Sunday, July 29, 2007

woo...juz came back fr work!!! quite tired...but i didnt do e whole shift (as in full 8.5hrs) 2dae!!! haha only worked fr 6pm t0 10pm...went movie wif him b4 work!! haha mi shift was supposed to start @ 1.30pm...but i was still chatting on msn b4 1pm!! @ tt time...he toked to mi asking if i hafta go work coz he wants mi to accompany him to study!! haha i told him to tell mi nt to go to work...den i'll go wif him!! n he really saed tt....haha so i called mi ofc saeing i've sth urgent fr 1.30pm n can only make it to work @ 6pm!! hahaha i met him in e train @ 1.45pm...we went to PS since he feels like watching Harry Potter n he even checked out e movie showtimes!!! haha but he wants to study as well...so we were basically choosing btw movie n studying while on e train!!! upon reaching PS @ abt 2pm....we went GV n decided to get tix for 3pm show!! den we went to mos burger to study till 2.50pm!!! we bought a nachos combo to share in e cinema!!! coz it was raining in e day....it seemed exceptionally cold when we entered e cinema!! but he brought his jacket n i didnt...so was basically shivering thru whole show!!! haha thou nt a fan of HP but i dun deny e show is nice!! it ended @ ard 5.30pm....den he went off to meet his fren while i rushed to work!! haha i still managed to reach vivo @ ard 5.50pm!!

haha work was as usual lor....but time seemed to pass quite fast lah!! haha maybe coz i only worked 4hrs...helped to clear SOS (Songs of e Sea) crowd!!! den i left wif amelina coz she asked to leave early!! haha reached hm @ nearly 11pm....e worst is i'm doing 6.15am shift 2ml!!! haha gtg.....

what we could have been, 11:42 PM.
Saturday, July 21, 2007

got e chance to enter sentosa again....after 2mths++??? haha e last time i went in was wif mi sim tut mates after our exams!! dis time i went in to watch a vball comp "Spike 07" organised by new urban male!! haha for e past few days when i met up wif him...we were alwaes toking abt dis n he kept asking if i'm gg....he oso told mi nt to go n watch if i cant find anybody to go wif mi!! haha but i managed to get mi og frenz to go wif mi!! haha met yy @ 8.10am @ harbourfront mrt...i treated her to breakfast @ vivo kopitiam den we took e monorail in @ 9+am!! haha its strange to see mi frenz working on tt day while i'm enjoying mi off-day...many of mi frenz were like "jas...nt working 2dae arh?? wat e hell!!!".....so farnie!!! we alighted @ beach stn n bought sum snacks fr 7-11 b4 taking e bus to palawan beach!! fr dere...we walked to tanjong beach where e comp was held....it took us quite sum time to find mi frenz!! haha after i saw dem...yy n i settled down @ a corner of a small shelter while waiting for nev to cum n for mi frenz to play their 1st match!! nev finally came @ 11+am!!! we sat for a while b4 sending her back to beach stn as she had to work @ 1.30pm. haha dey kept saeing y mi frenz were so dao to mi....we're noe each other but dey didnt even bother to sae anyting when dey walked pass mi a few times!!! hahaha anywae nev n i came back n sat @ our usual spot for e rest of e time...watching e few matches tt mi frenz played in n other random matches....chat n joked abt many stuff n ate e snacks tt we bought!!! haha clarence came over n tok to mi for a while....coz i had to meet mi sis for movie @ 3.45pm...we left e place @ 3.10pm!! when we left...mi fren's team were alr in top8!! haha after reaching vivo stn...i went in e ofc to check mi shift for 2ml den rushed to cine to meet mi sis!!!

haha e movie we watched was "knocked up"....its an M18 show wif quite a few RA scenes n e actors/actresses saed vulgarities like nobody's biz!!! hahaha overall quite a nice show....n i was quite surprised tt i didnt even close mi eyes thru'out e whole show!!! haha after tt we went for dinner...nt a proper meal but juz walked along e food festival in taka basement n bought wateva we wanted to eat!!! haha @ abt 9+pm....we walked to e bus-stop n took e bus hm!!

thou tired after a whole day's activities...but was quite happy tt i cld watch dem play vball 2dae!! thanx to nev n yy for making e effort to accompany mi 2dae....truely appreciate tt!!! dey didnt make it to e finals in e end...but i tink dey played well!! e end of 2dae marks e end of mi 5days break....haha its back to work again 2ml n i doubt will get an off-day so soon!! but since its mi 2nd last wk of work....so will juz perservere thru!!! haha cya all~~~

what we could have been, 11:07 PM.
Friday, July 20, 2007

well...received a call fr him @ nearly 4pm...saeing if wanna meet up to accompany him to eat n study!! haha he was @ boonlay tt time so we arranged to meet @ abt 5pm @ amk!! apparently we reached @ e same time...but since i was @ interchange n he was @ mrt stn...so i waited for him while he walked over fr e stn!! since he hasnt had anyting fr morning till now...we decided to look for a place where we can eat den study after tt!!! we entered mos burger...sat down for less den 1min n walked out of e place coz we felt like eating mac fries!!! hahaha we went over to mac n looked for a table to put our bags...b4 buying our food!!! he bought a meal while i juz bought a cup of ice-milo!!! since both of us like to eat mac fries...tt pathetic 1pkt wasnt enuff...n we bought 1pkt each after tt!! haha in e end...we kept eating e fries until he didnt even finish his burger!!!! haha we toked abt watching movie coz he hafnt watch harry potter...n oso toked abt studying @ mac since tt was our initial aim!!! but after finishing e 3pkts of fries...we left e place n went to amk hub!! hahaha we moved ard for a while b4 deciding to juz go hm since he was quite tired....i took bus 136 wif him n alighted 1st!! reached hm @ ard 6.20pm....

what we could have been, 6:33 PM.
Thursday, July 19, 2007

well...sent lunch over to his hse again 2dae!!!! haha we chat on msn @ 11.30am....n we toked abt hafing lunch together!!! but since he was quite lazy to go out....as usual...i bought lunch for him!!! haha left hse @ abt 12.10pm....reached hg mall...bought sum stuff fr shilin snacks den walked over!! haha reached his place @ abt 12.55pm....we ate, chat, studied (tts for him only haha), read magazine b4 gg up to his place coz he had sum stuff to settle!!! haha back dere...i was flipping thru sum newspaper in e living rm when he asked mi sth so i entered his rm. after tt...we watched sum vball vidoes on youtube den listened to music while he went to bath!!! haha we left his hse @ ard 4.15pm after helping him wif his laundry!!! he had to reach paya lebar mrt by 4.30pm but we cldnt even get a cab by 4.20pm!!! haha well...he paid for e taxi trip!!! his fren arrived a few mins b4 we reached....den i walked to e bus-stop to take bus back n he went off wif his fren!!!! haha i reached hm @ ard 5+pm....

what we could have been, 5:27 PM.
Tuesday, July 17, 2007

2dae's e start of mi 5days off fr work....haha initially applied leave to join in sim-uol foc as ogl but backed out last min!! n oso lazy to resume work so might as well juz stay @ hm n slack....haha woke up @ 10am dis morning!! had breakfast n watched videos on internet....den he called mi @ abt 11.15am....saeing tt he feel like eating waffle so we arranged to meet @ 12pm @ hg mall (same place again haha)!! juz as i was abt to leave hm @ 11.40am..he called again to sae he's quite sian of walking n asked mi to buy food to his place!!! haha tt was nt e end of his decision thou....when i was waiting for train @ s'goon mrt...he called mi for e 3rd time saeing he wants to eat waffle again!!! haha he can nv haf a fixed decision on sth lah...maybe except for vball!!! haha anywae i met him in hg mall @ abt 12.15pm....stood outside gelare cafe n were waiting to place our orders...but he saed "or u wan to eat cafe cartel??"....den we moved to CC instead!!!! haha tink e waiter see us move to CC oso sian alr. @ cafe cartel...i ordered a plate of pork chop n he gt a plate of banana crepes!! hmm same lor...we chat, suaned n oso shared our food coz he saed e pork chop was nicer after trying 1 piece!! haha we sat dere till abt 1.45pm den left e place n slowly walked back to his hse...we bought bubble tea along e way!!

back @ his hse...i waited @ e table behind his blk while he went hm to take his books downstairs!! haha i accompanied him to study fr 2+ till 6+pm!! @ abt 3.50pm...after he woke up fr a short nap...i went to buy sum food so as to keep both of us awake!! haha i had waffle n he had waffle n strudel!!! he continued studying after tt tea-break....haha when his father finally came back @ 6+...he went up to change for his vball match while i waited for him!! den he drove mi to e bus-stop outside hg primary n he rushed off for his match @ smu!! haha i reached hm @ 7.30pm....

what we could have been, 8:04 PM.
Thursday, July 12, 2007

hmm our supper timings seem to be earlier each time!! haha dis time...he called mi @ 10+pm...to go out for supper!! he reached mi blk @ abt 10.50pm....we went to s'goon gardens (again!!!) to buy mac n bbq chicken wings fr chomp chomp!!! haha he sat in e car while i went out to buy for him....n e bbq chicken wings smelled so nice lah!!!!! haha i wanted to buy a few for miself but i juz finished a plate of honey dew b4 leaving hm!!!! haiz...nvm lah...can alwaes wait till e next time!!! anywae supper is nt good for health...unlike him who can still maintain his figure after all e supper meals!!!! haha anywae he sent mi hm after tt n i reached hm @ abt 11.15pm....

what we could have been, 11:22 PM.
Wednesday, July 11, 2007

dis week definintely has been an unlucky 1 for mi fren...1stly he 2phones were nt working n i had to lend him 1 of mi phone (refer to previous blog entry)!! dis was nt e end....he called mi @ 11+am dis afternoon saeing tt he lost his phone on a cab while gg hm a while ago....wah lao really dunno wat to sae leh!!! i told him tt i'll lend him mi mum's phone since she doesnt need it n mi dad has 1phone himself!! after tt he went out wif his fren n became uncontactable!! haha

he called mi @ 10+pm after he reached hm...and asked if i wan to go out n buy supper wif him!! he came n fetch mi @ abt 11+pm...we went to s'goon gardens mac but was closed so we went to s'goon central mac instead!! haha he stayed in e car while i helped him to buy fries. den he sent mi hm after tt short car-ride....

haha hope mi fren's unluckiness can stop here....2days ago was "haf card no phone"...now is "haf phone no card"!! anywae now tt i've lent him mi mum's phone n he's getting back his sim-card within dese few days...everyting shld be resuming back to normal again!! haha eh fren...take care of dis phone ya!!! n dun lose it again!!!! hahaha....

what we could have been, 11:57 PM.
Tuesday, July 10, 2007

2dae's a continuation of ystd's story!!!! hahaha no lah....he called mi after he woke up in e morning....den we changed to chat on msn!! he told mi he'll be studying downstairs....n that i can join him if i wan!! so i left hm @ 2+...went hg mall to get sum snacks fr shilin n 2cups of bubble tea...b4 proceeding to his place!! haha i called him when i reached @ 3.20pm...n he came out to e bus-stop to bring mi in!! haha we had our lunch...drank our bubble tea n chat alot as well!! of coz e main aim was for him to study while i read mi mag!! haha we stayed downstairs till abt 5+pm...den went up to his hse coz he wanted to shower b4 gg out!! after his shower n prepared everyting tt he needed to bring out....we strolled to hg bus interchange where we took bus 107. i took e bus wif him n alighted @ e bus-stop outside serangoon mrt!! of coz...we didnt miss out on our usual suaning wif each other!! hahaha i reached hm @ abt 6.45pm....

what we could have been, 6:56 PM.
Monday, July 09, 2007

took leave to go back school for sum orientation stuff....but it was a total waste of time!!!! haha of coz e orientation was nt for mi....i was joined as ogl!!! when we were in e hall @ 12+pm for sum cca talk to e freshies....he called mi n asked if i was @ hm to lend him a phone!!! he saed he didnt haf any phones to use coz his nokia spoiled n his samsung didnt haf batt (didnt haf charger @ hm either)...how sian can tt be?? haha haf sim-card but no phone to use...he wanted to borrow mi old samsung phone but nt sure if its still usable!! after much discussion...i decided to leave e hall early (halfway thru e talk) n took a cab hm to take e old phone!! den i took a cab down to his place n waited for him @ e bus-stop outside his hse!!! he came out n fetch mi...n he told mi sth tt happened in e morning. he drove his dad's car to NSC dis morning but forgot to take his wallet out when his father took over e car!! so he was basically sum1 who had no $$ n didnt haf any identification wif him for e rest of e day...hahaha how suay can he be??? it took us quite sum time b4 we finally got back to his hse (1st time to his hse thou haha)....we tried out mi old phone but didnt seem to work!! i tot for very long b4 deciding to lend him mi current samsung phone (considering tt's 1 of mi precious belonging) haha....so he changed his sim-card into mi phone den went to shower while i waited for him!!

after his shower...we discussed abt wat to do since he didnt haf his wallet n he needed sum $$ n an ez-link!! i lent him sum $$ n we tot of getting an ez-link @ e mrt stn later!! @ abt 3.10pm....we walked to e 74 bus-stop coz he was meeting his fren tt evening. i took e bus wif him to amk n accompanied him to buy his ez-link b4 separating ways!! i reached hm @ abt 4+pm....

dunno if shld sae he careless or unlucky....but hope he can haf beta luck fr now on!! hahaha anywae take gd care of mi precious samsung cam phone ya!!! haha maybe cya 2ml....

what we could have been, 4:25 PM.
Wednesday, July 04, 2007

thou we went out in e afternoon for lunch @ cartel....n he oso had dinner juz now....but he was still hungry for supper!! haha i'm referring to mi fren lah!! he msn-ed mi juz now @ 11+pm saeing he was hungry n asked if i wan to go wif him to buy supper...i agreed n he left hse soon after tt!!! he drove to mi place but i went down early....so i waited for him who reached @ abt 11.55pm!! we went to serangoon gardens where he bought prata n a bowl of soya bean to take hm!! since i was doing 6.15am shift 2ml (or shld i sae later)....i oso bought a bowl of soya bean to take as breakfast!! den he sent mi hm n i reached @ abt 12.20am.....

well dis's e 1st time i sat in his car ever since he passed in may....quite cool actually!! haha i noe i'm greedy...but i oso wan to see him drive n wear his shades when we go out in e day!! but tts abit hard coz his dad will need e car moz of e time....tts y he can only use e car @ night!! haha anywae thanx ya....hope we'll haf more supper nights to cum!! haha mi shift is @ 6.15am later which means i hafta wake up @ 4.50am so i beta go to bed now!! cya guys...

what we could have been, 12:34 AM.
Tuesday, July 03, 2007

weekly meet-up wif mi fren!!! haha called mi after he woke up....asking if i wan to follow him to his camp in jurong in e evening!! i saed ok...so we set to meet @ 2pm @ yck mrt stn coz he had to go back to another camp in yck tt afternoon. juz as i reached punctually @ 2...he msged mi saeing he'll be late coz he hafnt finish his stuff!! so i juz waited dere....n unknowingly....i waited for him till 3.15pm!!! hahaha he finally came n we took quite sum time to decide on wat to eat coz he hafnt had breakfast n lunch...yet he was broke!!! we took e bus to hougang n decided to go cafe cartel!!! 2 of us shared a seafood combo (which was meant for 3pple)...an oreo milkshake...a cool drink n a oreo ice-cream!!! haha we finished everyting except for e ice-cream!! can u imagine how much we ate for tt 1hr+??? haha we left e place @ 5.30pm coz we'll get a student discount of 30% if we leave b4 tt time!!! after which....we slowly walked back to e usual bus-stop where i'll alwaes take e bus!!! n i reached hm @ 6+pm....haha

what we could have been, 6:52 PM.



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