Saturday, August 26, 2006

went to sentosa again!!! haha but dis time is wif a diff grp of pple...i went wif mi og frenz!!! coz i had sth on in e morning...so i reached sentosa @ 2.30pm!! i met neville @ siloso beach while jean, james n jaslyn were enjoying demselves in e water!!! haha ryan came @ 3+...even later den mi!! haha anywae we played daidi, frisbee, volleyball n oso sand-buried neville!! haha tt was quite lame lah...we went to wash up @ 5+pm b4 meeting ken n alex @ harbourfront food court!! we chat alot n oso took many pics after dinner despite a few of us were quite lethargic...after 1hr+...we decided to go to starbucks to continue dis chat!! oh yah did i mention abt we suaning neville n yy during dinner?? haha we kept suaning till nev cldnt stand us lah!!! haha after a long time @ starbucks...we finally separated ways!! haha...

thou dis gathering only had 4-6 pple attending...but we still enjoyed ourselves!!! hope our next gathering 2-3 weeks later (probably to night safari) will be a successful 1...haha take care n cya all soon!!! :>

what we could have been, 10:40 PM.
Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i got into SRC!!! haha thou i was not into e projects dept which i hoped for but i still entered e welfare dept (2nd choice of dept)!!! haha jacintha got into welfare dept too...so we went for e general meeting together after class 2dae!! e meeting started @ 5.30pm so i went hm 1st b4 going back school.

@ e meeting...jacintha n i met other og3 pple!! fr dere...we knew tt ken james n neville r in editorial board, jaslyn lisa n zhiyi r in sports dept, meishan chariene ryan n alex r in projects dept!!! e meeting was generally to let us noe abt e various events tt r cuming up n sum admin stuff!! after tt we moved to our respective lts for dept meetings!!! we looked thru e contact list for any errors while waiting for all e welfarians to arrive!! den we went thru many pics of events which e welfare dept organised last yr n e welfare head, alvin ong, introduced all e 8ICs for e 4events...b4 moving to our respective groups!! jacintha n mi will be doing SIM41...we did small introductions wif our fellow grp members n oso to e whole welfare dept!!! editorial dept came in @ nearly 7pm to do their introductions as dey'll be working on all e events tt all depts r organising!!! haha guess it'll be pretty tough on dem ya...anywae after all e introductions...many of us went off to marina bay for steamboat gathering!!! dis's part of e tradition for e welfare dept...which is to haf a dinner for all e fresh welfarians to noe each other beta!!! it was a very long way to marina south n we were very hungry by e time we reached!! dinner was quite fun...we chat n took pics!! after which sum of us went hm @ 10+pm!!!

thou we were full of perspiration n very tired after dinner...but i guess dis dinner really did kinda help in our bonding!!! hopefully we'll be able to cooperate well wif each other for e event which we're doing!!! cheerios...

what we could have been, 11:48 PM.
Friday, August 18, 2006

i've finally started school again after 8.5mths (dec 05 - july 06) of long break!!!! haha dunno if i shld feel happy or sad leh....anywae i hafta go to school early coz i was meeting mi og frenz for lunch!!! supposed to meet chariene @ e bus-stop @ 11.50 but she was late so i went up to e foodcourt to book a table 1st!!! it wasnt very easy to find a table which was able to accomodate so many pple coz it was lunch hour but i still managed to find 1!! haha by 12.15pm...dose who had agreed to meet for lunch all arrived!!! dey included yy, ryan, jacintha, chariene, neville, ken, meishan n james!! we met alex, lewis n lisa but dey were wif their frenz...haha so we had lunch n oso chat abt many stuff!!! oh yah...of coz we didnt miss suaning both nev n yy!!! haha @ abt 12.50pm...ryan, ken, meishan, chariene, jacintha n i went for e SRC interview!!! we took quite abit of time to find e waiting rm...n a few schoolmates came forward to chat wif us since we were such a big grp!! haha even e SRC president Ben recognised us...haha when he came in...he looked @ us n saed "wow such a big grp of u guys cum together arh?? wait r u all fr og3??"!!!! haha tot it was pretty surprising tt he still rmbed us...but afterall we were e best OG who were always very early!!! anywae we filled up a form while waiting for our turn...after which chariene meishan jacintha mi n 2 other girls proceeded to e audition room!!!

e whole audition was pretty nervous for mi...dey asked quite a few qns during e interview!!! e whole ting lasted abt 30mins den we were told to leave after tt!!! hmm dunno if i'll get into src leh...n preferably into e dept which i wanna enter!!! but well...we'll only get to noe e answers a few days later!! after e interview...i went for e enrolment talk which marks e 1st day of mi course!!! it was quite boring but i still managed to sit thru e 3hrs talk!!!

haiz school is officially starting next week...wif all e preparatory workshops for e various subjects tt i'm taking!!! pray tt everyting goes well for mi for e next 1yr of so...

what we could have been, 11:30 PM.
Sunday, August 13, 2006

had a long day of gathering today but i really enjoyed it!!! haha we met @ dhoby ghaut station @ 10.30am for k-lunch...tinking dere wld be many pple gg but in e end only james ryan yingyu n mi!! haha we went to kbox @ paradiz centre...alex n jaslyn joined us dere!!! we sang many songs till 2pm before meeting jean!! after tt...e guys went to play pool to kill time but didnt play for long coz a few of us were getting bored!! so we changed to gg TCC n chat!! haha we sat dere fr abt 2.45pm to 4.30pm n ken joined us dere as well...after which...we started walking towards wheelock place!!! it was a pretty long walk...we stopped outside paragon where a 7yr old boy was playing e drum!! i can only sae he's really good @ it lah...haha!!! we reached wheelock place @ arad 5.40pm...we met zhiyi n chariene dere!! as we waited for a table...kenny n ian arrived too!! we finally gt a long table n we placed our orders after meishan, lisa n jacintha came!!! we ate n paid e bill b4 neville reached!! we didnt want to go hm so early so jean suggested a place where we can play board games!! its @ boat quay...all of us boarded e train without zhiyi coz she was nt feeling well!! we finally reached e place @ 8+ near 9pm...we played games till nearly 10.15pm b4 leaving!! james meishan n i walked to e clarke quay station to take e NEL train...i reached hm @ 11pm!!

well it was a simple gathering...but i guess we all enjoyed ourselves!!! a pity wayne lewis n herry cldnt join us...now i'll be looking forward to e next og gathering @ sentosa!!! cya guys....

what we could have been, 11:36 PM.
Wednesday, August 09, 2006

mi 19th yrs old bday is going to be over in a few mins!!! haha wldnt sae i had a very great celebration...juz e normal way of celebrating by hafing meals wif mi family n a cake!!! haha

woke up @ 11am...but actually i woke up earlier coz clarence n madeline msged mi @ 8+am to wish mi happy bday den i went back to slp again!! haha went to j8 swensens for lunch @ abt 2pm wif mi dad n sis b4 gg to e hospital to visit mi mum wif a hans cake!! haha mi relatives had alr reached @ 4+pm n were waiting 4 mi!! haha we ate e cake den mi mum had her dinner...we stayed till 6pm den left!!! after tt...mi dad fetched mi n we went j8 to collect e swensens cake which we ordered earlier n oso bought kfc family feast b4 proceeding to mi grandma's place!! we had kfc meal while watching e parade...n e fireworks of e parade were really fantastic!!! haha shld haf went to watch e preview dis yr since it's e last yr @ national stadium!! we left @ 8+pm!!

talking abt fireworks...i went to watch e fireworks @ esplanade ystd wif weiting!! haha it was really very crowded n pple were even standing on e road!! haha it was as thou all of us were watching a soccer match...e fireworks were really nice!!! due to a terrible jam...i reached hm @ 11pm althou e fireworks ended @ 9.15pm!!

b4 i end mi blog...juz wanna sae thanx to mi frenz!! i noe e list is abit long...but juz wanna add dem in mi entry!!! (sec4 classmates) clarence, yisheng, regina, mel, meishan, jianqi n cindy...(colleagues) yasmin, alicia, franklin, shulyn, ros, isaac, stefanie, huda, felicia n yingying...(sim foc og3) neville, yingyu, james, jacintha n zhiyi...(srjc classmates) weiting, small carol, yaoxing, dennis, madeline n wanyuan...(pri6 classmate) liyun...(zhss choir) stephanie, qinqi, jeslin, mengchoo n woonjiun...(srjc vball) geraldine, jiankai n shiting!!!!! thanx alot for remembering mi bday~~~

what we could have been, 11:57 PM.
Tuesday, August 08, 2006

haiz...its 1 more day to mi bday but y issit i feel its getting more boring as e day comes?? i added in mi msn nick e no of days left to mi bday...but sumhow i didnt feel like updating it 2dae!!! to mi...its really like "wats e point of it?? its juz another day to mi!!"....like i saed in mi previous entry...how i wish i can haf a surprise but its all juz a wish thou!! haha...*when will mi wish cum true???*

received 2 friendster testimonials fr stephanie n qinqi (both r mi juniors in sec school)...dey wished mi happy bday in advance!!! haha really thanx 4 remembering ya...i truely appreciate tt!! :)

anywae i've finally gotten e pics we took @ e SRC orientation camp...haha dey're so nice!!! especially e video of our cheer...i kept laughing @ it!! hahaha i'll post sum pics of our camp up on friendster soon...n i look forward to our gathering dis cuming sun!!! Lono rox!!!!

i'm meeting weiting 2 watch fireworks tonight...haha i'm finally gg to watch it after begging mi sis 4 so long to go wif mi!! haha.

what we could have been, 12:56 AM.
Sunday, August 06, 2006

sianz...mi bday's cuming in 3 days but y issit i dun feel e least happy?? i mean...i feel absolutely boring dis yr leh!!! i noe mi sis took leave n flew in fr shanghai so she can celebrate mi bday wif mi...but sumhow i feel like dis's gonna be e worst bday ever lah!! its like...i doubt i'm even looking forward 2 mi bday lor...i'm juz hoping for e day when i haf e og gathering to cum!!! but that will be on e 13th thou...

anywae hope i can get a surprise dis yr so @ least can help mi to liven up mi spirits!!! well i noe dis's quite impossible...liked wat i put for mi msn nick..."can i wish for a memorable bday dis year???"!!!!

haiz...can sum1 save mi from dis??? :(

what we could have been, 2:47 AM.



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