Tuesday, April 24, 2007

went out wif mi gd fren again...after 2weeks!! haha dis time we met quite early...arranged to meet @ 10.30 @ s'goon mrt so i left hm @ 10.05am coz i wanted to buy sweets n oso to slowly walk up!! when i reached @ abt 10.30...he told mi he's still @ hougang so i waited for his train to cum n met him in e train!! we took e train to buono vista as he had to go to MOE to pay his exam fees...we weren't sure where was e building so we wasted quite abit of time @ e mrt station...we decided to walk down since he was told it was juz a 10mins walk but luckily e building wasnt too far away!! after his payment...we walked back to e mrt station n boarded e train down to somerset for sushi!!! haha we reached suki sushi @ cine @ abt 12.15pm...n we sat dere all e way till 2pm or so?? haha we toked abt many stuff...esp abt our trips to korea!! it's really nice when ur fren n u haf common topics to tok abt...haha anywae after sushi...we went to paragon as he wanted to look for vball shoes!! as e price dere was quite ex...we decided to go peninsula plaza so we walked to orchard mrt!! hmm as usual...e shoes were very ex @ peninsula plaza...so we gave up looking for his shoes n walked to marina sq coz i told him abt dose NS guys @ MS n he wanted to take a look!! when we reached MS mac...i saw xiaomei, yx n ah haw studying so i went to tok to dem for a while!! haha coz mi fren was waiting for mi...i didnt stay for long!!! we entered MS as he wanted to find a hp shop...after tt we walked to cityhall mrt n took e train back!! i reached hm @ 5pm....

out for a few hours...but e few hours were rather enjoyable!! haha as usual....we crapped n suaned alot...but it was still quite fun!! haha thanx for tinking of mi occasionally ya...ystd night...he was in offline mode coz he didnt wan to chat wif pple but he toked to mi on msn!! haha really appreciate tt!! dunno when we'll meet up again...but pls take care of urself esp during ur trngs!!! haha cya soon n cheerios~~

what we could have been, 5:18 PM.
Sunday, April 22, 2007

juz went for kahning's bday celebration juz now...nt a big event...juz e 6 of us!! haha we arranged to meet @ bedok mrt @ 5pm but i arrived a while later!!! so i met e rest @ e coffeeshop beside e interchange...i gave kahning his present fr e 4 of us (ah haw, xiaomei, yx n mi) n he was quite happy to receive it!! haha dey finished wateva dey were eating den we walked e underpass to e other side n shared 2 cabs down to east coast park!! we waited for each other @ e mac...den we strolled along east coast park!! haha surprisingly e place was super crowded...thou it's a wkend but afterall...its nt a school hol nor a public hol!! we stopped sumwhere as dey went down to play wif water...i didnt wan to wet miself so i stood by e area where we placed our bags n took sum pics 4 dem!! after abt half an hour or slightly longer...we cont walking for quite a distance b4 deciding to turn back!! haha we went to e nearest bus-stop n boarded e bus back to bedok interchange...on e way back...xiaomei, ah haw, kahning n i toked abt ah haw's current relationship!! dis guy is really gd @ hiding tings fr us lah...haha anywae we reached back @ bedok n moved ard e pasar malam den proceeding to 1 of e coffeeshops beside it!! while e girls went to order food...kn n ah haw went to buy a cake as it's 1 of e girl's bday 2ml!! so after dinner...we shared e cake!! haha we finally left e place @ abt 8+pm...den i walked wif dem to e mrt den i walked to e bus-stop!!

well it was a simple celebration for kn...but @ least he enjoyed our company!! haha it's back to studies 2ml n 2.5weeks to exams!!! hope everyting goes well...good luck to all of us!!! gambatte...

what we could have been, 10:47 PM.
Saturday, April 21, 2007

went to attend mi jc class gathering juz now....we arranged to meet @ harbourfront mrt @ 5pm...but a few of us were late (tt includes mi)!! haha i went wif weiting...n when we reached...ben, jl, ch, dennis, bernard n py were alr waiting dere!! haha big carol came nt long after!! @ abt 5.45pm...e guys went to vivo starbucks while e girls moved ard e shops nearby!! yx came nt long later...after which e guys walked to GV while we waited for wy outside starbucks!! she came @ abt 6.20pm...den we wrnt to GV to meet e guys!! after a long discussion wif sum "argument" n lame happenings....we finally decided to catch e 7.10pm "the reaping"!! haha dey were behaving as thou we're in our own classroom during dose jc days lah!! haha after tt...dey went to food republic for dinner....weiting n i didnt eat so we shopped ard until we met e rest in GV!! by den...big carol n wy had alr left coz big carol was gg to meet another grp of frenz while wy was gg to accompany her bf!! we bought sum snacks den entered e cinema...e show started nt long after we went in!! it's a horror movie....didnt quite like but well...had to survive thru e whole show!! haha wasnt tt bad anywae...coz i was msging halfway thru e movie!! e show ended @ nearly 9pm...we stood outside 7-11 n chat for a while b4 walking towards mrt!! haha as e guys entered e train b4 e girls did...n dey managed to find seats...dey juz sat down w/o even asking if we wan to seat!!! haha how gentlemanly dese guys can be ya....so we stood throughout e whole journey...as usual....dere was suaning btw weiting n ben again!! haha listening to dem can make u laugh like crazy lah...haha all of us alighted @ s'goon stn except yx who was gg hm!! e other guys planned to go dennis's place to play mahjong....weiting took a cab hm fr e mrt station...n i walked wif dem to e interchange b4 walking e usual route back hm!!! i reached hm @ abt 10pm....thou its quite a short gathering n nt many pple attended...but i feel its still great to meet up occasionally!! haha looking forward to e next gathering....

well...to summarise wat i did over thurs n fri....went out to study wif mi frens again!! met @ cityhall mrt n walked to marina sq fastfood restaurants!! we went to long-john silver on thurs n mac on fri. after we got quite tired of studying on thurs...we went to esplanade to look @ e night scene n oso walked to fullerton hotel!! on fri...we went to esplanade rooftop terrace!! e night scene we saw fr above was quite diff fr wat we saw below...n e light breeze blowing made everyting even more beautiful!! haha after abt 20-30mins up dere...we went to esplanade library to study 30mins b4 dey closed!! we agreed tt we'll go esplanade library n study e next time coz e envt dere is really gd!!! haha anywae we've gt 2 more weeks b4 exam...so i guess we'll haf alot of chances ya!!! lol....

what we could have been, 10:54 PM.
Monday, April 16, 2007

finally had a successful study grp for once....well we tried to form e study grp wif other tutorial mates in school for a few times but sumhow it was only successful once!! haha dis time...we didnt meet in school n nt many of our tut mates came!! juz 4 of us...ah haw, xiaomei, yx n mi!! haha we arranged to meet @ 12pm @ cityhall mrt but i arrived @ abt 12.15pm!! n to tink xiaomei n ah haw were gg to be later den mi lah...haha so after i met yx...we went to walk ard raffles city for a while b4 dey called mi @ abt 12.40pm!! so we went back to cityhall mrt to meet e other 2...den we walked to esplanade library!! we couldnt get a table so we ended up sitting on dose high stools...wif e scenery of e fullerton across e river!! haha but we didnt sit dere for long...coz after a while xiaomei n i got abit hungry so we left esplanade n walked to marina sq kfc!! we had our lunch 1st b4 settling down to study @ abt 2pm!! for e next 5hrs...we studied...ate...chat n joked abt many stuff!! haha we decided to leave kfc @ abt 7+pm as we were hungry for dinner alr!! haha...

we went to walk ard ministry of food 1st b4 gg up to e foodcourt...u noe wat?? all 4 of us ordered our food fr e same stall lah!! haha we had our dinner n continue to chat too!! haha dunno y but we seem as thou we haf endless stuff to chat abt!! haha anywae we left e foodcourt @ abt 8+pm den walked to e cityhall mrt!! we bid farewell as i still had to walk to e bus-stop outside raffles city n e 3 of dem took e train!! i reached hm @ 9.40pm....

thou dis study grp is quite small...but @ least we all still managed to study n nt waste our time outside!! especially now tt we wont haf many lessons 2gether...(we're still left wif 3 revision classes n e rest r consultation time)...i guess dis's e only way to meet up lor!! haha but we've cum to an agreement to meet up to celebrate any of our tut mates' bdays!! haha no matter wat...thanx frenz for 2dae n cya 2ml!!!

what we could have been, 10:48 PM.
Monday, April 09, 2007

juz reached hm after meeting mi fren again....supposed to haf lessons till 5pm but i ponned e 2nd part of lect after hafing lunch wif mi frenz...haha coz i was getting tired n e lecturer was teaching maths 1 (which wasnt tt difficult)!! haha he called mi when i was hafing lunch...n asked mi abt sum stuff!! we oso decided to meet @ 1.45pm @ hougang central...(it was abt 1.15pm when he called mi)!!! haha i left school @ 1.20pm...e bus arrived juz in time!! didnt noe e whole journey fr SIM to hougang central takes abt an hour lah...n i kept telling him to nt leave hm so early!! haha i finally reached hougang @ 2.15pm...juz as i tot of crossing e road across to hougang mall n wait 4 him...i saw him on bus 112 which was driving pass e traffic light which i was waiting @!! haha so i walked back to e alighting area....n he was quite surprised to see mi earlier den him!! haha we walked towards e mrt station n boarded e train....

when we reached dhoby ghaut...we hafnt really decided where we wanted to go!! haha he asked mi to make e decision...so i decided on town!! we took e train to somerset n walked to heeren as he wanted to go "Flash & Splash" to get e form for sum beach vball competition!! after tt...we went to taka to look for sum food n oso to shop for e stuff he wants!! haha he saed he wanted to get sum plain tees n i suggested gg to giordano...he really saw e kind he wanted @ wisma giordano but too bad dun haf his size!! so we walked out of wisma but dunno y we turned back in e direction of taka!! haha we went down to taka giordano but dey didnt haf e tees dere...since he wanted to eat pasta...we entered e pasta cafe beside giordano *after much persuasion fr mi*!!! haha we ordered a plate of pasta each n shared e dessert "rocky mountain"...tts quite nice actually but i feel e marchmallows r abit hard thou!! haha anywae after tt...we walked to orchard mrt n took e train...we stopped @ kovan to try our luck @ e giordano dere!! @ least by e end of e day...we didnt waste our efforts n he bought 2 pieces of tees @ giordano!! haha den we walked to e bus-stop n waited for our buses which took quite a while to cum...i reached hm @ abt 6.30pm!!

well he's gg back to camp for abt 2-3weeks...starting fr 2ml!! so i doubt we'll haf much chances to meet in dese few weeks!! haha anywae sorry to ask u out 2dae despite u hafing flu n i still ordered e cold dessert....take care fren!!! hope to cya ard....

what we could have been, 6:35 PM.
Saturday, April 07, 2007

juz attended joween's 21st bday party @ her hse in tampines....she invited e whole sim42 committee but only joshua, ahboi, jacintha n i went!! we set to meet @ 6.30pm @ tampines interchange....but jac came fr school n was early so she went over to her place 1st!! i reached @ abt 6.40pm...n ahboi was slightly later den mi!!! after tt...josh, ahboi n i took e bus fr interchange to e bus-stop near her hm...we arrived @ her hse @ abt 7.15pm!! we placed our bags in her rm...den went out to e living rm to chat wif jacintha b4 hafing our dinner!! as e food were outside...(along her corridor)...we had our dinner outside!! haha e 4 of us sat dere n chat till 1 of joween's fren came along wif a video cam...wanting to take down our wishes for her!! after tt...we entered e hse again n sat in 1 corner while waiting for e cake-cutting session!! e cake was quite nice but we all became quite thirsty after eating it...so we went out for a drink!! haha n we continue sitting dere till abt 10.30pm b4 deciding to leave her hm!! so we entered her rm to take our bags...took a few more pics...n we left!! i waited quite long for e bus...n e bus journey was very long as it's fr 1 interchange to another interchange!! i reached hm @ abt 11.45pm...

thou i'm feeling very sleepy now...*was taking a nap in e afternoon but was woken up by mi mum's shouting...den wanted to cont slping but clarence called mi so we chat on e fone*....but still wan to thank joween for inviting us to her bday party!!! anywae happy 21st bday (in advance) to u....take care n good luck for e upcoming exams!!! =)

what we could have been, 11:55 PM.
Tuesday, April 03, 2007

i'm quite tired now...but i enjoyed mi day!! haha woke up @ 8+am as i had to bring mi mum for her doc appointment @ amk hospital....reached dere @ 10.10am but we only got to see doc @ 12.10pm...n we were in e rm for less den 20mins!! haha how nice lah...waste mi time dere!! after getting her medicine...we took a cab n reached hm @ 1+pm!! i went online after i came back...n toked to clar on msn!! he asked if i wanna go out coz he wanted to buy a shirt!! so we set to meet @ serangoon mrt @ 3pm....

e weather was sunny in e morning...yet juz as i was abt to go out in e afternoon...e rain started pouring!! haha i was considered late as i reached s'goon mrt @ abt 3.05pm but clar msged n saed he was still @ hougang...n tt i shld be in time to catch e train he's in!! n i did...haha i met him in e last cabin of e train...we decided to go vivocity as he didnt want to go town wif his newly-cut hair!! haha he kept saeing it's very ugly...but when i saw...it wasn't as bad as it seemed lor!! haha but he looked kind of like dose school boy lah...haha anywae upon reaching vivo...we walked to posbank as he wanted to settle e ntu/nus application fees!! haha but since he didnt haf e bill reference no...so we cldnt pay!! i told him i'll help him pay 2night after he tell mi e bill reference no!! haha after tt...we walked to marche coz i hafnt had lunch....we waited quite long for our food lah!! haha i ordered pasta while he had rosti...n since mi pasta was quite a small portion....we shared a fruit crepe wif ice-cream!! haha tts really nice lah...we chat n took a few pics which we deleted in e end!! oh yah...we were arguing who to pay for e crepe as i wanted to treat him but he didnt wan!! haha i nv see pple fighting to pay for bills b4 lah...n he replied wif "toking abt urself arh??"....haha he shld be honoured tt pple wan to pay for him lor!! but since he didnt haf enuff cash....i paid for tt meal 1st!! haha after which...we walked ard e garden outside vivo....we saw really nice scenes dere!! haha we stood dere for a while...enjoying e breeze n e sun!! den we entered vivo again n started shopping ard!! he bought a white blouse fr river island...n a cardigan (which i tot was quite gay initially but he juz looked nice in it) fr pull & bear!! haha i paid for him 1st coz he didnt haf enuff cash!!! actually he was hesitating whether to buy or nt but i persuaded him to buy since he liked dose...haha!! after tt...we continued to walk ard while he kept toking abt e amt of $$ he owes mi now!! haha dis guy arh...keep toking abt $$ until i got so sian of it...n he finally saed "okok i dun tok abt it le"!! haha we took e train back @ 7+pm n i reached hm @ abt 7.50pm!!!

haha juz wan to tell him....u really dun hafta bother abt $$ de lor!!! sumtimes $$$ isnt e moz impt ting lah...so long as everybody's happy when dey get wat e wan!!! juz dun haf any regrets yah...so stop toking abt how much u owe mi hor!!! haha u can take ur time in returning mi e $$$...its interest-free anywae!!! haha cya next wk if possible...n i await e kushinbo treat fr u!!! thou i feel i maybe will paiseh to let u treat den end up paying miself...haha see how lah!!! haha take care fren...n thanx for letting us noe more abt each other after 2dae's marche meal!! lol....

what we could have been, 11:26 PM.



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