Sunday, December 31, 2006

here we cum to e end of 2006...on e last day of e yr n juz a few mins b4 we step into 2007....let mi tok abt how i spent mi 2006!! haha...

well it was a very special yr...coz for once i dun haf school on 2nd or 3rd jan!!! haha i was waiting for mi a'lvl results which came out in feb/mar!!! so during e wait...i got miself a job @ IRAS as a contact centre officer n started work on 24th jan!! e fun part of work is when ur salary cums in on a specific day of every mth....yet e boring part is when u get scoldings fr e pple who call in!! during mi working period...i've got many scoldings as well!! nevertheless...e last few mths b4 i left e ofc were most fun!! haha in feb...on valentine's day...i got a surprise fr 2 of mi frenz (1 of whom is mi gd fren)!! haha tt was mi 1st time celebrating v'day in such a way...thou tt guy's nt mi bf...but i still enjoyed tt night!! really thanx for tt wonderful surprise once again!!! on 20th feb...mi mum started hafing high fever for no reason...n her fever nv subside even after 1 wk or so!!!

mar 10th (sat)...mi mum was admitted into hospital for her constant high fever!! a wk later...she entered e ICU n e events tt happened after tt were like a road of ups n downs!! during her last op...excess bleeding in her brain caused her to haf a stroke!! thus now she's paralysed on her left side!!! in april...mi gd fren was enlisted into e army!!! fr tt day onwards...he'll call mi asking mi to call him on his hp n chat!! haha i'll nv forget e numerous nights during his bmt days when we toked on e fone...sumtimes even less den 5mins!! haha i guess it was fr dose days tt we became much closer till now!! =) till 2dae...we'll still chat on e fone whenever he's bored!! haha...

nuting much happened in may...2nd june was mi last day of work!!! on 1 hand...it was a relief that i've finally stopped working!! on e other hand...i kinda missed e days i had in ofc!! of coz i dun mean e working part...i meant e playing part mi fellow colleagues!! haha oh yah...i was accepted into SIM as well!! i went for e orientation n oso signed up for e orientation camp!! haha e camp was held fr 25th-27th july @ pasir ris aloha loyang chalet!! e whole grp of us started off as strangers but we ended up winning e best OG @ e end of e camp!! haha it was a really great orientation n i didnt regret gg for it...thou we were all tired n stuff!! haha dere was a camp bash held @ DXO on 29th july n i went wif mi og mates!!! it was mi 1st time clubbing...thou i left quite early but i enjoyed e experience!!

on 18th aug...mi school started!! after tt...i received a call saeing i entered SIM student representative council (SRC)!! haha dis was oso e mth of mi bday but had a boring celebration!! sept was a mth of both sadness n happiness for mi. 19th sept was e day when mi uncle passed away in melbourne...i cld still rmb mi reaction when mi aunt called n told mi tt in e morning!! haiz...clarence called mi tt afternoon to chat as he was feeling bored in camp n i rmb telling him abt tt bad news!! on 22nd sept...i had an OG gathering which was held @ alex's hse!! it was a drinking session n we enjoyed ourselves!! haha 23rd sept...clarence brought mi to eat chocolate buffet @ fullerton hotel!! haha he told mi abt tt since april but we only went dere in sept coz zhiying was in taiwan for army trng!! haha i'll nv forget tt memorable night!!! =P

nuting much happened in oct as well...haha but nov was quite a fun mth!! i went out wif clarence for a few times tt mth...oh yah i, together wif other pple fr mi src committee, attended joshua's 21st bday celebration @ e start of e mth!! coincidentally...it was held @ rio vista...e condo in which clarence is staying in as well!! haha now cuming to dec...mi last day of school for e yr was on e 20th!! i attended e sim bash which was held @ MOS on 21st dec!! i spent xmas day @ mi aunt's place for a steamboat dinner!! 29th dec was e day of our event...like i mentioned in mi blog...it was a night of fright, food n fun!! haha 2dae...i would like to sae a million thanx to all e new frenz whom i met dis yr...n oso to dose pple who made mi 2006 a memorable yr!! here's hoping 2007 will oso be a memorable 1 for everybody...hope mi wishes will cum true as well!! haha HAPPY NEW YR TO ALL MI FRENZ...

what we could have been, 11:57 PM.
Saturday, December 30, 2006

juz reached hm after a night of fright, food n fun!! haha in fact our committee went thru alot b4 dis actual event started...1st it was SIM41...den it became SIM42...n now its Night Jaunt!! fr an event which was supposed to be done by e committee fr all 3 depts (welfare, projects, sports)...now its left wif only e comm fr welfare n projects!! haha nevertheless....we enjoyed ourselves very much thou we were all very tired!!

well...i reached school @ nearly 5.30pm when e meeting was supposed to start @ 4.30pm!! haha heard fr e rest tt nuting much happened during e meeting...anywae mi IC, byron briefed us again after i reached!! after which...dey left for dinner but jacintha n i didnt go!!! we stayed in e LT playing wif com n stuff...a preview of e movie was shown b4 registration started @ 7pm!! haha participants of e event registered themselves @ our counter b4 enjoying e movie "Shutter"!! i didnt watch e movie coz i didnt like horror shows...haha so i stayed outside till 9pm!!

@ 9.15pm...we walked to e loading bay where e buses were waiting n we took sum pics b4 boarding e bus!! e 1st place we went to was prata hse @ thomson n we sat dere till 11.40pm!! den we boarded e bus while waiting for e pple fr SPI to bring us on e ghoulish tour!! e tour included places like jalan bahar camp site, old jurong rd, foetus dumping grd n cck cemetery!! pamela n i were quite scared to go on dis tour initially...but sumhow we managed to overcome tt n survived e walk which ended @ 3.15am!!! haha after tt...we proceeded to geylang for supper again!!! we headed to yong he tou hua...n we sat dere till 4.40am!! after tt...we went to east coast park (reached abt 5.10am) n everbody were given a choice of either gg hm fr dere or if nt stay for e sunrise!! of coz dis 2 choices does nt apply to pple fr e committee...haha we had to stay till everyting ended!! we sat in ECP mac till 5.30am b4 ganesh drove us in his lorry to bedok jetty (e 2 buses left as dey've completed their job so ganesh had to do many rounds in order to bring everybody dere)!!! it was ard 5.50am when we finally reached bedok jetty...we sat dere, chat, sang songs n took pics while waiting for sunrise to appear!! apparently dere was no sunrise but e colour of dawn was really nice!!! we stayed dere till 7am n jac, pam n i left e place!! we didnt noe how to leave e place so pam took a cab while jac n i waited for ganesh's ride to e nearest mrt station!! i reached hm @ 9am...

thou it was a tiring night...esp since i didnt haf a gd slp ystd (was woken up by sum noices @ 8am on 29/12 n didnt slp anymore for e rest of e day)...but i really enjoyed miself!! it's definitely a unique 1 as compared to other src events n i'm glad i'm in dis committee!! its very much an experience for mi...despite e fact tt e ghoulish tour is probably e one n only one in mi whole life!! haha anywae thanx to e other pple in e night jaunt committee for making dis a success n i'll await for e post-event celebration!! :)

what we could have been, 9:13 AM.
Wednesday, December 27, 2006

merry christmas!! well i noe dis's kind of belated but i guess everybody's still in e festive mood as we march towards e end of 2006!! haha nuting much happened dese few days...had a steamboat dinner @ mi aunt's place on christmas day!! mi elder cousin, desmond brought his gf along!! haha so envious of dem...anywae his gf is from china but she has been in sg for 4yrs alr!! she's a nice girl but i guess we'll need more gatherings so as to noe her beta!! haha...

ystd...went for a kbox session wif dennis @ amk!! was supposed to meet @ 2pm @ amk mac but we postponed it to 2.30pm due to e rain yet i was still late!! haha we entered e room @ nearly 3pm n sang all e way till 7.30pm!! haha we sang many old songs as well as new songs!! haha it was a great session overall!! juz as i was abt to walk to e bus-stop...i saw matt n sum of his frenz @ e newly opened coffeeshop juz below kbox so i went over to tok to him for a while!! haha after tt i went hm for dinner...

2dae...was supposed to meet weiting @ 11.20am @ amk b4 gg shopping but she was late!! n i had to wait till 12.05pm b4 she arrived...haha nearly fell aslp in mac lah!! anywae when she arrived...we walked to e mrt station to take a train down to orchard where we shopped ard b4 catching a movie @ cineleisure!! we watched "night at e museum"...haha a humorous show n i feel its a gd recommendation for comedies!! after tt we continued moving ard taka b4 gg hm @ 5+pm!!

hmm dunno y but i'm alwaes tinking of him leh....hafnt been out wif him for e past 1 mth+ n e last time we toked on e fone was last wed (he called mi last fri to let mi hear a song but tt was less den 1 min haha)!! he asked mi to go back wif him to zhss last mon (18th dec) to play vball but he was very tired so we cancelled tt!! well do i really like him?? or m i juz getting used to gg out wif him every week?? i guess i'll need sum time to sort out mi tots...haiz if only mi wishes will cum true~~

what we could have been, 11:28 PM.
Saturday, December 23, 2006

2 more days to christmas!! yet i'm @ hm...celebrating a lonely christmas!! haha but i went out a few times last wk...wed went out weiting n her fren eric, thurs went to SIM bash cum pagaent (details in e previous blog entry), ystd went out wif weiting to celebrate xmas!! haha ooh yah i had mi 1st driving test on wed (20th dec) but i failed...so mi next test will be on 22nd march 07!! haha sad rite?? tot can haf mi driving license as mi xmas present for miself...in e end hafta wait till next year (hopefully lah)!! haha...

anywae chat wif mi gd fren on e fone on wed night (20/12) again...haha dunno y but i realised everytime we chat on e fone...we'll nv miss toking abt good food lah!! haha n alwaes making us hungry in e middle of e night...haha but even if we tok so much...he doesnt brings mi to e places where he recommend!! haha...

anywae we're moving on 2 e last week of 2006...so hope everybody will enjoy tt week!!! here's wishing mi frenz merry christmas n a happy 2007!! cheerios :)

what we could have been, 3:26 PM.
Friday, December 22, 2006

it's e annual SIM Bash cum Pagaent again!!!! haha it was held @ MOS dis year....n surprisingly i went?? haha frenz who noe mi well will noe tt mi dad probably won't allow mi to go?? haha but of coz i've got mi own ways to get him to allow mi to go!! hahaha had dinner @ hm 1st b4 meeting yy @ clarke quay mrt @ 7.30pm...we waited for a few more pple b4 walking dere together!!! haha we entered e place @ 8pm n we took a few pics dere while waiting for e pagaent to start!!! more pple came in n i saw a few familiar faces....pagaent started @ nearly 9pm!! dere were alot of pple crowding near e stage...so i didnt bother squeezing to e front to watch e pagaent...juz stood near our table wif stephanie n yy n listened!! haha dere were alot of modelling gg on n oso sum lucky draws b4 e final results were announced!! by den it shld be nearly 11pm i guess?? after tt e dance floor opened n many pple went in to dance!! for mi...i exchanged for a glass of vodka sprite wif e complimentary coupon given n i finished tt glass when e pagaent ended!! james n ken joined us @ our table @ e end of e pagaent...ken n i shared a jug of beer!! haha neville finally found us n stood ard as well....we joked n chatted alot!!! we oso took many pics b4 neville n yy left @ abt 1am!!

ken, james, rebecca n stephanie n i stayed on after dey left!! e 2 guys shared 2 jugs of beer n i oso drank abit fr dem...rebecca pulled stephanie n mi to e dance floor!! haha after dancing for abt 30mins...we went back to e table to rest, drink n dance!! haha ken, stephanie n i left MOS @ 3am!!! we went to e nearby mac to get sum food b4 sharing a cab hm!! i reached hm @ 3.45am n slept @ 4am!! haha...

well it was mi 2nd clubbing experience n mi 1st time to MOS!! haha it was an enjoyable night but i hope 1 day i can go clubbing wif mi frenz nt because it's a school event!! haha e both times when i went were camp bash n bash cum pagaent respectively!! haha anywae really thanx for e committee who helped to make e event a success!! e next event cuming up will be Night Jaunt n i'm part of e committee so hope it'll be a success oso!! haha...

what we could have been, 1:37 PM.
Sunday, December 17, 2006

it has been quite a busy week for mi...nt busy wif school work or anyting but busy wif going out!!! haha well last sat (9/12)...went out wif mi sis in e afternoon for movie n shopping...den dinner wif mi dad n grandma!! on last sun (10/12) afternoon...i met up wif yingying @ orchard!! its been real long since we last saw each other...guess e last time was when we went blading @ east coast wif cheryl?? haha tt was like few mths ago lah!! anywae we moved ard far east b4 hafing lunch dere...den proceeding to other parts of orchard to get e presents tt we need to buy!! haha i reached hm @ 6pm...juz in time for e stars awards!! haha...

moving on to weekdays...SIM-UOL SRC had a christmas mgm on tues (12/12)!! i went hm after lessons b4 gg back to school @ 5pm...i tot i was late as i reached @ abt 5.15pm but e meeting hafnt even start!! when it did...members from various committees went up to either tok abt their upcoming events or told us abt how their event went!! all dese ended @ abt 6.30pm...den it was dinner b4 e exchanging of presents!! haha i got a nice bracelet...really thanx to e person who bought tt present. after tt...mi committee had a small meeting regarding our upcoming "night jaunt" event!! haha cant wait for dis event to take place....

on wed (13/12)...i went out wif cindy, hweesian n dennis for dinner n kbox session!! it was partly to celebrate cindy n dennis's bday!! haha i met cindy @ 6pm @ e bus-stop near mi hse b4 taking bus to amk!! we went to mos burger for dinner which ended @ 7+pm!! after tt we went to e newly-opened kbox to sing...n we sang all e way till 10.45pm!! haha it was mainly dennis n i singing lor...anywae i reached hm @ 11+pm tt night!! n i chat wif clarence on e fone from 1.40am to 3am!!! haha...

dis was how mi past week went...e upcoming week will oso be a pretty busy 1!! haha morever it's e last week of school wif only 3 school days!!! haha i'll tell u how everyting went next wk....cya!!!

what we could have been, 9:53 PM.
Tuesday, December 05, 2006

e slacking week is over...so mi lessons resume as usual n e worst is we still hafta do 2 sociology essays which are killing mi!!! haha n econs seems to be getting tougher after each lect!!! guess i beta buck up b4 i fail mi exams next yr!! *touchwood* haha...

hmm mi mum finally sold her car...for a rather gd price of $41,000!! after tt...i entered her rm n juz jokingly asked her to give mi $1000 to put inside mi bank n let mi slowly spend it!! when she told mi dad abt it...all he did was started his usual grumbling abt how difficult issit to earn $$ n stuff!! argh...i seriously dunno wats his freaking prob!!! nt as thou i'm gonna spend it all @ 1 go rite?? noeing miself...even if i haf alot of $$ in mi bank...i oso wldnt spend it so freely!! i still hafnt gotten over e matter abt he scolding mi for spending $89 on a ripcurl jacket!! tt was paid wif mi own salary yet i oso got scolded by him!! n to tink it was basically e only ting i bought for miself since i started working!!! i really dunno y m i nt allowed to spend $$?? is it a crime or sth?? i'm @ a loss....

alvin n i were msging dis afternoon n he told mi abt he probably nt getting into another relationship anymore!! hmm i advised him to open his heart n give himself a chance to meet e right girl...but he was rather persistent abt his stand!! i ended e conver by saeing we'll meet up 1 day n chat abt dis topic!! but dis set mi tinking abt a qn...issit really tt difficult to walk out of a broken relationship?? in mi whole life so far...i've nt been thru any serious relationship so i really dunno how does it feel!! maybe tts y i cld give advice so easily?? cum to tink of it...how i wish i can experience e ups n downs of a relationship!!! yah how i wish.... :(

what we could have been, 8:14 PM.
Friday, December 01, 2006

2dae's 1st dec 2006...we're finally into e last mth of 2006!! is dis year moving too fast or m i moving too slowly?? 1st jan 06 seemed like it was only ystd...yet now we're in dec alr!!! i muz sae dis year is really a year of mixture of emotions!! i've experienced many ups n downs...like as thou i've never experienced them b4!! year 2006 truely a year of happiness, sadness, dilemma n loneliness!! hope e last mth of dis year will be memorable 1...

had a little quarrel wif mi sis a few days!! it started wif mi telling her on msn tt i feel i need to change mi mp3 coz e size of mi current mp3 is only 256MB...n @ e rate i'm downloading songs...i'll haf to constantly change e songs when i hafnt even heard enuff of dem!! so mi 2nd sis saed she'll get mi 1 new mp3 when i get gd results for mi exams...i got so angry after hearing tt until i scolded her!!! tts wat i dislike of mi eldest sis coz she oso alwaes use dis method to cheat mi!! den recently i changed mi nick to "all i want for christmas is...." n mi 2nd sis asked mi over msn wat i wanted!! i ignored her until e min b4 i went offline den i replied her wif dis statement "wats e point of asking mi tt qn if i can only get e stuff i want after i get gd results??"....

juz overheard e conver btw mi parents n dey were toking abt e price to sell mi mum's car since she cant drive anymore....i used to sae for e past few mths to wait for mi to pass mi driving test but i'm really tired of saeing tt now!! since dey want to sell...dey can juz jolly well do so!! anywae i've got no say in dis house...for now i'll juz do well for mi driving test which will be on 20th dec!! wish mi luck ya....

if i didnt rmb wrongly....i cried twice in mi slp ystd night!! cant really rmb wat was i crying over but i was pretty sure tt i cried!! wonder wat was i crying over..hmm tts very strange!!! anywae gtg...

what we could have been, 11:19 AM.



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