Saturday, May 31, 2008

was out for e whole day.....more den 12hrs!!! haha in e morning, met mi fren on e train @ s'goon stn @ abt 9am...we took e train to newton stn den walked to sheraton towers where mi fren had a walk-in interview for sia pilot!! sheraton towers...e last time i went dere was 5yrs ago when we had our sec4 prom night dere!! as we were dere....memories of e prom night came back into mi mind again!! haha anywae he took e application form n filled it up den entered e rm n wait for it to be processed...i took a sit @ e sofa n listened to mi mp3 while waiting for him!! 10.40pm...he came out n saed he needed to get an eyesight report so we walked to orchard but took e train down to toa payoh instead as e clinics @ tp would be cheaper den dose @ orchard!! we took quite a while to find a clinic....waited for e eyesight report *n he kept boasting abt his perfect eyesight lolx* den went back to sheraton!! tot he'll get his interview dis time....end up he came out again wif a q-no of 91 n was told to be back @ 2pm!! so we walked to orchard again....to find a place to haf lunch!!

he wanted to eat sth economical so we went to e chicken rice stall in far east...where we ate wif eileen n li chen last yr!! after lunch....we walked to paragon as i had to collect sth for mi sis!! den we walked to mrt stn n took e train back to newton...reached sheraton @ abt 1.45pm!! thou he was told to be back by 2pm...but we waited till abt 6+pm den finally gt his turn @ e interview!!! haha he came out of e interview rm @ 6.20pm...he talked abt e process of e interview while we took train to cityhall to meet chookiat!! fr dere...we walked to shaw centre as zhiying, kelven, nicholas n enghow were dere!! as clar was in formal wear...so dey questioned him abt e interview e min dey saw him!! haha we had dinner @ a jap stall in shaw centre!! e guys toked alot abt their upcoming tw trip over dinner...we walked to suntec after dinner!! since dey had nuting to buy fr suntec...we went to raffles city where kelven bought sth fr river island n clar went ard finding his loafers n shirt!! we moved ard a while more b4 clar, chookiat n i took e train back!!! reached hm @ 9.30pm...

what we could have been, 9:46 PM.
Thursday, May 29, 2008

wanted to meet earlier for lunch...like ard 1+pm...but coz we wanted to eat pepper lunch n student meal starts @ 2pm...so we stayed @ hm to do our stuff!! i left hse ard 1.40pm...reached hg mall @ 2.15pm!! he was earlier den mi by a min or so...haha had lunch @ pepper lunch n apparently e regular portion wasn't enuff for him so he bought sum food fr oldchangkee b4 walking hm!!! i went over to his place to slack since he had to leave hse ard 4.30pm for vball trng...we listened to music, looked for jobs in e newspaper n oso looked @ sum of his pics in his com!! he took his shower @ 4+pm...we left his place @ 4.40pm!! we walked to hg stn n took train...reached hm @ abt 5.20pm!!

what we could have been, 5:30 PM.
Wednesday, May 28, 2008

went out wif mi fren again....met him on e train @ abt 5pm...we took train down to cityhall as he gotta collect sth for his aunt from funan!!! we walked to funan, found e shop, collected e stuff den went to look for sth economical n nice to eat!! along e way....we passed by a watch shop n stopped to take a look @ a few watches from CK!! i saw a few tt's quite nice n he saed "ok...ur watch will be from mi!! tell ur frenz dun get watch for u le"!!! lolx...after tt he mentioned abt a jap cafe nearby so we walked to e restaurant!! we walked to stamford house....coincidentally e jap cafe tt he was referring to was e japanese curry restaurant tt i had wif mich n chiekling last wk!!! haha n i even haf a $5 voucher...so we decided to haf our dinner dere!! he ordered e set which i ate last wk n i ordered a steak curry set!! we sat dere fr abt 5.50pm to nearly 7pm....we were given another $5 voucher upon payment!!! *clar, thanx for e treat* haha since we were very full...we walked to dhoby ghaut stn n we took train home!! i dropped by e axs machine opp zhss n helped mi sis to pay a bill....den walked hm fr dere!!! reached hm @ 7.40pm....

what we could have been, 7:52 PM.
Monday, May 26, 2008

finally got to meet mel after so many years!!! haha she went canada 1yr+ ago n she's back now for a 3maths vacation....n we juz had a mini 4e1 gathering 2dae!! haha well met clar on e train at s'goon stn @ 4.30pm...we took train down to bugis n reached @ 5pm!!! met regi n her fren in topshop...went toastbox to sit while waiting for mel....haha we met her outside mac instead!!! she came nt long after....giving us a hug each!!!! hahaha regi's fren left soon after....den we walked to mind cafe!!! we took e 2hrs package n we played board games!! grace came @ ard 6+pm....haha dere was a waiter who took hell long to explain e rules of e games for us!!! he took like 15mins to explain each game to us lah!!! e other guy was beta...he even gave us a 2nd chance @ e lucky draw coz 1st time we got a "thank you, please come again"!! he pretended not to see it n let us threw e dice again....2nd time...we got "2 free drinks" which was cfm beta den e 1st time!! haha we played 4games during e 2hrs, 1st 3games was quite fun...esp e 1st game where we had to rmb each others pet's name!! sumtimes we couldnt rmb e name at all n u'll see 2pple quiet for a moment b4 either of us get e name out!! lolx...we left e place @ ard 7.30pm!!

we stood outside e cafe...tinking where to go next!! grace wanted to go sunshine plaza to buy a mini vacuum cleaner...n mel was telling her nt worth to buy it...shld juz use scotchtape!!! dey argued for quite sum time....n clar, regi n i oso decided to eat 1st!! haha we went to chong qing huo guo...were comparing btw dis shop n e other 1 which dey saed is cheaper!! haha finally decided to enter dis shop...we ate n chat alot!! were dere till nearly 11pm...we went over to shaw to use toilet...den split ways after tt!! clar n i initially planned to take train fr cityhall n e 3 of dem were walking to bus-stop!! but we decided to go dhoby ghaut stn so we turned back n caught up wif regi, mel n grace!! we walked to paradiz centre where e 3 of dem took bus fr dere...clar n i dropped by mac coz he wanted to eat mcflurry!! den we went to dhoby stn...he took wif mi to s'goon stn coz he was gg to collect sth fr his fren n its more convenient to go fr s'goon...i wanted to walk hm but he insisted to send mi hm in e cab 1st b4 gg to his fren's place...reached hm @ abt 11.50pm!!

had great fun 2dae....esp when i'm meeting mi sec4 frenz!!! haha next time...maybe we'll haf a girls' meet-up!!! anywae thanx guys for e wonderful night.....cya all soon!!!!

what we could have been, 11:58 PM.
Saturday, May 24, 2008

watched "Made Of Honour" with mi sis dis afternoon....nice story plot!!! for those who hafnt watched it, it goes like dis...."For Tom (Patrick Dempsey), life is good: he's sexy, successful, has great luck with the ladies, and knows he can always rely on Hannah (Michelle Monaghan), his delightful best friend and the one constant in his life. Its the perfect setup until Hannah goes overseas to Scotland on a six-week business trip and Tom is stunned to realize how empty his life is without her. He resolves that when she gets back, hell ask Hannah to marry him but is floored when he learns that she has become engaged to a handsome and wealthy Scotsman and plans to move overseas. When Hannah asks Tom to be her maid of honor, he reluctantly agrees to fill the role but only so he can attempt to woo Hannah and stop the wedding before its too late." haha is it really e case where 失去了才后悔, 而且才懂得珍惜?? sometimes you don't have to look too far, cos e special person is just beside you --- maybe dis line can be used to represent dis show!! haha

weiting's bday is in nov....but she alr started pressing mi for her present!! she told mi few weeks back tt she wanted a psp...n even thought of gg to pc fair to take a look!! isn't tt abit kiasu?? haha ystd...she asked mi to represent e class to pay for it 1st coz she wanna buy it now!! she saed dere's sum promotion gg on n it'll be cheaper to buy now...didnt agree right away!! delayed till dis morning den finally agreed to pay 1st....an amt of $310!!! anywae she oso mentioned abt mi bday present....she saw fr mi msn nick tt i wanna go to Chao Ge's concert so she saed y dun e class buy a concert tix for mi as bday present?? well dey buy for mi means i gotta go alone....nt worth rite?? n nt tt i wan to compare...wt's present...each person pay abt $23-24. but mi tix is juz $150...1person $14-15?? haha i told her dey can maybe get mi watch/wallet since i wanna change...n she msged mi dis afternoon asking wat watch brand n colour i wan!! aiyo girl arh....relax lah!!! mi bday still 2mths away leh....hafnt even decide where to haf mi party...yet u alr tinking wat present to buy!! thou ur present is even more kua zhang...bought 5mths+ in advance de!! lolx...anywae i'll let u noe wat i wan ok?? haha thanx anywae!!

ooh was in orchard 2dae....passed by ngee ann city @ night n saw tt dere was a i-pop concert gg on!! mi sis n i stood dere to listen to e last 3 artistes....kelly poon, qiang bian yue tuan (a taiwanese boyband), n lastly chao ge!!! e 2songs by kelly poon were nice....but chao ge's voice was e best!!! he sang 5songs....out of which haf mi 2 favs "bei pan" n "my way" which requires 2 diff voices n he did all by himself!!! 2 voices mean a guy's low voice n a lady's high pitch!! his pitch range is really freaking wide n his singing is beyond words!! how i wish can find pple to go to his concert wif mi....haha!!

what we could have been, 11:55 PM.
Friday, May 23, 2008

mi fren n i were toking on msn previously....discussing abt hafing lunch together!! after a while....i left hm @ abt 1.25pm!! i was early...moved ard hg mall while waiting for him!! he came @ abt 2pm....ate @ pepper lunch *juz nice e student meal started @ 2pm*!! haha we sat dere till 2.45pm...i was trying to console him abt a matter but guess i didnt do a good job @ it!! haiz....anywae after lunch....we walked to e church n prayed for a while b4 crossing e bridge to e bus-stop!!! waited quite sum time for e bus....it came @ ard 3.15pm!!! reached mi hse @ 3.40pm but went to trim mi hair.....so i juz got hm!! haha

was planning to meet mi 2 gin na-s (jun n rob) for ice-monster mango ice 2nite but apparently dis plan is postponed again!!! 1 in camp...e other has sch.....wanna meet oso only on wkends!!! haiz when can we meet arh?????? tink we discussed b4 tt we'll meet up in june??? let mi noe soon k??? haha cya....miss both of u alot~~~

what we could have been, 4:25 PM.
Thursday, May 22, 2008

i'm watching e taiwanese drama <<命中注定我爱你>> recently!!! nice show...humourous n there're quite a few morals to learn from the story!! came across a few statements in e show n started pondering over it...

"只要你愿意付出, 幸福就会自己来敲门"
>> 为什么付出了这么多, 却还是得不到任何收获呢??

"人生就像一场赌局, 不可能把把都赢"
>> 可是为什么我一直以来都在输呢??

sometimes i'll wonder y other pple can be so lucky....yet luck just never seems to come to mi?? 我的春天什么时候才会来????

wanna ask....who am i to you???

what we could have been, 3:57 PM.
Wednesday, May 21, 2008

had such a gd slp dis morning!! haha slept @ 1.30am ystd n woke up @ 10+am....slept till cannot slp!!! quite shiok....thou e weather was quite hot lah!! haha after breakfast which was juz a currypuff....went online n started watching a tw ou xiang ju!!! oso toked to mi fren on msn....chiekling msged mi @ abt 12pm....asking if i wanna haf lunch wif her n mich!! haha it's been long since i last met dese 2 gd frens....i agreed n left hse @ 1pm!! set to meet @ 1.30pm @ novena sq...but dey came @ 2pm instead!! while waiting for dem...i moved ard novena sq!! we had lunch @ a japanese curry restaurant!! e food dere's nt bad....a main course wif a drink, choice of soup/salad n a 1scoop ice-cream for $12.90++!! haha go try it if u're dere....kkz enuff of free advertising for e shop!! after lunch....we moved ard for a while b4 xiaomei saed she wanna go hm coz she's very sleepy!! mich n i went over to united square n sat down @ e mc-cafe to chat!!! were dere till abt 5pm...n we separated ways after tt!!

reached hm...read mag, watched show, chat on msn wif mi fren!! haha was toking to clar abt meeting regi for supper...he oso had to go jurong to collect something fr his fren b4 tt...but he was still waiting for e car n his dad's nt back yet!! 9pm...he suddenly saed on msn "i leaving hm alr...u prepare"!!! haha so sudden lah...i changed...finished e last 2mins of e video i was watching den left hse!!! met him @ e atm machine near mi place...he reached a few mins after 9.15pm!! took quite long to find his fren's place...reached dere abt 10pm!! waited for him in e car...he came back 5-10mins later!! den we rushed down to s'goon gardens....reached @ 10.30pm!! regi n her bf were waiting for us...n she was rather pissed wif clar for being late!! haha we sat dere till abt 11.45pm...clar bought sum chicken wings for himself b4 sending mi hm!! reached hm juz b4 12 midnight!! haha

what we could have been, 11:58 PM.
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

exams finally ended!!!! means mi 3-4mths of long break is here!!! lolx....exam supposed to end @ 1pm...but i left @ ard 12.30pm after i was done wif it!! took e bus hm....took out mi notes from mi bag den left hse again @ abt 1.40pm!! took e train to hg...haha yes to meet mi fren again!! quite a last-min decision thou....bought a cup of bubble tea *coz it was freaking hot n i was very thirsty* n walked over to his place!!!

he was in midst of doing a scrapbook for a fren as bday present....since i was sitting on e sofa n watching him so i decided to help him wif it!!! juz basically to cut out alphabets fr mags lah...lolx left his place abt 3+pm to go PS n buy stuff necessary for e scrapbook!!! saw his shanghai pics fr his cam while we were on e train!! had our late lunch dere....moved ard PS a while more but ended up buying nuting!!! in e end we gt all e stuff needed fr hg mall....haha how pek chek can it be??? it's like we wasted our time n money gg down to PS....hoping to get everyting dere but end up buying everying fr hg mall instead!!! haha

after tt....we walked back to his place ard 7+pm!!! i waited downstairs for him while he went up to bring e stuff down!! we touched up on e last few pages of e scrap book....helped him to wrap e scrapbook n 2 other presents tt he gt for his fren....den finally left e place @ 9.45pm!! reached hm @ 10.20pm....

well i noe sum of mi frenz gonna sae y m i so stupid/foolish to help him do a present for his fren...dun ask mi tt coz i dunno how to answer u!! dis's wat friendship is all about bah....helping frenz when they're in need!! haha he saed he'll do a scrapbook for mi as a bday present too....nt sure if he'll really do it in e end but still thanx for hafing dis thought!! haha anywae now it's finally back to mi taiwan shows again!!! got alot of shows to chase ya....haha n oso gotta work which i'm quite lazy to!! =p who cares wat i'm gonna do dis hol...so long as EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!!! *happy*

what we could have been, 11:00 PM.
Wednesday, May 14, 2008

it was raining whole morning....super comfortable to laze ard in bed!! but still gotta wake up to study...sianz!! e rain reminded mi of e pple trapped in e sichuan earthquake!! some pple can escape from it...sum pple can be saved n remain alive...while thousands are lying under e rubble, gone forever!!! this is fate...n we can do nothing but to accept it!! rest in peace...

had movie with meishan juz now...watched "what happens in vegas" in toa payoh!! nice n humourous show....like a statement fr it "I'LL RATHER DO NOTHING AND BE HAPPY THAN TO DO SOMETHING AND BE UNHAPPY ABOUT IT"!!!! haha sum pple should juz learn fr dis statement!! lolx...

had a nice dream last night but i noe its not reality!! pple like to sae "may your dreams cum true"....does it really happen?? or issit just mi dreams tt dont cum true?? if only mi dreams will all cum true...

yes, if only...

what we could have been, 5:31 PM.
Monday, May 12, 2008

met up for dinner wif andrea, meishan n alvin!!! haha alvin....juz met him twice dis yr...last time in mar wif jianqi!! andrea....last yr when i asked her to go wif mi to sentosa to see clar dey all play in beach vball comp!! meishan....since we graduated which was 4yrs ago?? hahaha she MIA-ed for so long...but we finally met up 2dae!!

haha arranged to meet @ 7pm...but andrea, meishan n i were early!!! i was considered e latest amongst e 3 of us...reached @ abt 6.50pm!! haha met dem on 2nd lvl of j8...discussed where to eat n decided on swensens!! haha we entered swensens...took quite sum time wif our orders!! alvin came @ ard 7.05pm!! haha he ordered his main course....we sat dere, ate, joked, talked alot till 8+pm!!! ooh we even had fondue....which made mi tink of hafing steamboat for our mini class gathering in june *N 4E1 PEEPS WHOEVER'S READING MI BLOG....TAKE NOTE OF THIS YA!! DUN TURN MI DOWN WHEN I CALL U GUYS TO CUM*!!!! hahaha anywae after dinner...we went to comics connection!!

stayed quite long dere....cant help....comics is meishan's fav!! lolx andrea bought a comic book...meishan started reading as we walked 1round ard 3rd lvl!! we stopped outside comics connection again....n since she saed it was nice...andrea went in to buy e next few series!! haha after tt...we went down to 1st lvl...stood outside to tok for a while b4 separating ways!! meishan, alvin n i went to bus interchange while andrea walked hm!! reached hm @ ard 9.30pm...

we made an agreement to meet again when andrea finishes e comics...coz meishan wanna borrow e bks to read!! WE MUST MEET YA!!! haha next time will be @ amk....haha really like meeting up wif mi sec4 frenz...alwaes haf endless stuff to tok abt!! anywae cya all real soon....thanx for turning up 2dae!!! n andrea...thanx for e fondue treat!! haha =)

what we could have been, 11:16 PM.
Sunday, May 11, 2008

i've thought it through!! after abt nearly 2weeks of thinking....i've decided not to be sad or depressed anymore!! well even if he n i cant be in a relationship....but we can be better off being friends!!! who says there cant be pure friendship btw a guy n a girl?? here's an example for u....haha previously was all mi misinterpretations n i've learnt mi lesson...now i'll put all those thinking aside n look ahead into e future!!!

money-wise...i noe u all r asking mi to get mi money back!!! i will....but not now!!! i'm nt tt hard-hearted lor....ask him back for money when he doesnt haf enuff to spend for himself!! he himself oso noes tt he owes mi alot of money!! for a start...when i started lending him money...i was alr prepared tt i may nt get e money back!! haha no worries abt it lah...money is 身外物!!! jun says money is very very important....i noe n i will earn it back!! i'll go back to work @ sentosa after exams...n tinking of giving tuition (which is quite a fast way to earn money) as well!! aiyo...nt as thou i lack money to use oso rite??? hahaha~~

hmm bf....i oso wan to find arh!! but its easier said den done leh....haha maybe i hafnt got e fate to meet e special one yet!! pray hard for mi tt i can get a bf ya!!! lolx....

no matter what....thanx to regi, alvin, jianqi, chiekling, n mi 2 gin nas (rob n jun) for their advice thru tt period of time!!! dun worry abt mi...i noe what i'm doing n i'm doing fine!! nothing will change between us....we'll still show concern for each other...go out wif him when he asks mi to etc!! i guess this friendship will last for very long....7yrs le n still gg strong....nt easy sia!! he asked mi last wk "i tink we'll keep in touch for very long??" haha yes we definitely will!! hope dere'll be more 7yrs to cum!! =)

trust mi...I'LL GET BETTER IN TIME!! lolx regi....find dis sentence familiar?? haha hafing dinner wif meishan, andrea n alvin 2ml....cant wait!!! haha juz love mi sec4 frenz...muz meet up more often!! byez...

what we could have been, 11:39 PM.
Friday, May 09, 2008

met him @ mi hse void-deck juz now to tok cock....haha he was waiting for kokhow coz dey were gg for vball trng @ ny!! since kokhow was late...he called mi @ 6.30pm...asking mi to go down n accompany him!! haha i grabbed mi hp n keys...den went down to find him!! we went to e bubble tea shop n he bought a cup to drink....n we walked to mi hse void-deck...sat dere for a while!! den walked to ny sch gate.....chat for sum time yet still didnt cum!! lastly to e resting area in e middle of e carpark....den kokhow finally came @ 7pm!! haha n i went hm for dinner after tt....

haha now i understand y jun will write in her blog "to be easy to manipulate and forever so forgiving....that's so typical of jasmine law"!!!!!! hahaha its like...i'm forever free for mi frenz ya!!! haha anybody call mi out....cfm will agree de!!! lolx....anywae mi fren's gg shanghai wif his parents 2night...hope he'll juz enjoy e trip n try nt to tink abt other stuff!! haha cya 1wk later.....

what we could have been, 7:16 PM.
Wednesday, May 07, 2008

mi fren called mi @ ard 12.40pm asking y wasnt i online....so went online n toked to mi fren!! we discussed abt hafing lunch...over e phone as well!! finally decided to buy shihlin chicken....i took mi time to leave hm (as instructed by him coz he wans more time to slack @ hm) @ 1.45pm...haha slowly walked up to s'goon stn but didnt hafta wait for e train!! reached hg mall @ 2.05pm...gave him a call to see if he's cuming down to meet him!! haha since i was alr dere...told him dun bother to cum down *so waste time lah...go dere ta bao food when i'm alr dere*!! bought 2 shihlin ricebox...walked over to his shops near his hse n bought 2 cups of bubble tea!! 2.35pm...waited outside his hse for him to open e door....but b4 he came...dere were a few residents gg in so i "smuggled in" as well!! hahaha met him as juz i was walking towards his blk...sat @ 1 of e tables beside e pool....ate n chat till 4pm!! tot of dropping by e church to pray n he went along!! after tt...he walked wif mi to e bus-stop n he left when mi bus came!!!

its nearly 2weeks since he came back fr hk....n he's slowly recovering fr e sadness!!! thou he still feels empty @ times....but i'm sure he can walk out of all dese misery, being a better person!! anywae its great seeing u slowly becoming happy as days pass!! hope to see ur actual self again...haha dun give up!!! everybody will be supporting u....cya~~

what we could have been, 5:00 PM.

had a great night chilling out @ gardens juz now!!! haha left hse @ 7pm n walked over....met clar, regi n xb for dinner....arranged to meet @ 7.30pm but dey were nt very punctual!! ok lah....juz late by a few mins!!! haha waited for seats outside chomp chomp but dere weren't any....so we went over to "Happy Daze" for dinner!! regi n i drank abit....shuling joined us dere!! we sat dere....lazed ard, crapped alot n oso watched tv!! haha 9+pm....regi, clar n shuling were hungry so we went over to chomp chomp!! cldnt get seats outside (near e road) but managed to get a table @ e other corner!! toked over chicken wings, fried omelette, stingray n sugarcane drinks!! haha in between, clar mentioned abt his mum working in a very big company n dis shocked regi n sl....apparently both of dem were quite fed-up wif him for nt telling dem abt it!! dey 2 were so ji dong n quite a few pple were looking @ us!! hahaha anywae we were dere till 11pm den decided to move to another place to chill!!

we went to dis dessert shop "Ice-cube"....had crepes which was 50% off on tuesdays!! ooh i met an srjc schoolmate as well....he was working dere n we chat abit!! haha i dun deny....its quite a nice place to chill...esp wif e sofa seats inside *n tts where we sat*!!! lolx were dere till e shop closed @ nearly 1am.....regi fetched us hm!!

2 more days to mi exam (to be exact is 1day left now) n yet i was still hanging ard outside juz now!! n did i mention tt regi was trying to suan mi e whole night abt her exams ending 2dae (on e 6th)??? haha its gonna be back to books n more books 2ml....@ least muz control miself fr watching shows on internet!!! cant wait for exams to be over on 20th!! n we'll prob haf more chilling sessions again...next time wif yisheng joining us?? haha anywae thanx guys for 2night....enjoyed miself!!!! cya all soon again.....byez~~

what we could have been, 1:32 AM.
Monday, May 05, 2008

were toking on e phone previously...tinking whether to go hougang mall n haf lunch or nt!! haha thought for a while n decided to meet dere for lunch!! i changed n left hse ard 2.15pm...reached hg mall @ ard 2.30pm!! moved ard while waiting for him...he came ard 2.45pm!! went down to long john silver n ordered our food....chat as we ate!! after tt...we walked to e bus-stop near his hse!! b4 we reached e bus-stop...we stopped by @ e church to pray for a while!! waited quite long for e bus...finally came @ 4pm!! reached hm @ 4.30pm....

hmm after a wk....mi fren's slowly moving out of e "sad" stage...he feels more of empty now!! tts understandable lah...after all e 3 of dem spent so much time together n did so many stuff together!! i'm sure time can heal all wounds....be patient!! learn your lesson fr dis experience...n grow to be a better person wif dis lesson in mind!! i believe u can get out of all dese misery....jia you!!

what we could have been, 4:30 PM.
Saturday, May 03, 2008

so tired now.....but had quite a fun night juz now!!! haha went for a fren's bday party n oso mi sentosa colleagues bbq gathering!! haha to start of wif....studied almoz e whole afternoon den took a cold shower n left hse @ 5.10pm!! well....we're supposed to give mi fren a bday surprise but eventually it didnt turn up to be one!!! haha initially arranged to meet 5.30pm @ sembawang....but weiting, big carol n i were late!!! when we reached...e guys fr mi class alr went over!!! we took quite a while b4 we managed to find peiyi!! bernard's mum drove us to e hse....cheehao, sengsiong n benjamin were alr eating!! haha we took sum food n sat down @ e same table as e guys!! haha dennis came @ 7+pm...wt, big carol n i left @ ard 8pm!! haha e 2 of dem wanted to go shopping @ vivo while i gotta go for a bbq gathering!! haha dennis fetched us to yishun mrt stn n we separated ways then!!

waited for bus 169 outside e mrt stn...took quite a while before it came!! haha as instructed by other frens who r alr dere...i alighted @ e 3rd stop!! waited @ e side-gate for mi fren to open e gate for mi....rob came over!! haha he brought mi in to e bbq area where i met other sexists *haha it refers to us who are working in sentosa...a short-form tt we call ourselves*!!! haha we ate, drank abit, chat n gossiped alot!! haha nt many pple came....tink total only less den 20 (including dose few who brought their bf/gf along)??? when we actually invited 20-30pple!!! anywae sum of dem left quite early....e rest of us stayed till 10+pm!! we started clearing up @ nearly 11pm....zaw, ash, von n i stayed back for final clear-up of e area n oso brought e stuff back to von's place!!! haha zaw left after tt....ash n von waited wif mi for mi sis to arrive!!! reached hm @ 11.35pm....

haiz after tonight's fun n laughter....its back to e books for mi again!!! cant wait for exams to be over sia....anywae thanx sexists for organising dis bbq gathering!!! i'm sure we'll haf more gatherings to come...haha cant wait for more!!! lolx cya all soon again~~~

what we could have been, 11:45 PM.
Friday, May 02, 2008

went shopping wif mi xiao mei 2dae!!! haha jun wanted to buy slippers so asked mi if i wanna go wif her.....i agreed!! haha we arranged to meet @ 1pm @ somerset mrt....i wanted to be dere early so i cld update mi bankbook @ PS den walk down to somerset!! but last-min...mi aunt came to visit mi mum....so delayed till 12.40pm den left hse!! haha took train down to somerset....for once jun is earlier den mi!!! k lah...nt once....but its very rare for tt to happen!!! haha anywae we went cine to look @ num flip-flops....n went over to heeren tinking tt dey'll haf more sizes dere!! haha but apparently didnt haf e 1 tt jun wanted...so we walked back to cine outlet again!! haha when we were @ cine...e guy told us novena sq outlet has more stocks....esp e ones we want!! so we took bus down to novena sq....as jun didnt haf enuff money in her ez-link!! haha n we finally bought our havaianas slippers....same design but diff colours!! n we got 10% discount coz she showed her sis's np card!! haha since e weather was freaking hot....i brought her to try e mango lingo @ square2!! we sat outside e shop to enjoy dis nice chilling mango lingo!!

haha after tt....we took bus to vivo coz she wanted to get her pay back fr sentosa stn!!! dey've owed her for 5mths le lah....haha typical of sentosa stn!!! when pple owe dem money.....dey'll chase it back like nobody's biz!! but when dey owe pple money....dey'll take a hell long time n still dun return pple!! lolx....we stayed inside ss ofc for a while....since 1 sup was bz @ other stns....we left nt long later!! we walked over to pet safari coz jun wanted to buy sth for her dog!! we oso took a look @ dose cute dogs in e cages....she bought e stuff tt she wanted n we left e shop!!! we went down to e train stn...i took train n she took bus hm!!!

another afternoon out....but @ least i finally bought mi 1st pair of havaianas slippers!!! haha seems like i gotta stay up n study 2ml!! cya guys...will blog again 2ml!!! =)

what we could have been, 5:45 PM.



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