Monday, April 27, 2009

i'm so tired that sometimes i just feel like..........

i don't know how to finish the statement. i only know that i'm starting to get very tired of everything. recently i feel like not caring about my friends' problems anymore but i just 做不到.

suddenly i feel that i'm giving too much and not receiving anything. 1 friend told me before that nobody will always be giving, someday, they'll receive too. but will i ever be on the receiving end? beats me....

sometimes i wonder, who really understands me? or rather, who knows what i want? i can understand everybody around me, but do they understand me? seriously, i'm getting tired of having expectations and hearing promises. maybe not having expectations for anything makes my life happier.

i don't know what's the purpose of and the meaning behind this entry. i just feel frustrated and tired. i'm sorry guys.

what we could have been, 10:31 PM.
Thursday, April 23, 2009

*this is an entry specially dedicated to my 5 good friends*

Last tues, Lonisa returned to GuangZhou. Last thurs, Bertram returned to Sabah. Last sat, Patty returned to Vietnam. A group of 6 who had so much fun over the past 4.5months, took so many photos together, had so much memories with each other, is now left with the 3 locals (Kenny, Danile and me). Till today, a week later, there is never a day when i don't think of the times we had.

I miss:

The places we went - Jurong Point, Cityhall, Bugis, Raffles Place, Vivocity, Esplanade rooftop, Orchard (esp Cineleisure), Clarke Quay, Sentosa, East Coast, TopOne KTV, Dan's house, my house
The places we ate - Swensens, Fish&Co, Starbucks, Steamboat, Crystal Jade Yum Cha
The games we played - Truth or Dare, word-finding game, poker cards, 终极密码
The songs we sang - mainly 下雨天, 彩虹, 心跳 (our group's theme songs)
The jokes we made - Dan's "giordona", Ken's "谁的骨?", Pat's "明点" (明天几点 in short)
The movies we watched
The comments we wrote in facebook
The photos we took

All these are just an extract of our memories from the 4.5months. It'll be a long list if I were to mention all of them. Other then happy moments, we had our fair share of unhappy and angry times as well. But it's through all these moments, that helped me to know you all better. With the group, I experienced many first times. Of which include...1st time hand-making scrapbooks for 7people, 1st time doing photo puzzle for friends, 1st time writing letters for friends, 1st time to be willing to study in school (even on saturdays), 1st time eating out almost everynight, 1st time taking so many photos in such a short time, 1st time being a listener to 5people.

I don't know what will happen when you all come back. I don't know if we'll still be as close as how we were. I don't know if any of us will change. But I'll count down to the days when the 3 of you return. I'll count down to the day when we all meet and have a meal together again. I'll count down to the day when we can go for fine-dining. =)

Praying for you all.
Miss you all.
Love you all.

what we could have been, 11:31 PM.
Saturday, April 18, 2009

15th april: met Bertram, Danile, Patty, Kenny at Dhoby Ghaut. our initial meeting time was 6pm but since Bert couldn't make it in the evening, so we met at 3.30pm instead. had an early dinner at Astons at The Cathay, then walked to Bugis as Bert got to meet his cousin to buy some stuff. after moving around Bugis Street, we went Starbucks (our usual hangout place) to relax. before Lonisa left, she gave Pat a Starbucks voucher and she used it to buy a large caramel drink which we all shared. haha by the way, Pat and I wore the same style that day!! we didn't discuss beforehand what to wear so we were quite surprised by e coincidence!! haha nice one, sister!! =)

16th april: the day of Bertram’s departure. *he's going back Sabah for 3 months* wanted to eat Burger King with him since it’s his favourite, but he msged me in the afternoon saying he’ll be eating with his cousins, so the rest of us ate chicken rice. we met him at Budget Terminal. chat with him for a while, took some pics and he had to go in already. after which, we went Bugis to eat dessert. along the way, Pat and I were so high that we kept laughing over lame stuff *which I don’t know why too* and Dan kept saying we’re mad. haha

17th april: went out with Pat, Ken and Dan again. wanted to catch the 3pm '17 again' and 7.20pm 'Love' yesterday, but Pat had to go ICA and we didn’t know what time she’ll be done. we met at ICA at 2.30pm. she was done by about 3pm and we went town to buy tickets for 5.20pm '17 again'. we shopped before the movie. the show was quite hilarious…and I never knew Zac Efron was so good-looking, esp 1 scene when he stepped out of the car. haha we continued to move around and had dinner at Food Republic. separated ways at 9+pm as Pat had to pack her stuff.

18th april: the day of Patty’s departure. *she's going back Vietnam for 5 months but will be coming Sg for 2weeks in June* Ken, Dan n I met at 12pm at airport T1, Pat came at 12.30pm. after she checked-in (which took quite some time as the weight of her luggage was seriously over the limit), we ate at Popeyes. she went in at about 1.45pm.

and now, from a group of 6, is left with e 3 locals. i guess this officially marks e end of our 4.5months of joy, laughter, sadness and anger. miss you guys. =(

what we could have been, 4:31 PM.
Tuesday, April 14, 2009

12th april: as said in the earlier post, the same group (B, D, K, L, P) came over to my place that day. went to fetch Lulu first, came home and rest for less than 10mins before Bert called to say that he's reaching s'goon stn soon. since he didn't remember how to walk to my place, so we walked up to stn and fetch him. Dan managed to figure out the way to my place from the bus interchange, but Ken and Pat also didn't remember so i walked to stn to meet them while the other 3 stayed at my house to watch Jay Chou's 'Secret'. we bought a cake for Lulu and she cried as she was very touched (her birthday's in july but she won't be in Sg then so we celebrate 3 months in advance). my dad cooked chicken rice for dinner and Lulu cooked 木瓜雪耳糖水for my family and us after dinner. by the way, thanks again to Pat and Ken for the lovely card and present.

13th april: we met at Bugis and went to sing at TopOne Ktv from around 1.30pm to 5.30pm for just $16/pax. had an early dinner at Swensens and we went home at 7pm cos Lulu had to pack her stuff.

14th april: the day of Lulu's departure. *she's going back to GuangZhou* i went to Lulu's place first to help her and Pat carry the luggages. met Dan and Ken at the airport T1. after checking-in, we ate at Popeyes. Bert rushed to the airport in time to talk to Lulu for a while before she went in. when she went in, we went to the viewing mall to find the plane that she's taking. we talked as we waited for her plane to take off. we separated ways after that, Bert went to meet his cousin to buy some stuff while the 4 of us went Pasir Ris to watch "Knowing".

at the airport today, i gave them a 2nd surprise, photo jigsaw puzzle and a letter each *that's why all of them are carrying a bag fr "Gift-A-Name*. haha i made a puzzle for myself too, as memory. Dan and Pat told me they were very touched after reading the letter that i wrote for them. sorry guys if you didn't like the photo that i used to make the jigsaw. other pics, either not very nice, or have other people in the pic as well. but still, i'm glad that you all liked the present. i just want to say again,

我不是为每个朋友都付出那么多, 但因为是你们, 让我觉得做再多也不会累. =)

what we could have been, 11:55 PM.
Sunday, April 12, 2009

*Caution - all photos in this post and probably the next 2 posts are taken with the same people (Patty, Lonisa, Kenny, Bertram, Danile and I)*

9th april: together with the group of friends (L, P, D, B, K)...we went for steamboat at Novena Zheng Fa after school and they liked it. *my recommendation again haha* after dinner, Bertram went home and the rest of us went Raffles Place to hang out for a while.

10th april: we went East Coast Park to cycle. it was very crowded as it was a public holiday. Pat and I had a chance to ride on the 2-people bicycle, driven by Bertram!! haha overall, it was fun n relaxing. it started pouring as we had lunch at a jap restaurant at ECP. after lunch, we went Dhoby Ghaut to watch Shinjuku Incident. a gruesome show (well, just certain parts actually), but not bad after all.

11th april: we went Sentosa to suntan, play vball and frisbee (UFO as called by Danile). we reached there at about 1pm and it was already packed everywhere. Dan came at 3+pm, played for an hour or so and the rain came again. we took turns to have our shower...and finally left Sentosa at nearly 7pm. had dinner at the foodcourt in Suntec, followed by chilling out at our old place, Esplanade rooftop.

our agenda didn't stop here. we have plans for next few days as well. haha of course, they wont be as tiring as past few days. at least, we all can have a good sleep now. anyway my gang is coming over to my place later. i'll update the pics again.....cya all!! =)

what we could have been, 10:43 AM.



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