Wednesday, January 31, 2007

haha went out wif him again....but didnt do much 2dae!! he msged mi after his driving lesson ended @ 1.30pm...so we met for lunch @ s'goon mac @ 2.10pm!! it was abt 2.40pm when we finished our lunch...n we walked to zhss as he was gg back to play vball!! e hall was rather empty when we reached...so a few of dem played w/o e net!! @ abt 3.30pm...e net was set but e guys started playing @ nearly 4pm?? well b4 tt...he asked mi if i wanted to go hm 1st since dere wasn't anyting i cld do dere...initially i saed i'll leave @ 4pm!! but since dere was gg to be a friendly match gg on...i stayed back to watch!! of coz oso watch him play wif e other juniors!! haha

time passed really fast...it was nearly 6pm when dey decided to stop playing!! but he stayed back to spike ball wif 3 other pple...n it was alr 6.20pm when dey finally stopped!! haha we walked to central...wanting to get bubble tea but it was rather crowded so we went hm!! i reached hm @ 6.30pm....

met up for no apparent reason...juz for lunch actually!! last min decide to juz go over to zhss wif him...haha anywae thanx fren....take care n cya soon~

what we could have been, 6:43 PM.
Tuesday, January 30, 2007

juz got hm after a rather long day....well school started wif maths lect (as usual) in e day n econs tut after lunch!!! entered lect hall @ 9.30am...but apparently dere were pple who came in even later den mi!!! haha anywae lect wasnt too boring as i was chatting wif a few other frenz!! school ended earlier den usual (@ abt 1.20pm)...den i took a bus to CCAB as i wanted to watch mi zhss juniors play their vball match!! clarence was dere to be a substitute for coach so i went to support him oso!! but since i cldnt rmb e way...clarence n i arranged to meet back @ serangoon!! i took e bus back fr dere n reached hm @ 2.30pm!!

was flipping mag n surfing net b4 clarence called mi @ 3pm!! we decided to meet outside serangoon mac...i left hse @ nearly 3.10pm n reached dere b4 3.20pm!! we walked to s'goon mrt n took train to hougang!!! when we reached hougang mall...we entered mac n sat down!! haha of coz we bought fries n shared a large cup of milo!! we were dere till nearly 4.30pm b4 moving ard e mall!! haha we went into e library as he saed he wanted to borrow sum books to read!! an IQ test book caught our attention so we sat down to do a few qns!! oh man tt book can really help to kill ur brain cells lah...we tried 3-4qns but i only got 1 correct!! haha anywae after tt...we decided to leave e place as he was getting tired!! i accompanied him to get sum snacks fr Shilin n Old Chang Kee den went wif him to wait for e shuttle bus back to his hm!! his bus came @ 5.10pm...i walked back to hougang mall after seeing him get up e bus!! haha since i had so much time to kill b4 6.30pm...i shopped ard e shops slowly!! i took e train to cityhall as i had a dinner gathering for our post-event celebration wif e welfare comm pple...

i reached cityhall @ abt 6.10pm...moving ard raffles city n citylink did help mi to waste time!! haha @ exactly 6.30pm...we all arrived n we had our dinner @ New York New York!! haha being wif dis grp of frenz is really fun...we chat n laughed alot during e dinner!! haha we sat dere till 9+pm b4 gg hm!! joshua, hweengee n i took nel train back...i reached hm @ 10.10pm!!

well it's a rather long n tired day...considering i slept @ 1.45am ystd night!! haha but i really enjoyed miself during e whole day's activities!!! anywae looking forward to seeing him soon again (maybe for lunch 2ml)...n oso to seeing mi src frenz again on fri for our welfare dept dinner!! haha meanwhile take care guys...

what we could have been, 11:20 PM.
Friday, January 26, 2007

2dae has been rather relaxing...of coz i dun mean tt econs lect in e morning!!! tt lect, as usual, many of us dun understand wat its abt!! haha chiekhow, chiekling, yunxian n i had lunch @ megabites!! we joked n laughed abt many tings...den we went to library while waiting for our tut to start @ 3pm!! haha stats tut was rather slack (which is common)!!! we were copying e answer on e board den i was teaching debby sum chinese words n chatting!! initially we wanted to juz sit in e class till 4pm b4 gg for socio tut!! but after much discussion...we decided to leave @ 3.50pm (it's to replace e tut we missed last yr)!! haha mi stats lecturer was shocked when we were packing our bags suddenly!! haha as dere were pple in rm4.16 (where we're hafing socio tut)...we stayed outside n cont chatting!! haha after waiting for long...we decided to juz walk in e class @ nearly 4.10pm!! haha when mi socio lecturer went out for a while...we were toking n @ tt time...i received a call fr clarence asking if i'm @ hm!! he was @ zhss n cldnt go hm since it's raining heavily...we chat till mi lecturer came back den i saed i'll msg him instead!! we didnt do anyting for dis socio tut...we signed attendance n debby asked a qn...den we left e rm @ abt 4.15pm!! haha like wat mi lecturer saed...2dae is super express tut class!! haha we left school after tt...

clarence n i set to meet @ e bus-stop outside zhss @ 5.20...but coz i went hm for a while so i reached slightly later!! we were deciding if we shld go to s'goon mac or go hougang mall!! we decided on hougang mall since i've nt been dere for a long time!! as it was raining...we shared 1 umbrella!! walking ard for a place to eat as he's hungry...we finally entered Pepper Lunch!! haha we sat dere till 6 or sth?? den we walked ard b4 he gt a call fr eileen to meet her n zy @ amk n get present for yeeshun!! haha so we crossed e bridge to take 136...but when we reached e bus-stop...eileen called n saed dey've decided to go cityhall so we crossed e bridge again to take train!! haha tt's nt e end...when we were walking to e train station...she called again saeing dey'll meet @ amk again!! haha we almoz went up e bridge again b4 deciding to take bus!! haha so lame lah...anywae i took bus 74 wif him to amk b4 taking bus hm fr dere!! haha we crapped alot on e bus while listening to his mp3 together!! we reached amk @ abt 7.40 den we walked to e bus-stop where i cld take bus...i reached hm @ 8pm!!

well only met him for 3hrs+ but e whole 3hrs was really fun!! haha cant believe we were actually so lame lah...anywae thanx for tinking of mi when u're in serangoon!!! hahaha cya soon...take care~~

what we could have been, 11:07 PM.
Wednesday, January 24, 2007

was watching a drama on channel 8 "The Peak" n dere was a scene @ e start of e show which caught mi attention!! e scene was abt jeanette aw (her name in e show is xiaoyang) telling qi yuwu (his name in e show is tianjun) tt she likes him n doesnt want to be juz his good fren but wants to be his gf instead!! after saeing tt n seeing no reaction fr tianjun...she walks away sadly!! tianjun sees xiaoyang as only his best fren n he likes another girl...dis sets mi thinking abt it!! it oso got mi to think of a qn which yy asked mi a few days back on msn..."do you believe that dere can be a good fren relationship wif a guy??"!!!! hmmm.....

i told her i believed that a guy n a girl can be purely good frenz...coz i haf a rather good male fren as well!! but when i asked neville dis qn...e answers he gave made mi tink tt mi answer is rather unreasonable!! he didnt believe that 2 pple of diff sexes can be good frenz coz he feels dere's bound to be feelings despite within a party or both parties!! its either 1 party likes e other person but dun dare to tell him/her or both parties like each other but dun want to sae it out for sum reasons!! it caused mi to re-consider e qn which yy asked mi...i mean i still believe dere can be such a ting happening...but how abt in e long run?? can anybody guarantee tt @ least 1 party won't like e other?? feelings grow as time pass...if 2 pple alwaes go out so often or if nt sms or chat on msn frequently...who can promise dere won't be feelings??

i still rmb when i went chocolate buffet wif mi gd fren clarence last yr...he asked mi dis qn "did u ever tink if we may end up 2gether??"...haha dis came as quite a shock coz i didnt expect him to ask mi tt!! mi answer to him was "i dunno leh"...n he oso gave e same answer when i asked him tt!! we both dunno wat lies in e future for us...its juz a 50-50 answer!! sum pple fr e older generation feel tt gd frens shld be together (as in bgr) as dey feel both parties alr noe each other so well n r so close to each other!! but majority of pple fr our generation feel otherwise. we feel tt if 2 good frens r in a relationshop together...if dey unluckily break up...tt may mark e end of e frenship!! ironic huh?? if 2pple like each other...of coz dey'll want to be together but dey're oso scared tt their friendship will be destroyed if anyting happens!! so pathetic....

well wateva tt happens in e future...we'll juz leave it to fate!!! i guess no1 has a definite answer to dis qn...everybody haf their own views!!! juz sum advice to dose pple who r turning fr gd frens to boy-girl frenz...pls ask urselves if both parties r confident of a long-lasting relationship!! if both parties aren't very confident...den ask if u tink both of u can still be frenz even if u all break up!! i feel its beta to be safe den sorry...anywae good luck peeps!!!! :)

what we could have been, 11:07 PM.
Monday, January 22, 2007

i just spoiled miself by getting a new watch thou dere's no probs wif mi current watch!!! haha it's e adidas watch which mi gd fren wanted to get initially!!! haha e watch cost $98...but its really nice lah!!! hmm i bought e watch @ j8 after mi driving lesson 2dae...i didnt ask for e price when i looked @ e watch!! until e salesguy gave mi e receipt n i saw e figure...i was rather shocked y it was $98 n nt $89 (as wat i was told by mi fren b4 tt)!!! haha but since i bought it...i oso cant regret anymore!! anywae $98 is rather worth while for such a nice adidas watch!! haha...

guess i'm learning to spoil miself alr...haha a ripcurl jacket for $89, a billabong wallet for $29.90 n now an adidas watch for $98!!! haha e next stuff i want to get for miself is a bag which cost $39.90??? haha i saw it @ j8...e kind tt i want...guess i'll hafta start saving $$ again!!! haha unless dere's sum kind soul who's willing to buy tt bag for mi but dis possibility is rather low!!! haha....

what we could have been, 5:52 PM.
Saturday, January 20, 2007

cant believe i actually went to Project Superstar 2 Male & Female Meeting Fans Session 2dae!! haha it was held @ j8...met weiting @ e bus-stop @ 1.10pm but she reached @ 1.15pm!! when we entered e open-air area @ level 3...it was still nt very crowded so i sat down while she went to buy daren's cd for herself n for mi!! haha she came back n joined mi @ 1.30...we sat down n chat till abt 1.45pm b4 standing up as more n more pple entered e place!!

e compere for e event, peifen fr yes 93.3, went up e stage @ abt 2.10+pm!! well it was scheduled to start @ 2pm but as usual, such autograph or meeting sessions dun start on time!! haha nt long after...e 2 finalists, daren n diya appeared!!! many pple were screaming their heads off while most of us were bz flashing our cams away!! haha e compere was toking to dem abt sum superstar b4 opening e queue for pple to shake hands wif dem...of coz priority goes to pple who bought their singles!! haha since weiting n i bought...we went up e stage to shake hands wif dem!! haha after we went down e stage...we stood dere n toked for a while b4 deciding to go up e stage again to take pics wif dem!! haha well of coz we saw pple taking pics wif dem tts y we finally decided to do so too!! lol after getting down e stage...we went to exchange for free n limited posters!! haha @ abt 3.10pm...dey had an event collaborated wif sony...n pple with posters cld get their signatures!! nt missing e chance...we queued again!! haha *kinda crazy hor* we got their signatures n finally left e place @ abt 3.30pm!! haha since both of us were hungry...we went to long john silver for lunch!! haha it was nearly 4.30pm when we finished...wanted to walk ard but her mum called so we left!! i reached hm @ 5pm...

well...e past few autograph sessions which i went to were all 5566 de!! dis's basically e 1st time i'm gg to an autograph session by our project superstars finalists!! but it was a rather memorable session...since i got to shake hands, take pics n get their signatures!! so anybody who wanna pics of dem can get fr mi...haha!! okie...getting tired le...haha tts e end of mi experience wif e superstars!! wish dem best of luck for finals...

what we could have been, 5:06 PM.
Saturday, January 13, 2007

its been real long since i met up wif mi jie, janice!!! haha juz sum history 1st...we were in e same class in sec1 n sec2...morever we were in e same cca from sec1 to sec4!! we were not in contact for very long...esp since we were in diff classes in sec3 n oso went to diff jcs!! but after jc...we would tok to each other occasionally on msn!! dis's like e 1st time we're meeting up after dunno how many yrs?? haha anywae we set to meet @ 5.30pm @ orchard mrt but she had to go for a job interview n i oso left hm late...i reached orchard @ ard 6pm but she was nt done so i walked ard 1st!!

@ abt 6.20pm...she msged mi saeing she's done n we arranged to meet @ taka entrance!! she came @ abt 6.30pm...after which we walked ard taka n a few other department stalls as she was looking for a bday present for her bf!! haha along e way...she told mi abt her bf n stuff!!! *i'm really envious of dose pple who haf bfs!!!* haha by e time we got everyting she needed....it was alr abt 9.30pm!! we decided to grab a bite @ taka basement but dey were alr closing when we arrived so were nt allowed to enter!! hmm in dis case...we slowly walked back to e orchard mrt where she took a train hm while i took a bus back!! i reached hm @ abt 10+pm...

hmm we didnt go out for very long...but during dese few hours...we saw how much each other haf became after so many yrs n oso knew abt each other's updates!! haha when she was hafing a hard time deciding wat to get for her bf...she asked mi wat i normally get for mi guy frens n i saed recently i bought a watch for mi gd fren!! she was rather shocked @ how much i'm spending on dis guy who's nt mi bf but juz mi gd fren....(for ur info...i bought a quiksilver shirt fr aust for his bday present last yr n it cost abt S$50+)!! haha honestly speaking...i dunno y too!! i'm oso not sure how our destiny lies for us but i'm juz willing to pay for him leh!! maybe tts juz mi...haha anywae it was really great meeting up wif an old fren...hope can meet up wif other frenz as well!! take care peeps....*esp with e exceptionally cold weather recently*!!!

what we could have been, 11:17 PM.
Friday, January 12, 2007

well clarence n i went out for 3 consecutive days...on dis 3rd day...it was like a combination of wat we did over e past 2 days!! haha i came hm after lect ended @ 11.30am...played com while waiting for e rain to stop...b4 leaving hm @ 3.10pm!! haha i walked to zhss to watch him play vball again...despite holding an umbrella...almoz 3/4 of mi jeans were still wet by e time i reached zhss!! haha i reached school @ abt 3.25pm...took longer time den usual coz of e rain!! i entered e hall n sat on e steps while watching dem play!! for 2hours...i got hit on mi head once lah!! haha anywae dey played till abt 5.10pm n sat down n chat till nearly 5.30pm...nt everybody but juz 6-7 of dem!! haha after tt...clarence n i walked to e bus-stop to take 105!!!

as usual...we chat n toked crap on e bus!! haha we reached orchard @ abt 6.10pm...since i owed him a drink fr a rather stupid bet ystd...i treated ourselves to bubble tea!! let mi tell u briefly abt out bet ystd!! we were walking along suntec basement n i saw an escalator so we were guessing wat stall is in front of tt escalator @ lvl 1!! i guessed giodano but he saed it wasn't so we decided to bet over a drink!! obviously i lost...haha anywae we walked to taka to get his watch!! his g-shock cost $128...we paid $50 wif a voucher given to him as an xmas present...n i paid e rest wif mi nets!! haha it's meant to be his bday present fr mi but dis stubborn guy insists on paying mi back lah...haha we discussed abt dis for e past 3days still like tt!! haha anywae it was abt 6.40pm after getting e watch... we went to basement to look for sum food but ended up getting nuting!! maybe i shld sae we ended up getting more hungry!! haha we walked ard taka n wisma b4 gg to e mrt station!! haha i reached hm @ nearly 8pm...

haha althou we didnt go out as long as ystd...but @ least he got another stuff which he wanted!!! n i insists that e watch will be his bday present fr mi...so he can forget abt paying mi back!!! haha seriously speaking...i really enjoyed his company dese 3 days!! dunno when can we go out again...but nevertheless...thanx fren n take care of urself!! haha cya soon again.... =)

what we could have been, 11:14 PM.
Thursday, January 11, 2007

hmm went out wif clarence again....set to meet @ 12.30pm @ serangoon mrt but both were late...i reached @ 12.50pm instead!! haha took e train down to orchard n walked to wheelock place!! ooh yah...clarence was approached @ e orchard mrt station...probably for sum advertising new face or sum modelling?? haha 1st time i'm seeing such tings happening lah...maybe i shld be honoured tt dis guy's actually mi gd fren?? haha back to topic...we went to wheelock to get his crumpler bag!! stayed quite long in e shop as he was deciding which size n colour to get!! haha seeing him buy...i wanted to get 1 too but it's rather ex leh!! haha maybe i'm juz stingy wif miself...anywae after tt we walked across to shaw house to get shelter fr e rain while deciding wat to eat!! haha after much tinking...we settled for pepper lunch!! haha we had our lunch...chat...took a few pics...n he started using his new bag!! haha after lunch...we walked to isetan...wisma n taka to look for e watch he wanted but everywhere has no stocks anymore!! so we decided to go to suntec to try our luck...

cuming out of cityhall mrt...we entered practically moz of e watch shops we could see as we walked to suntec!! even @ suntec...dere were no more stocks for tt watch!! even if haf...oso muz wait for 1-2weeks...kinda bad luck hor?? haha after all e walking...we decided to leave e place as he was feeling abit tired!! dis time we didnt take e train back...we took 133 n he slept almoz half e journey!! haha it was abt 5pm when we reached serangoon...n since clarence had sth to return to yisheng...we went over to his place!! haha u noe how irritating e rain was?? after we alighted e bus...it was juz light drizzle...but e rain started pouring e minute we walked to his hse!! haha so by e time we reached ys's hse...both of us looked like as thou we juz had a shower lah!! hahaha we entered his rm n sat dere to chat after ys finished toking on his fone!! haha we chat all e way till 7.30pm?? haha quite a nice chat for more den 2hrs?? haha of coz ys didnt miss suaning both of us lah...well we were actually waiting for e rain to stop...but when we were abt to leave...e rain started pouring again!! really quite suay lah...haha when we reached e bus-stop...dunno y but we kept wanting to wait for each other's bus to cum!! haha his bus came 1st but he wanted to wait wif mi for mi bus...so we ended up taking a bus to s'goon central!! he alighted @ e stop b4 mi as he took e train back hm...i wanted to wait for 105 as it was raining rather heavily!!! but i waited for abt 30mins n e freaking bus is still nt here...i decided to walk hm!!! reached hm @ 8.40pm...

kinda tired after all e walking n oso after getting drenched in e rain twice...but overall was quite a gd day (other den e weather)!! haha ooh yah...i mentioned we were supposed to study for 2hrs 2dae??? in e end we didnt study @ all as we were shopping for his watch!! haha maybe 2ml i'll go n watch e trng @ zhss again...haha see how lah!! anywae thanx fren....

what we could have been, 11:09 PM.
Wednesday, January 10, 2007

i finally went back to zhss again.....after 3-4yrs?? haha all thanx to clarence for asking mi to back to watch a vball friendly match!! haha well mi lessons supposed to end @ 3pm but matt n i went for e earlier tutorial class so we ended @ 2pm!! haha after tt i rushed hm to change b4 walking to zhss!! haha normally mi bus journey needs abt an hour to reach hm but 2dae it only took 45mins!! haha i came out of e hse @ 3.05pm n reached zhss @ 3.10pm?? haha nt tt i was rushing to see whoever...but coz it was drizzling so i walked faster!! haha it felt weird entering zhss again...after all i hafnt been walking tt route for 3yrs+ alr!! haha i went to e bball court to look for e vball players b4 realising tt dey were in e hall!! i went up to e hall n walked to e side where dey were playing n watched!! tt game ended not long after i reached...n clarence came n tok to mi after tt!! when their next game started...i sat on e steps n watched!! haha cum to tink of it...it's been very long since i last played vball or even watched a vball match!! haha dey played a few more games till 5pm...clarence came n tok to mi in between each game!! after 5pm...we walked to central as he wanted to eat sth...we bought bubble tea b4 walking to e stall which he was saeing!! but sadly...tt stall closed so we settled for S-11 coffeeshop!! we chat while he ate his lunch...haha weird tt he's hafing his lunch @ 5pm lah!! haha but anywae...we sat dere till nearly 6pm b4 walking mi back to mi block!! haha since he has nuting to do 2ml...we decided to go out n study for a while 2ml!! but will we really end up studying?? i'll tell u 2ml...haha...

haha it was for a simple reason tt i went back zhss n only saw 1teacher who taught mi b4...but i was rather shocked @ how much zhss changed lah!!! now dey haf sheltered walkway fr e school gate to e bus-stop....n oso aircon in e hall!!! haha omg dese were wat we requested for tt time n now dey're enjoying such facilities!! haha so irritating lah...but anywae it's a gd ting to see tt dey're actually taking in our comments...hmm hope haf chance to go back zhss again!! n if possible...wanna chat wif e teachers who taught mi b4!! haha still...really thanx for telling mi abt dis match so i haf a chance to go back!! =)

what we could have been, 6:15 PM.
Saturday, January 06, 2007

so sian...dunno wat is wrong wif blogger!!! wat i typed initially r all gone after a night!!! so now i gotta re-type again lor...haiz!!! but anywae had mi 1st sentosa trip of 2007 on 6th jan...haha actually jacintha n i were supposed to be in e welfare team, with mi welfare dept head n 2 other frenz, for e SRC Challenge Shield but both of us backed out last min!! haha nevertheless...we still went down to give our support!! haha we set to meet @ 9.30am @ harbourfront mrt...but as usual both of us were late!! by e time we got onto e shuttle bus into sentosa...it was nearly 10.30am?? haha we reached siloso beach n walked along e beach while looking for fellow sim pple!! haha e way we avoided dem was like we were sum thieves or wat lah....but anywae becoz both of us hafnt had breakfast...so we went to look for sum food lor!! after getting mi new zealand ice-cream n jac's smoothie...we walked back to e beach!!

we walked to an area which was less crowded....put our bags down n entered e waters!! haha e water was freaking cooling lah...but it's rather shiok for such a hot weather 2dae!! haha we sat dere n chat b4 jacintha went for a swim...after which we decided to walk to where e sim pple were!! haha we toked to zhiyi for a while b4 helping alvin wif e jigsaw puzzle which dey were doing!! after all it was our fault for pangseh-ing him last min mah!! haha e whole puzzle game took quite a few hours...but finally our exco team still emerged as winner!! haha after tt...jac n i disappeared for our suntanning b4 gg to bath @ 3pm...haha it was nearly 3.50pm when we got on e shuttle bus which brought us out of sentosa!!! we took e nel train back n i reached hm @ 4.30pm!!

haha well initially tot it was rather weird for only 2pple to go sentosa together...but after 2dae i realised tt it's in fact quite fun oso leh!! maybe it's who u go wif bah...haha anywae jacintha has been a gd company...despite both of us turning red n "burnt" fr e heat!! haha hope can go sentosa again...but maybe 1mth later is beta!! haha @ least let mi get rid of e suntan which i got 1st...haha so cya guys!!!

what we could have been, 7:38 PM.
Wednesday, January 03, 2007

it's e 1st day of school again!!! i guess many pple dread dis day to me....tt includes mi as well!! haha well it felt strange to start school on wed...as i normally start school on tues!! haha n i almoz entered e wrong LT 2dae lah!! haha anywae when debby saw mi entering mi tutorial class...she wished mi happy new yr!! den jeffery n karyenny wished mi happy new yr too...haha it seemed like everybody were still in e 'new year' mood lor!!! lol oh yah...because yunxian went to korea during e hols...so both of us kept chatting abt our trip to korea!! haha it's really nice when u haf a common topic wif a fren ya...tt basically ended mi 1st day of school!! haha quite a relaxing start lah...

hmm how did u all celebrate new year's eve?? it was a rather boring day for mi...didnt do much during e day...juz went for a movie wif mi sis n we reached hm juz in time for countdown!! haha we watched "the holiday"...tts really a nice n heartwarming show!!! luckily i didnt miss such a gd movie!! haha on 1st jan dis yr...i toked to clarence on msn for a while b4 he left to play tennis wif his frenz!! but coz his frenz were late n he was feeling bored...he msged mi asking if i'm free to chat so i called him n we toked for abt 10+ mins b4 his frenz arrived!! haha....

haiz dis year is gonna be a terrible year for mi....coz i'm hafing mi mock exams in mar n mi final exams in may!! ooh i oso haf a test week in mid-jan!! gonna juz buck up n make all e exam fees worth ya...anywae i'm only taking 4 modules so mi exams will only take 4days!! haha so gambatte pple...

what we could have been, 11:27 PM.



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