soon.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

that's the picture taken at michelle rachel's 21st birthday celebration. oh yes, did i mention about mich being smashed with cake on her face by melissa and yvonne?? haha poor girl, but anyway happy 21st birthday!!! (actual day's tomorrow)

today, had steamboat with my coursemates at bugis after school. we went to chongqing huoquo. there were supposed to be more people joining us but ended up just 5 of us, danile, bertram, patty, miko and me. we moved around bugis street while waiting for time to pass. we can't help but to keep looking at the time as we were getting hungry. at 4+pm, we finally walked over to the steamboat shop.

after this early dinner, miko went amk to meet her friend and e rest of us walked to suntec to look at movie showtimes. apparently there weren't any nice timeslots (maybe Red Cliff was available but a few of us weren't interested in that show). we decided to head to The Cathay, and we were in time to catch Transporter 3!! it's a nice show, the male lead Jason Statham definitely has a nice and sexy bod!!! lol and you can never believe (at least for me) how awesome an Audi can be!! being shot by a machine gun for like a hundred times and the car still seems fine, hit the car in front but it still looked perfect, having sunk into the waters for quite some time and yet it could still be driven after that as though nothing happened. watch the show and you'll understand what i mean!! haha

P/S: if you noticed, i cut my hair short and rebonded it again. a friend of mine kept asking why don't i perm my hair for a change. perming my hair isn't in my consideration at all (at least not at this age). reason being, i don't like permed hair and it makes me look old. well, maybe when i get older and i decide to have long hair again, i'll consider perming. but for now, i'll just stick to the short and rebonded style. haha

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

went for michelle rachel's 21st birthday party just now. not many sexists went (at least the people that i'm close with). stine, von, rob and i bought a bottle of chardonnay for her, yet we drank more than the birthday girl did. haha

some of them were discussing about their 21st celebrations next year, and the thought of turning 22 this year came to my mind again. there's a saying, when you pass 21 years old, the years will flow past very quickly. i'm beginning to believe this statement. previously, we were talking about how to celebrate our 21st birthdays, now we talk about getting married. i guess it's always this case? before 21 years old, everybody wish to grow up quickly because they can get complete freedom then. yet now, i wish to go back to a few years ago.

for a moment, i just hope that time will slow down itself.

anyway come monday, i'll be meeting michelle and chiekling for dinner at chompchomp. tues, will be steamboat with my coursemates and i'll be having my diploma tutorial group gathering this friday. it's gonna be a fun week (i hope). lol and CNY is just 2weeks away!!

*Sexists: lets have a reunion dinner soon?? steamboat will be great (as von suggested)!! haha cya all. =)

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year everybody!!!

Have a blissful 2009!!

Looking forward to an exciting year ahead!!


*new year, new start, new fun, new memories*

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