Friday, September 29, 2006

haiz...dunno wats wrong wif mi!!! for e past wk...i've been getting an irritating feeling in mi heart!!! n dis feeling is making mi pretty depressed!!! i dun even noe y haf dis feeling in e 1st place...maybe i shld really juz sit down n think thru e problem!!! sianx...

for e past few nights...yy n i haf been chatting on msn!!! she toked abt her loneliness n how tiring is it to like sum1 yet not getting any response fr e person...n i consoled her!!! but suddenly i felt...i'm probably not in any position to console her coz i'm feeling e same here!!! i cant even help miself...how to help her?? dose qns tt she asked mi...i've oso asked miself b4!!! well i told her mi way of getting thru dis period of time...n tt is do get urself bz so as to forget everyting!!! i did manage to get thru tt period but now i'm feeling e same again....oh man dis's killing mi!!! i alwaes tell miself hafta "shun qi zi ran"...n i'm trying very hard to be natural!! i've been telling miself that love is "ke yu bu ke qiu"...but sometimes i cant help but wish that he's mi bf!! i guess i really haf to juz let go n be natural...that's probably e only ting i can do for now!!!

ps : for anybody who's feeling e same as mi now...juz go n listen to yang cheng ling's "xi guan"!!! dis song is really nice... :)

what we could have been, 11:32 PM.
Saturday, September 23, 2006

juz reached hm after a nice dinner!!! n i truly recommend tt place where i had dinner haha!!!!

well met clarence @ 6pm @ e bus-stop opp mi hse coz we were gg suntec area...we chat n took a few pics on e bus!!! when we reached @ abt 6.50pm...we walked ard suntec, marina sq n esplanade b4 strolling to e fullerton!!! omg...e night scene fr esplanade to fullerton is really nice!!! haha we strolled n took pics along e way...when we reached fullerton...can only sae tt e environment in dere is totally beyong words!! clarence reserved a table @ e courtyard (in fullerton) @ 8pm...so we went in to start on our chocolate buffet!!! we sat dere from 8-10pm...tasting e different types of chocolates and chatting abt many stuff which we'll probably never tok abt when we're wif e rest!!! haha morever e ambience was really great...with pple playing nice music n hafing such good food!!! haha of coz we didnt miss taking pics again!!! after paying for e bill...we took another pic outside b4 leaving fullerton!!! we strolled back to esplanade where a grp of guys were singing acapella songs!!! juz nice...dey were abt to start singing wang li hong's "kiss goodbye"!!! their singing was real good...everybody juz sat/stood dere n enjoying their singing!!! haha after e song ended...we continued walking back to e mrt station!!! i reached hm @ 11.20pm....

thou it was a simple dinner...but with good food, good music, good ambience and good company (=P)...i shld sae it was a great night!!! haha well...b4 e promotion ends...hope we can go again!!! dun forget we've not tried e soup leh!!! haha anywae thanx 4 making e night wonderful...take care n cya soon~~ :)

what we could have been, 11:50 PM.

juz reached home after a mini gathering @ alex's hse!!! haha n we all enjoyed ourselves.

well were supposed to meet @ 5.30 @ orchard mrt but apparently a few were late!!! i was e 1st to reach since i came from school...ryan reached slightly earlier den 5.30pm n james was on time!! haha in e end...jean n her bf caleb, james, ryan, herry, wayne, alex, kenny n i went for dinner @ taka ajisen!!! kenny went off after we bought sum soft drinks @ cold storage. den jean n her bf went off as dey were gg dere by bike while e rest of us took bus!!! we reached his hse @ 7.45pm!! after sitting ard n saw many pics fr his com...we took 3 bottles of liquor which were all half-full fr his rm to e living rm!! haha ryan showed mi sum magic tricks while a few of dem played daidi!!! haha after tt we played many grp games n e loser will hafta do forfeit which is to drink half a glass of vodka mix or tequila mix!! mi frenz oso set a rule that dose who didnt get any forfeit for e past 10mins hafta drink 1 glass!! haha initially i didnt lose any of e games so i ended up drinking a few glasses which were full!! haha maybe because i drank abit too much @ e start...so i started losing sum games n thus had to drink half a glass!! haha playing dose games when everybody were slowly getting high is really farnie lah!!! haha oh yah...ken joined us @ 9pm!!! wayne helped james n i drink a few glasses for forfeit...jean cldnt take it anymore @ abt 10+!!! so her bf brought her back @ 11+...herry left wif dem!!! e rest of us stayed till 12am!!! haha wayne was totally drunk n was slping on e sofa when we were toking!! in e end...he asked alex to let him slp in e guest room!!! haha james sent mi back hm after tt...

thou all of us were quite high after e drinking session...but @ least we enjoyed ourselves!! haha hope can haf such gathering again... :)

what we could have been, 12:20 AM.
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

heard a very terrible news dis morning!!! mi mum's eldest sister called mi @ 6.30am (sg time) telling mi tt mi uncle (uncle eddie) in melbourne has passed away in e morning!! initially i tot y she called mi so early...but i was totally stunned when she told mi tt devastating news n it definitely woke mi up!!! after i hung up e call wif her n tried to go back to slp (supposed to wake up @ 7am)...but i simply cant!!! i cried abit while tinking abt e days when uncle eddie brought us ard to haf good food in mel n e days when we chat wif him!! haiz everyting's over alr!!! i've lost a uncle whom i'm quite close with...thou we're staying in different countries but he's alwaes very happy when any of us go over!!! *sob sob* all's gone....e days wif him ard r gone!!!! after tt i still went to school as usual but was simply nt in e mood to study...still cldnt get over e news!!! it all came so suddenly...

it really didnt cum to mi mind that uncle eddie will go so soon...i still tot he'll be able to pull thru till his son's graduation which will take place dis year end!!! but sadly...he didnt!! wonder how auntie lisa n his son are taking dis piece of news!! haiz...all's fated!! he has been brought back to the home of Lord where he wldnt haf to suffer anymore illness!!! everyting will be very peaceful for him from now on...

Uncle Eddie, i'm so sorrie that i didnt go over to visit u when ur condition was fluctuating badly dis year. The last time i went over with mi mum was in december 2005!! I remember you wanted me to help u download a list of songs n some of e songs r really not easy to find, that's why i took so long with it. Hope u dun blame mi for this...i will find time to go over mel to visit auntie lisa next year after mi 1st yr exams and i'll bring along e cd with all e songs you want. Meanwhile, pls bless your family, ur siblings, mi mum n everybody who loves n misses u!!! Farewell, uncle eddie. Rest in peace.

what we could have been, 3:35 PM.
Friday, September 15, 2006

had quite a long day today...wif many events gg on!!! haha well started off wif morning lecture (as usual) den went to e SRC booth @ e atrium after lect ended!! because meishan got into e SIM superstar duet finals...so many of mi og mates r gg down to support her!!! we arranged to meet @ 12pm @ e atrium lift...but coz many pple were late so we might as well meet in e middle of e atrium, where we were getting good positions to watch e finals!!! dere were many performances b4 e finals started...n i muz sae tt e 6pairs who got into e finals were quite good ya!!! haha after all e singing came e voting time!!! dere were only 40votes available...n all were given out by e time we squeezed our way thru to e stage!!! haiz...nt tt we dun wan to vote...but we were probably too slow in getting e votes!! after tt...sum of mi og mates went off for lessons or meetings while e rest of us stayed on to play sum games n waited for e results!!! in e end...meishan tt duet got consolation prize!!! we continued staying @ e atrium until abt 2+ when we then proceeded to foodcourt for lunch!!! i left for mi tutorial class @ 2.50pm!!

after tutorial...i went back to atrium coz i wanted to get e contacts of sum stalls which were set up dere!!! i needed dose contacts for SIM41 carnival!!! after i got dose...i went off to united square to get a present for mi little nephew as today is mi nephew's 1yr bday!!! haha not only did i scout for a present...i was oso looking for potential vendors whom i could ask for their contacts!! haha dis job really isn't easy lah...i moved on to toa payoh to look for more vendors!!! of coz i've been rejected on e spot...while a few happily gave their contacts n saed dey were interested to join!! haha @ 6.30pm...i boarded e bus coz mi nephew's bday celebration is @ 7pm!!

e bus journey to serangoon gardens wasn't very long...abt 20mins or so!!! but it took mi quite a while to find e venue!! haha nevertheless..i was still 1 of e earliest to reach!! haha it was quite innovative of mi cousin to use powerpoint slides to show e pics which dey took of his son over e past 1yr...haha i sat down n looked @ e slides while waiting 4 e other relatives to arrive!! as time passed by...mi relatives began to reach n dinner started!! e host (mi cousin) gave mi a glass of beer to drink!! haha we chat n played wif mi fellow nieces n nephews!!! of coz we oso didnt miss toking abt uncle eddie's condition n mi mum's situation!! hmm i left e restaurant @ 9+!!!

overall e dinner was quite nice...n dey oso showed a pic of mi carrying e baby on mi lap in 1 of e slides!!! haha...hope can haf more of such dinner next time!! cya guys...

what we could have been, 11:33 PM.
Saturday, September 09, 2006

can u believe it?? i actually registered for Project Superstar 2006!!! haha of coz i did it juz for fun...noeing tt i cant possibly enter!!! hmm dis morning i woke up @ 7am coz dennis is driving mi to toa payoh hdb hub!!! he reached mi hse @ 7.30am n we arrived @ toa payoh @ 7.50am!!! by then...dere was alr a queue!!! haha how kaisu singaporeans can be...anywae dennis left @ 9.15am so i chat wif pple queuing ard mi!! haha we chat under e hot sun till 10+ which was when dey gave out e number sticker!!! mi no is 4230!!!! haha a pity i didnt take a pic wif tt sticker....anywae we were told to go back n queue by 12pm so we separated ways!!! i moved ard hdb hub n oso stood ard to listen to e emcee-s on stage!!! dey were asking sum contestants up to sing...well sum were ok while sum were pretty off-tune!!! haha 1 girl actually chose old songs as her choice!!! haha so lame lah...anywae i went back to e barricade area @ nearly 12pm...but stood outside e barricades waiting for other frenz whom i juz met in e morning!! we went in together n chat while waiting for all e procedures to be over!!! i muz sae...joining such competitions nt only boost ur courage...it oso tests ur patience!!! haha seriously lah...all e waiting under e hot sun is really killing!!! anywae by e time we got to e waiting area...it was alr 4+pm!!! can u believe it....we queue for nearly 8hrs juz for tt 10secs in e audition room!!! haha mi audition ended @ 5pm (at last)!!! haha after tt i went hm w/o bothering much abt e result of e audition coz i'm simply too tired haha!!! but it was quite an experience after all...

back to reality...SIM41 committee had a meeting ystd to discuss abt e vendors we're getting for e carnival!!! we were supposed to meet @ 1pm but by e time majority of e pple arrived...it was alr near 2pm!!! we had lunch @ cafe cartel...n oso had our discussion dere!!! everyting ended by 4+pm...sum of us went off while e rest of us walked along orchard to look @ sum potential vendors whom we can ask!! haha jacintha n i left @ 6.30pm!!

what we could have been, 11:24 PM.
Saturday, September 02, 2006

juz came back from SRC welfare dept's gathering...haha dis bbq was held @ punggol park!!! mi grp (main organisers of SIM41) was supposed to meet @ hougang mrt @ 3.15pm but apparently everybody were late!!! haha by e time we left hougang mrt n proceed to punggol park....it was alr 4pm n only byron, joshua, jacintha, joween n i were dere!! haha i only mentioned names of e pple fr mi grp...many pple fr e other grps haf arrived @ punggol park so we started playing sum games as e guys started fire!! haha we played a few games n i feel dey really helped us in knowing each other!!! haha @ least e games helped mi in remembering e names of mi fellow welfarians!! haha by e end of games session...it was alr nearly 7pm n sum food were alr ready for consumption!!! haha we started eating...of coz we didnt miss e chance to haf an im-promptu meeting n oso bond amg ourselves!!! so mi grp isolated ourselves half e time...haha hafing gossiping sessions n played sum games!!! jacintha n joshua left @ 8pm...e rest of us left @ ard 10pm for supper @ a nearby kopitiam!! sum other pple fr other grps joined us...n we played "zhong ji mi ma" in order to help hweengee to finish e food!!! haha luckily i didnt ganna anyting...anywae we left e place @ abt 10.40pm!! byron, hweengee n i took e nel line but byron was wif gf so hweengee n i didnt interrupt him!!! i reached hm @ abt 11+pm....

well thou e bbq got mi all smoky n sweaty...but i guess dis bbq really helped in bonding us wif our grp n other welfarians!!! hope to haf more of such gatherings in future...but for now tink we hafta start cracking our head for dis SIM41 carnival!!! wish us luck guys...cyaz~~

what we could have been, 11:53 PM.



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