Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i'm beginning to think that i shouldn't trust every word that people tell me, be it from siblings or friends. the things they promised to do, the places we promised to go together etc. why am i so silly to take in every single word that people say? or am i supposed to feel happy that they once said those words, even if it was just to make me happy for that moment, although they didn't fulfil their promise in the end?

i'm starting to give up hopes on the many promises that were told to me.

what we could have been, 11:01 PM.

today, sushi lunch with clarence. i have sakae cash vouchers but we can't use it for buffet, only for ala carte!! so we went to suki sushi at cine instead!! and i'll like to say something, i'm so in love with sashimi!!! hahaha

yesterday, lunch with daryl, my sec1/2 classmate but we haven't met after we graduated. we ate at the coffeeshop opposite zhonghua sec!! many memories returned to my mind as i looked at the school. we chat about alot of stuff as we ate. though it wasn't for very long, but able to meet up with him was still great!! haha by the way, he is thinking about organising a dinner back at zhss for our batch and i suggested next year as it'll be e 10th year since we entered the school!! if everything goes well, hope that everybody attend the dinner k?? =)

last sat, met up with huijun for a while. we went city plaza (i took quite long to reach the place, paiseh)!! and i got her a birthday present there!! haha

sorry to robinson, christine, yvonne and zaw for not being able to meet up with you guys on sat!! i had to help my dad to take care of my mum, so i couldn't go out for very long!! i'll join you all the next time round, probably rob's birthday?? haha


not sure if you're familiar with the korean boyband, Shinhwa, but i'm beginning to like them more!! haha i moved around plaza singapura just now, and i saw 1 of their cds at sembawang music store, as well as 2 members' solo albums!! i'm so tempted to get those, but i ended up walking out of the shop empty-handed!! any kind souls willing to get it for me?? lol i guess i'll get all those soon!! in the meantime, if any of you happen to step into a cd shop and see their albums, please let me know!! thanks~

what we could have been, 3:46 PM.
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i finally have e songs from jay chou's latest album!!! and i'm beginning to love e songs.... =)



带竹蜻蜓. 穿过那森林


~周杰伦 <时光机>

if only i have a time machine, how i wish i can turn back time and restart my life. i don't regret knowing all my friends, but i regret some things that i did. if only i hadn't done all those, maybe my life will be happier now. these incidents still remain clearly in my mind, reminding me time and again not to make the same mistakes, and i won't.

*p/s: check out this song's mv!! it's really cute!! and i like e doraemon guitar that jay's holding in e mv!!! haha

what we could have been, 10:10 PM.
Sunday, October 19, 2008

met up with alvin and jianqi just now!! hanged around bugis and suntec *back to cityhall again*!! it's e first time we're meeting somewhere else other than serangoon central mac, where we always do!! haha anyway jianqi will be going australia for NS training from tomorrow onwards!! take care friend, see you a month later!!! =)

what we could have been, 5:49 PM.

celebrated huijun's 18th birthday today (or rather yesterday since it's past 12 now)....advance celebration as her actual day is on mon!! haha christine, yvonne, robinson, zaw n i met at hougang mall to get some stuff and a 'mang-go' cake!! lolx stine taught us this way of saying 'mango' and for e rest of e night, we teased her about it!! haha anyway after getting everything, we took bus to jun's place!! she thought i will be alone cos we arranged to meet to return my dvd!! e rest of them hid behind pillars!! when she came down n passed me e dvd, they surprised her with tofu (something which jun hated alot)!!! hahaha

e white spots on her are all tofu!!! lolx yes our creative art!!! haha we also prepared hersheys choco syrup but seeing that she almost got angry, we didnt spray e syrup on her in e end!! haha and if you notice, we put polky sticks on her cake, instead of candles!!

after she cut e cake, von left to meet her parents. e rest of us went up to her place as she gotta shower again *she showered before meeting me as she was going out*!! we ate e cake, played with her dogs while waiting for her. when she was done, we left her place!!

we went kovan to meet her friend, then went dhoby ghaut for rochor beancurd!! last destination was prata at jalan kayu!! and we took a long time to reach jln kayu...especially at e LRT at sengkang stn!! lolx

overall, huijun's 18th birthday surprise was 成功!!! haha jun, thanks for not flaring up at us!!! from this, i realised that i don't know how to tell lies *that's what they say of me too*!! haha cos i was all nervous and didnt know what i was saying when jun called me while i was at her void deck!! anyway, hope you liked this surprise from sexists!! stine n i took our revenge le!! hahaha upcoming birthday will be rob's one next month!!! *kuku daddy, you'll definitely get a super big surprise from us too!!!* lolx see ya all soon~~ =))

what we could have been, 12:36 AM.
Saturday, October 11, 2008

been hanging out at cityhall for consecutive 2days....n basically e 4th sat (in a row)!! ystd was lunch with kahning n chiekling at wisma, followed by movie 'mamma mia!' with ling *i know it's a waste of money to watch e same movie twice but its nice so i don't mind*!! haha after movie, we went gloria jeans!!

kahning went off for his lesson before our movie...but he came back to find us after that!! we chat for a while, then walked to funan!! had dinner at makansutra, and later went to our favourite place to chill....esplanade rooftop!!! =)

today, ling, yunxian n me had lunch at billy bombers at bugis!! kahning n litsin came to find us when they reached. we walked around bugis street, then settled at starbucks as most of us were quite tired. yx left at 5pm cos she had to go somewhere else...e rest of us stayed a while longer!!

we separated ways after that. ling n i went suntec while e 2guys went queensway. we decided to sing kbox since we haven't sang that for very long!! haha we enjoyed e session....singing many songs that made us really high!! ooh yah...we also sang 'mamma mia' n 'dancing queen'!! lol who ask us to be having e 'mamma mia movie fever'!! hahaha


in e end, i didnt go for sexists' bbq at downtown tonight!! a few of my close friends didnt go as well...mainly because of some incident which made my friends lose e mood to go!! and to claire, sorry for not informing you that i'm not going too!! please don't hate me ya!! haha
my foot hurts!! there's a blister on my sole!! blame it on my itchy fingers...i went to peel e blister (it had already dried up by then)!! now, i'm limping wherever i go!! it was so painful when i applied e aloe vera gel over e past 2nights, that i couldn't sleep!! wonder how did i manage to walk so much these 2days!! haha and i'm going out again tomorrow!! how is it going to recover??
gonna play bossaball with regi, grace, clar and 2 of their friends tomorrow...at marina bay floating platform *cityhall again*!! haha see ya guys... =)

what we could have been, 11:54 PM.
Sunday, October 05, 2008

a long day that i had!!! moving around to meet different people!! haha first was lunch with my diploma friends to celebrate chiekling's 21st birthday (belated)!! n we had korean bbq at far east!! *1 of my favs =)*

after lunch, peiying n yunxian left for school n work respectively. xiaomei, mich n i moved around till nearly 5pm. then we separated ways as i went to singapore flyer to meet my family. my sis got free rides on e flyer as she redeemed her points. through this, we know one thing. e person on wheelchair got to pay for e ticket but e person pushing e wheelchair can enter for free!! (shouldn't it be e reverse?? hmm weird!!) haha anyway, i took e ride again with my grandma, parents, aunt n sis. n we got a cabin all to ourselves *happy*!!

after that, we walked back to MS. wanted to eat kenny rogers for dinner but long queue so we went to e jap restaruant at suntec. after dinner, my dad sent my grandma n aunt home, before dropping me off at gardens to meet clarence n regina!! they had dinner (or rather supper) at chomp chomp, followed by desserts at ice3 cafe.

it was a few months back when we last met up for such a night!! n i enjoyed it!! thanks guys, see ya all for bossaball next sunday!!!

watched Mamma Mia with my sis yesterday!! nice show, nice songs, nice characters!! definitely worth a weekend price ticket!! haha n i'll recommend it to anybody who hasn't watched it yet!! =)

what we could have been, 12:53 AM.



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