Friday, June 24, 2005

went out wif weiting after our fmaths test....well considered e 1st time we went out since our "cold war" of 2mths?? haha...@ 1st i felt awkward coz like abit of nuting 2 tok abt (afterall we hadnt toked 2 each other 4 so long)...but slowly we toked abt our test n holiday hmwk n stuff n it didnt seem so bad!! haha...when taking our lunch @ mac...alot of topics were raised thou mainly was abt sum1 in our class lah!! haha felt pretty bad toking abt her but dunno leh...juz cant help wanting 2 tok more!! haha...i guess its sunshine after e rain lor...haha...gonna treasure dis friendship from now on!! after we separated....i went 2 j8 2 look 4 a present 4 mi dear bro joe!! haha...walked ard n seriously din find anyting tt suited him leh...in e end gt him a billabong shirt which cost $32.90!! haha...din even spend tt much $$ on mi close frenz b4 (i think so lah)!! haha...when i was paying 4 his present...i realised wat a stupid present i gt 4 clarence on his bday lah...haha...shld haf gotten a bag or shirt instead!! @ least he can still use it rite?? haiz...learnt mi lesson le...shall buy tt 4 his present next yr!! haha...

oh yah...i had another bbq last mon(20/6)...@ mi jc class chalet!! tt was probably e only time when i ate alot @ a bbq lah...i alwaes dun get 2 eat much @ bbqs...maybe coz alwaes too slow in taking food lah!! haha...but last mon i was practically standing beside e pit e whole time lah...juz waiting 2 eat!! haha...but i oso did abit of bbqing juz b4 i left hor!! haha...

haiz...now holidays coming 2 an end le!! when skool reopens...life will be juz abt finishing syllabus n tests n exams!! e final stage now is 4 us 2 pass....guess muz really buck up b4 i regret next yr!! GAMBATTE guys...we shall all jiayou 2gether....24th nov(last paper of our A'levels) is nearing us n it'll be freedom after tt!! haha...

what we could have been, 9:10 PM.
Sunday, June 12, 2005

juz reached hm from a vball gathering!! haha...been out of house for 11+ hours....now very tired!! haha left house @ 12.25pm coz had 2 go church 1st.....n stupid mi only realised tt i 4got 2 bring mi hps when we were gg 2 church!! so had 2 go hm again after service den went 2 meet pearly n geraldine 2 shop @ tampines mall!! haha...dey 2 were playing pool when i arrived!! after tt...we played a few other games @ arcade den went 2 shop alr!! haha...was supposed 2 look 4 a present 4 mi brother joe but seems like nuting suits him leh!! mi n geraldine ended up looking 4 pink stuff 2 get 4 pearly!! haha...so farnie lah...we moved on 2 century square when we were done wif tampines mall!! haha...walked 1 round of C.S n we ended up standing outside Poh Kim video stall coz dey were showing "The Eye 10"!! haha....we stood dere till 4.45....when joe called n saed e guys would be late n yanli n shuwei were gg 2 shop ard T.M 4 a while...we 3 continued watching e show!! haha...it was only after yanli's call den we went off 2 meet dem!! actually we cld haf gt on e earlier bus...but coz e guys were like strolling tts y we had 2 wait 4 e next bus!! we cracked alot of lame jokes on e bus...n we realised we still had 2 walk after reaching changi village!! so we started on our "big walk"....haha!! can u imagine?? we started our walk @ ard 6+...n ended @ 7+!! haha...by e end of it...we were too tired 2 talk n were all perspiring like mad lah!! during our time dere....we played poker n volleyball!! e 4hours we spent dere were pretty fun lah...we finally left e place @ 11+ after hearing many ghost stories from junkai!! haha...as we walked out of e beach 2 e nearest bus-stop....e guys sang alot of songs so e atmosphere was nt so eerie!! haha...when we finally reached e bus-stop....it was as thou i stepped on alot of lemons alr lah!! haha...n dis marks e end of e gathering!!

haiz...how i wish we can haf another of such a gathering!! haha...nvm...after their promos n after mi a'levels...i shall organise an outing 2 sentosa!! look 4ward 2 tt guys........haha!!

what we could have been, 12:40 AM.
Thursday, June 09, 2005

1 year since i stepped into sentosa...long huh?? haha...thanx 2 clarence 4 persuading mi 2 go...i finally got 2 go sentosa again 2dae wif dem!! n e "dem" refers to includes clarence, zhiying, eileen khoo, kokhow n his gf, yeeshen, kelven, chookiat, alvin, li chen and xiemin!! well...supposed 2 meet @ 8.30 @ harbourfront mrt...yet by tt time only mi n xiemin reached!! haha...e rest started cuming @ ard 8.45 or so!! yeeshen waved 2 mi e moment he saw mi...n clarence walked 2wards mi when he came out!! haha...after toking n stuff...we decided 2 go macdonald as sum of us hafnt had breakfast!! when dey finished breakfast...we set on our journey 2 sentosa!! haha...clarence n i toked abt alot of tings along e way....maybe coz he noes i feel abit awkward lor!! haha...@ last we reached siloso beach!!

it was blasting wif music as City Harvest Church was hafing sum event dere!! we walked to 1 of e beach vball court n e guys started playing vball e moment dey put their bags down!! haha @ tt time was ard 10+...@ 1st eileen mi n kokhow's gf were juz sitting dere whilest watching e guys play!! den eileen wanted mi 2 teach her how 2 play vball...so we sort of played abit lah!! e sad ting was i injured mi thumb when i was setting a ball....n tt hurts lah!! haha...e guys gt into many different groups n played many matches against each other...dey changed to soccer in between!! as i was e goalkeeper...i juz stood dere as i din really noe how 2 do so!! haha...3balls were blocked by mi @ e end of it!! haha...nice huh??...but dose were done @ e expense of hurting mi legs lah...haha!! after soccer...dey were back 2 playing vball again!! so we basically spent e whole day playing vball lah...haha!! a few went 2 shower @ ard 4+...n i saw jeremy when i came out of e toilet after mi shower!! haha...i told clarence tt i saw mi sr fren...n he saed he n xiemin wans 2 play against dem!! haha...beginning was clarence n xiemin against jeremy n ariff!! later was changed 2 e 4 of dem against another grp!! haha...dey played a while....which lasted ard 30-45mins!! after which clarence n xiemin went 2 shower n we left sentosa @ about 5.30!!

upon reaching back harbourfront station...we had our dinner @ a coffeeshop nearby!! haha...it was alr 6+ by e time we finished dinner!! chookiat n alvin went home while e rest of us walked back 2 harbourfront coz e guys wanted 2 go arcade!! hmm...we cut across a big shop selling electrical appliances n zhiying gt elated when he saw a pool table which cost $9500!! haha...he even asked kelven 2 take a pic 4 him wif e table lah...haha!! we walked 2 e arcade only 2 realise tt it closed down already!! so we took a stroll back 2 e mrt station!! haha @ e station...we sat down n toked n joked alot!! haha...after which we finally went 2 take e train back home!! haha...dunno y...but e journey back home seemed abit fast leh!! haha i reached home @ 8.10pm...thou tired n tanned but i enjoyed it!! haha...it was a really fun day which i'll never 4get!! heehee...thanx clar 4 persuading mi!! :)

what we could have been, 11:49 PM.



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