Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Piggy New Year!!! haha dis cny has been rather common...no change fr last yr!! e only change is probably abt mi mum!! because of her condition...she cant go ard to mi relatives' place to bai nian!! anywae on 1st day of cny (chu yi)...i went to mi grandma's place n mi aunt's (dad's sis) place in e day n mi dad's frens' place in e evening!! b4 gg to mi dad's frens' place...we brought mi mum to her sis's hse for e annual chu yi dinner!! on chu er...went over to both of mi uncles' (mum's bros) for lunch n dinner respectively!! haha it was a really cute scene to see all mi nieces n nephews again!!

haha @ mi uncle's place for dinner juz now...a lame ting happened!! coz mi mum n i went late...so e rest of mi relatives alr had their dinner n were either watching tv or toking to mi mum!! i took a plate of food n sat on e sofa...1 of mi nephew was sitting together wif mi!! cant rmb for wat reason...i left e sofa a while later n when i went back...e seat was taken up!! mi nephew was nt sitting on e sofa either...so his mum asked him to go back to e sofa but he rejected!! he gave e reason saeing "tt's aunty jasmine's seat!!!" mi 1st reaction was like "omg...wat did he juz call mi???"...haha made mi seem so old lah!!! upon saeing tt...a few of mi cousins who were dere started suaning mi...haha really "thanx" to tt dear nephew arh!!! lol we stayed until nearly 10pm b4 leaving e place....

dis cny is no diff fr other years...i still enjoy e collection of angbaos n e eating of snacks!! haha but 1 ting tt is diff is tt i'm supposed to start studying for e upcoming mock exams...but obviously i hafnt done so!!! really really muz start le...but can sum1 give mi e motivation?? haha anywae all UOL students....gambatte!!!! we muz get thru our mock n final exams....jiayou!!!!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

its been a busy day for mi!! started off e day by running errands for mi dad...went to s'goon central to settle sum stuff...moved ard e bank, post office n supermarket!! finally reached hm @ ard 1.05pm!! juz as i changed n turned on e com...clarence called mi asking if i cld meet him in central as he wanted to return mi e digital cam!! haha i jokingly asked y didnt he call 3mins ago...@ least b4 i stepped into e hse...now i had to change again n walk back to central!! haha nevertheless...we arranged to meet outside mac @ 1.30pm!! i was early so i waited for him.

he came a while later....we entered mac as he showed mi his driving test score sheet!! haha he told mi abt his test...n i oso looked @ e pics he took wif mi cam!! we sat in mac till abt 1.50pm b4 deciding to get bubble tea...i bought 1 cup n he bought for zy!! initially i walked wif him to e bus-stop as he was gg to zy's place...but he had to get newpaper so we entered 7-11 @ s'goon central. apparently dey didnt haf any so i brought him to e stationery shop to look for it...but still dun haf!! in e end...we walked back to e 7-11 near mi hse n bought newpaper fr dere!! he oso got a cup of bubble tea fr e shop near mi block!! after getting all tt he wanted...we walked to e bus-stop to get a cab!! we waited for very long but didnt haf any!! haiz dis's alwaes e case lah...when we need a cab...dere isn't any for u!! but when u dun need it...dere's plenty of cabs waiting for passengers!! haha so irritating lah...anywae juz as we were abt to cut thru sum blocks to get to 156 bus-stop...a cab juz came out so he gt on e cab!! haha tt was lucky of him...afterall we waited quite long for it!! after tt...i went hm again!! it was 2.30pm by den...

as i still had sum more stuff to buy for cny...i left hse @ ard 4.30pm n went to orchard!! it felt kinda weird shopping ard miself but who cares?? haha i knew wat i wanted to buy anywae!! haha by e time i got all e stuff i wanted...it was alr 7+pm!! haha thou tired after a long day...but i'm glad i got e tings i wanted to use for chinese new year!! haha here's wishing mi frenz a happy piggy year!!! enjoy all e angbao collection n all e gd snacks!! lol~~

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day peeps!!!! haha for mi...its a Singles' Day!!! didnt do anyting much 2dae...went to school as normal for lessons n stuff!! normally 1 school day will consist of 1 lecture n 1 tutorial class...but 2dae i went for 2tutorials!! i juz wanted to clear all mi tutorial lessons by 2dae so i didnt haf to go school fr 2ml onwards!! haha supposed to go for 3 tutorial class but i skipped 1 of dem n got mi tutorial mate to sign for mi!! mi classes finally ended @ 3pm...a few of mi tutorial mates n i went to student lounge n 2 of dem were were studying econs while e rest of us were chatting n listening to music!! e grp of us who were chatting decided to go for lunch @ 3.30pm so we went to megabites!! we were dere till abt 4.15pm...we walked back to student lounge n i left school @ ard 4.30pm!! haha...

a rather simple day but i enjoyed e company of mi frenz!! haha thanx peeps....for not letting mi valentine's day be a lonely occasion dis year!! :)

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

feeling super tired!!! it has been a long day....slept @ 2am ystd nite n had to wake up @ 6.30am coz mi dad told mi to bring mi mum for her hospital appointment!! we reached ttsh @ 8+am...it was 10.30am by e time we were done wif both her appts!! after which...we waited outside e foodcourt while waiting for mi dad to pick us up!! he reached @ 11.45am n sent mi to school 1st b4 bringing mi mum home!! i reached school @ abt 12.10pm...

upon reaching...i looked for mi tutorial mates to copy econs hmwk!! haha after tt...we went for our econs tutorial!! e 1hr lesson passed quite fast...b4 we left e class @ 1.30pm...debby n i hugged each other as we may nt haf a chance to sit in e same tutorial class again (thou we'll still see in lect)!! haha a few of us went for lunch after lesson....den xiaomei (chiekling) went home to put her bag while e rest of us went to discussion room to study!! well..actually yunxian n i were waiting for her call as e 3 of us were gg to orchard to shop!! haha xiaomei msged mi @ nearly 3pm den yx n i went off to meet her!! we reached orchard @ abt 3.30+pm n met her @ orchard mrt....

xiaomei reached nt long after...den we walked to far east n started shopping!! haha we were dere for abt 1hr+....xiaomei didnt buy anyting fr dere but yx bought a blouse!! we proceeded to wisma @ abt 5pm....we entered S&K since e clothes were nice n cheap!! each of us took 2blouses to try (3 of us took a same blouse but diff size to try)...in e end yx n i bought tt blouse which all of us decided to get n xiaomei got an additional blouse!! haha we even joked abt wearing tt same blouse to school e next day...haha n everybody will be rather shocked to see 3 of us wearing e same 1!!! haha after tt...we walked ard wisma n taka b4 deciding to move ard heeren. yx left 1st as she had to go off for dinner. haha we went to heeren n cineleisure but didnt buy anyting...as 2ml is valentine's day....we joked abt getting each other a present!! haha of coz in e end we didnt do so lah...we were juz looking @ e flowers n e diff gifts!! haha it was 6+pm by den...we walked back to orchard mrt while i went to e bus-stop to take a bus hm!! i reached hm @ 7.30pm...

thou i'm super sleepy now n mi legs definitely need a gd rest....but i truely enjoyed e shopping we had 2dae!! haha hope can haf another chance to go out wif mi tutorial mates again!! but i guess we'll hafta wait till after mock exam?? haha anywae we've alr planned to go sentosa after our mock end!! haha for now...e foreign students r gg back to their own country to celebrate cny...here's wishing dem a safe journey!!! take care peeps....

what we could have been, 11:26 PM.
Saturday, February 03, 2007

i'm supposed to blog on this topic last week...i'm sure most pple would haf heard of this news by 2dae!! a taiwanese actress, Xu Wei Lun passed away on 28th jan after she got into deep coma fr a car accident which took place on 26th jan. when i saw e newspaper on 29th morning...it only reported that she was in deep coma!! but a few mins later...mi sis sent mi an sms asking mi to read asia1 website...n it had been updated to e fact that xsu wei lun had passed away e night b4!! *sobx sobx*

pple like to sae tt life is fragile...it indeed is!! u never noe wat will happen e next min....take for example mi mum. last yr jan...she was still all active n shopping ard!! but in late feb...a fever caused her to land in hospital n she ended up hafing 3 brain operations!! now...she's basically bedridden for life after getting a stroke during her last op!! last thurs...she got a minor stroke @ hm...n she fell off her bed as a result of it!! nt tt i like to brag...but for a person of mi age...it seems like i've experienced alot!! relatives falling sick n dying...n dose frenz who haf heard of mi family probs which happened when i was young...sumtimes i really wonder how i manage to pull thru dese 19yrs of mi life!!! haiz...juz like to tell mi friends...appreciate e pple ard u n treasure every moment u spent wif ur family n friends!!

anywae back to xsu wei lun...i'm nt really crazy over her but she's a pretty n talented girl!!! it's a pity that we've lost her @ such a young age...hope her family n friends will take things in their stride!! take care to her family n friends. Xsu Wei Lun, rest in peace.

what we could have been, 8:46 AM.
Friday, February 02, 2007

another long day 2dae...went to school for lect n tut...reached hm @ 4.30pm!! haha during lect...clarence msged mi asking if he cld borrow mi digital cam for him to bring to sentosa on sun for their vball match!! surprisingly i promised to lend him lah...considering tts 1 of mi prized possession n i love mi cam alot!! haha we arranged to meet @ 5.05pm outside zhss bus-stop...but we changed to meet outside braddell heights @ 5.15pm!! since we were gg to cityhall...we waited for 133 to cum!! along e way...we were chatting n listening to his mp3!!

we reached cityhall @ abt 6pm...we walked to flash n splash (along citylink) as he wanted to get a new pair of slippers. it was 6.15pm by e time he got it....so we separated ways after tt!! i went to marina sq to meet mi sim-uol-src welfare dept frenz for a kbox session while he went off to meet zy!! i reached kbox @ abt 6.25pm...he called mi a few mins later to check if i've arrived!! we sang a few songs b4 gg to get sum food since we were enjoying kbox cum buffet!! nt many pple came...abt 6pple fr CV, 3pple fr Night Jaunt, 1person fr BD n 2 ex-exco members!! haha we sang till 10.15pm...took sum pics den left e place @ 10.30pm!! but we stayed outside for quite a while...deciding where to go next!! after abt 15mins of discussion...dey've decided to go to a kopitiam @ lido while 5 of us decided to go hm!! i reached hm @ 11.30pm...

well thou we were nt hafing a session wif pple whom we're familiar wif...but i guess all of us enjoyed ourselves?? haha anywae hope we can haf another gathering soon. thanx guys for e wonderful night...n thanx to mi fren for his concern (calling to check if i've met up wif mi frenz)!! take care peeps...

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