Thursday, February 26, 2009

this afternoon, Szeling, Patty, Miko, Lonisa, Kenny n I visited Danile's place. didn't go there to play, but to do assignments. we had lunch at ajisen ramen in tampines mall, then went to his house which was 5mins away. stayed till 5.30pm, went for dinner at swensens (yes, again)!!

what we could have been, 11:14 PM.

i saw a rainbow just now.

so lovely!! only saw half of the semi-circle from my house balcony....but it's still beautiful. sunshine after rain, and a rainbow appears. does it signify something?

what we could have been, 12:21 AM.
Tuesday, February 24, 2009

have been going out recently. sun, met Meishan and Yinsan for dinner at junction 8. wanted to eat at manhattan fish market but there was a long queue. so we settled for swensens. Meishan footed the bill *thanks friend*!! haha they were saying the next time we meet, we'll go to Tricia's workplace. it won't be just the 3 of us, hope Andrea, Regina and Grace are free to join too. haha somehow it's fun when we talk about the memories we had during the secondary school days. we'll meet up again...preferably in march or april. =)

mon, went vivo with my coursemates after class. we didn't go there to shop, just went there specially for shihlin chicken and oyster mee sua!! 6 of us had 5bowls of oyster mee sua, 3plates of chicken, 1plate of sausage crepe and 5cups of ice-milo. see how crazy were we? and to think most of us still went home for dinner. lol but it was a nice shihlin session though....maybe we'll go back and eat again? haha

today, Lonisa, Bertram and i went to Crystal's place to see her 2 huskys (Silver and Brownie)!! was quite scared so i stayed on the stairs most of the time. *i'm ok with e small dogs but big dogs...i still can't overcome* haha we left her place at nearly 6pm and went bugis for steamboat. it was quite nice despite not having many varieties. but 1 idiotic guy spoiled our mood for a moment. he's such a disgrace lah!! we rolled our eyes many times because of the words that he said. dont understand how can there be such a person!! nevertheless, we still enjoyed the dinner. =P

we'll go for steamboat again to celebrate Bertram's birthday in march!! hahaha somehow, this group of friends n i are simply steamboat-lovers!! lol

what we could have been, 11:37 PM.

have been watching a korean drama recently and there was a time which they filmed in New Caledonia!! in this scene, the male lead and the female lead sat in a helicopter and brought her to see this......

isn't it sweet? haha i googled it to find out more about this place. New Caledonia is part of French Republic. i realised that there's also a heart-shape island near Moreton Island in Brisbane.

oh man....i think i'm going to save up to check out all these islands myself!!! haha or rather, i want a holiday!!!!! lol

what we could have been, 9:56 AM.
Saturday, February 21, 2009

was talking to a friend on msn a while ago. he said "anyway seems like u hv been leading a v busy life nowadays eh", "wanna ask u out always cannot. talk on the phone also not free." i'm sorry friend, not that i don't want to hang out with you guys (i know it has been quite some time since i last met you all...e last time was 3weeks ago?). just that the times when you want to go out are the times when i have lessons, if not i've already arranged to go out with other friends then you all call me. seems like i'm the one drifting away now...meet up soon ya? i promise i'll try and make it *provided i don't have any plans arranged beforehand*!! so so sorry =(

what we could have been, 2:11 AM.

watched movie with Lonisa, Patty, Kenny and Bertram at cineleisure after class just now. "He's Just Not That Into You"....nice show although it was a lil boring at the beginning.

"Gigi just wants a man who says he'll call--and does--while Alex advises her to stop sitting by the phone. Beth wonders if she should call it off after years of committed singlehood with her boyfriend, Neil, but he doesn't think there's a single thing wrong with their unmarried life. Janine's not sure if she can trust her husband, Ben, who can't quite trust himself around Anna. Anna can't decide between the sexy married guy, or her straightforward, no-sparks standby, Conor, who can't get over the fact that he can't have her. And Mary. who's found an entire network of loving, supportive men, just needs to find one who's straight.

If you've ever sat by the phone wondering why he said he would call, but didn't, or if you can't figure out why she doesn't want to sleep with you anymore, or why your relationship just isn't going to the next level...he (or she) is just not that into you."
*i also want to watch "Marley & Me" and "The Other End Of The Line"....who's interested?? haha

what we could have been, 12:09 AM.
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

went ktv with my coursemates after school today. a few of us had lunch together before school, and i don't know why but we just started singing on our way back to school (just the girls). the guys probably thought we're crazy or something. haha anyway, that sparked the thought for a ktv session after class. so Lonisa, Miko, Crystal, Szeling, Bertram, Danile, Kenny n i headed down to bugis. we sang from 4pm to 7pm, though short but it was really high, to e extent that we stood on the sofa!! haha dinner at swensen's after that, followed by playing some games at e arcade (the guys only) and lastly, hanging out at starbucks.

reached home at 11.30pm. a super long day. but it was fun, i really like hanging out with this group of friends!! there is 1habit within this group, and that is to comment on the photos when i upload them in facebook!! haha i can foresee that my inbox is going to be flooded again!!! lolx thanks guys for the cool night. cya all in school tmr.....*sianx*.

what we could have been, 11:58 PM.
Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day (belated)!!! haha spent v'day with Patty, Lonisa and her friend WeiWei, Bertram, Kenny, Danile and his friend Daryl!! went for dinner at Pasta De Waraku followed by chilling out at Clinic.

8 of us drank 8jugs of carlsberg in abt 1-2hours!! not just that, we also broke 3glasses that night. haha first was danile who broke e mouth of his glass when we cheers-ed, then my glass dropped when i was trying to get them to take pic (i got a small cut on my toe; didn't realise until i went to the washroom), lastly was bertram whose glass also dropped (he got a small cut near his fingers)!! kenny was already gone within 2hours or so. we played truth or dare towards e end...n 1 dare that patty had to do was to kiss me. haha we really kissed on e lips in e end but e picture wasn't captured. bertram, lonisa and her friend left at 11+pm. we left at around 12.30am. danile's friend sent me home, after dropping patty and kenny off. (both of them were really drunk and to think i was sitting between them in e car) haha after yesterday night, i knew alot of secrets, about who liking who and stuff. can only say, complicated!!
p/s : Danile, Kenny & Bertram, thanks for the dinner treat!! =)

*full set of pics in facebook*

what we could have been, 4:36 PM.
Thursday, February 12, 2009

went geylang with szeling, danile n kenny after school. e 2guys had to take some pics for an assignment so szeling n i tagged along!! had frog leg porridge for dinner...dan had pork ribs rice as he doesn't like frog leg!! *strange arh...don't like durian n frog leg!! but we got him to try those 2 with us!!* haha after geylang, dan, ken n i went to raffles place/cityhall as they wanted to buy clothes!! *i love e blue bridge in e last pic*

what we could have been, 11:19 PM.



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