Wednesday, November 29, 2006

i have craving for sushi, have craving for chocolate buffet, have craving for korean food, want to watch movies like "Happy Feet", "A Good Year", "Step Up", "Open Season", want to go for another ktv session, want to go shopping for wallet, skirts, clothes, bags, earrings etc!! but why is it that i cant find anybody to go with mi to do all these stuff??

is it because of mi character since i don't like to bother people?? when mi frenz ask mi to go out with them, i'll agree most of e time!! yet when i ask mi frenz if they want to go out...most of time i'm being rejected!! i rarely ask mi frenz out...but this is e response i get when i ask!! is this how mi fate lies n i should accept it?? who can tell mi what to do?? i really don't know....

this is what mi life is all about --- always being rejected.

what we could have been, 11:57 PM.
Saturday, November 25, 2006

juz came back from a gathering which apparently turned out to be unsuccessful!!! n seriously dis's making mi tired of organising another gathering even if pple request for it....it was supposed to be mi sec4 class gathering but in e end only 4 pple turned up!! haha how nice arh....i'll alwaes laugh when i tink of dis!! toking abt class bonding n stuff...but how many pple actually tried to turn up for it?? u noe sth?? while chuanmeng n i were waiting for andrea n yinwen...he saed a sentence as we were chatting!! initially i asked "everybody's bz wif their projects n stuff...aren't u too??" n he replied "bz oso muz cum for gathering mah!!"....omg dis sentence kinda made mi touched!! y issit that he can do so yet other pple cant?? i simply dun understand...

anywae back to topic....we were supposed to meet @ 6.15pm @ bugis mrt but andrea n yinwen were late so chuanmeng n i walked ard to look for place to eat while waiting for dem!!! andrea met us @ 6.45pm n we shopped ard as she wanted to buy sth!!! after tt we entered V8 cafe to wait for yinwen...he came ard 7+pm!! we had dinner, chat n oso watched e show "Mr Bean" which was showing in e cafe!! haha @ abt 8.40pm...we left e cafe n walked ard bugis b4 gg into Mos Burger for a drink!! we sat dere till nearly 10pm b4 leaving e place....chuanmeng, yinwen n i took 133 while andrea took 851!! i reached hm @ 10.30pm...

well it may seem a pathetic gathering but it was really great to see e 3 of u after so long!! i really appreciate ur attendance thou i'm sorry that e gathering wasnt as successful as wat i tot initially!! hope we can meet up again soon ya...meanwhile take care n keep in touch~

what we could have been, 11:18 PM.
Thursday, November 23, 2006

dis's e 4th time i went out wif dis gd fren of mine...we initially planned to eat sushi but ended up watching movie instead!!! well we met @ 1pm @ serangoon mrt den took e train to somerset!! during e journey, we were still deciding between sushi n movie!! after we came out of somerset mrt...i asked if he wanna watch @ cineleisure or lido n he saed he preferred lido so we had to walk all e way back to shaw house!! haha we reached lido n saw tt e next show was @ 3pm...@ tt time we were still in midst of discussion as to wat shld we do!! he asked mi to make e decision but i really dunno which to choose...after 15-20mins of moving ard isetan...he saed "y not dis wk do 1 den next wk do e other 1"!!! well u'll probably tink tt solved e prob...but it was only half e prob!! e next part of e problem was abt if we shld watch movie or eat sushi dis wk!! haha finally he made e decision to watch movie dis wk n i agreed on it coz we're hafing a gathering dis sat so muz save abit of $$!! haha whilest getting e tix...he asked mi to choose e seats so i chose but apparently he saed he made e choice!!! so i had to make e decision abt where to haf our lunch...i tot of gg to Pepper Lunch but he didnt quite like e place so we went to far east to see wats dere to eat!! we walked ard e basement b4 hafing lunch @ Long John Silver!! by den it was alr 2.30pm so we kinda rushed thru our meal (of coz we chat as well) b4 walking back to lido!! we reached lido @ nearly 3pm n queued to buy popcorn b4 entering e cinema!! it took us quite long to get e medium combo we wanted but luckily e movie was juz abt to start when we sat down!!

ooh did i mention tt we watched Casino Royale?? haha it's a great show lah...anywae both of us shared e popcorn n drink!! considering tt we juz finished lunch 15mins ago n by e end of e show, e popcorn was 5/8 left!! haha it was quite a gd achievement ya...n e poporn was over full @ e start (until both of us were shocked)!! haha e show ended @ abt 5.30+pm n we shopped ard pacific plaze after tt!! as he was looking for his choker...we went to wisma, den to heeren n lastly walked to PS!!! haha very long distance rite?? n we practically walked every level of each departmental store, in search of his choker!! haha but it was all empty @ e end...so i told him "since next wk or so we're gg out to eat sushi, for dis week we shall ask ard for shops tt sell chokers den we'll go dere next wk!!" haha...tt was probably e only way left!!! after tt we took e train back n i reached hm @ 7.45pm!!

haha dis was probably e only time we've to take turns to make decisions!! haha other times weren't tt terrible leh....anywae it was quite a fun day wif mi gd fren, juz a pity he didnt manage to find e stuff he wanted!! but we'll surely haf a chance to go out again?? dun forget our craving for sushi...haha btw whoever noes where sells chokers for guys...pls let mi noe!!! thanx alot...

what we could have been, 11:28 PM.
Sunday, November 19, 2006

well haf been bz wif getting mi frenz' response for e gathering...it's actually a small gathering for mi secondary class 4e1!!! it'll be held on 25th nov (sat)...a steamboat dinner @ probably bugis!! being an organiser really isnt easy n u face many problems...especially for such a big grp of pple (mi class has 35pple)!!! 1 big prob u face will be nt getting any replies...tts pretty irritating for an organiser!! i noe many pple r bz wif their stuff...but i dun mind a late reply!! @ least its beta den nt replying....i've tried many means n ways to let dem noe abt dis upcoming gathering but dey still dun reply!! haiz...

2nd prob will be when pple sae "if he go den i go"!! i mean a gathering is to catch up wif each other...esp since we've nt met up for a gathering for e past 2yrs!!! y muz one go only when e other go?? i understand tt if ur gd fren goes for e gathering...@ least u wldnt feel bored n haf sum1 to tok to!! but 1 of ur gd fren is gg alr...y muz still depend on other gd frens?? even if ur gd frens dun go...i believe u won't be left alone coz dere r other frenz to chat wif oso rite??

3rd prob is maybe bothering too much abt wat happened in e past...n thus affecting ur reply!! i seriously dunno y is he tinking so much abt it?? after 2yrs...who will rmb wat dey did?? i noe he'll probably feel weird meeting dem again...but dey oso cant deny tt u were part of 4e1 rite?? of coz dey'll hope tt e gathering goes on well...dey wldnt do anyting de lah!!! i can guarantee on tt...so hope to hear gd news fr u ya!!! :)

4th will probably be nt gg coz wanna watch soccer match or wateva dere is!!! i mean...how do u feel when u hear dis?? a soccer match is more impt den a gathering when we hafnt got together for 2yrs?? sianz...

i really wish tt dis gathering will be a successful 1...hope everybody (or @ least majority of u) can postpone other plans to turn up for dis!! since it's a class gathering...of coz i'll hope tt more pple can go (e more e merrier)!! n oso pls forget abt e past n juz look to e present ya!!! hope to hear gd response from more pple dis week...btw i'm sorry if wateva i saed offended anybody!!! pls dun take it to heart...i was juz stating mi feelings!! =) cya guys soon~~

what we could have been, 11:35 PM.
Tuesday, November 14, 2006

well it's e start of another week...n i guess it's nt a bad start lah!! coz i juz came back after gg out wif clarence...haha no lah!! when i got home fr school @ 2.30pm...he msged mi asking if i'm free to accompany him to buy a new mp3!! since i had nuting to do @ hm...so i agreed n met @ 3.45pm @ serangoon mrt!! we took e train to cityhall den walked to funan where he got his mp3!! by tt time was alr 4+pm, nearly 5pm...we went to raffles city coz i saed i wanted to get a wallet!!! in e end...nt only did i nt get mi wallet...we ended up eating sum finger snacks fr "chippy british take away"!! haha we shared a pkt of crispy calamari n a pkt of beer-battered fish...tt kinda shows how hungry we were?? haha we sat down @ an area surrounding e fountain n ate while we chat abt our sec school days n other stuff!! haha its basically our usual topics again...after tt (at abt 5.50pm)...we were abt to walk to e train station but turned back coz i wanted to buy ice-cream to quench thirst!! coz too ex...i didnt buy n we walked to mrt station!! we took e train n i reached hm @ 6.30pm...

thou mi week started off fine...but e weekend was a turmoil for mi family!! mi mum was back fr e hospital last mon...n e 1st wkend when she's hm...she's actually asking us to bring her for shopping!! she started shouting n crying fr 7+am on sat....n dis continued till 10+am when i had no other ways of stopping n had to call her siblings in for help!! dey came n helped to persuade but obviously to no avail!!! coz i had a ktv session wif weiting...so i left hse @ 11am (n apparently i was late)!! i didnt noe how everyting ended tt afternoon...but i noe tt mi mum continued shouting on sun...asking us to bring her to e hospital for no reason!! oh man...all dese r killing mi!!! mi dad sae she cld haf gotten depression n i seriously tink it's true!!! u noe wat?? mi dad juz complained to mi of chest pain!! haiz...dis year is really nt a gd year for mi family...hope tings can get better ya!!!

hmm toking abt e ktv session weiting n i had...it was a pretty enjoyable 1!! haha we sang many songs which i wldnt sing if i went wif other frenz...e whole session was from 11.45am to 5.30pm!! haha quite shiok lah...can sing to de-stress!! haha tink i'm gonna haf another ktv session wif mi sim42 frenz?? hopefully ya... =)

what we could have been, 6:49 PM.
Thursday, November 09, 2006

finally got to eat sushi after craving for so long!!! haha well met clarence @ 1pm @ serangoon mrt (i ponned school 2dae)...took e train to bugis where we shopped for his ear studs n singlet!! dunno y time seemed to pass so slowly lah...we got quite hungry @ abt 2pm but were waiting for e sushi lunch buffet to start @ 3pm!! to kill time...we walked ard bugis for a while b4 deciding to go suntec for sakae sushi!! haha we walked to suntec n reached @ abt 2.30pm...nt being able to recall where's e outlet...we went ard looking for e restaurant!! we finally found it...but we moved ard suntec since dere was still abit of time b4 e buffet started!! we sat in dere from 3pm to roughly 4.30pm...as usual chatting abt many stuff!! after tt...we walked ard marina sq n citylink!! we took e mrt @ nearly 6pm n i reached hm @ 6.30pm!!

haha it was a simple lunch wif mi gd fren...but @ least it oso cured mi craving for sushi!! haha next time we shall go for more...dun forget we live to eat!!! haha anywae i've been asked to organise a sec4 class gathering to sentosa...hope e response is good ya!!! really wanna meet everybody again...so pls do reply to e sms-es n msges!!! thanx alot peeps...cya real soon~~

what we could have been, 6:37 PM.
Saturday, November 04, 2006

like i mentioned in ystd's blog entry...2dae will be a long day again!! n indeed...it was!! haha woke up @ 10am den played abit of com b4 gg to orchard wif mi sis!! we walked from 11.30am till 4pm...n i ended up buying 2 pairs of URS slippers!! haha we boarded e bus @ 4.15pm n reached hm @ 4.45pm...n apparently i'm late for e next appointment as we were supposed to meet @ 4.40pm!!

haha as joshua is celebrating his 21st bday in advance 2dae...so we set our meeting time to be @ 4.40pm @ hougang mrt station!! as usual...many pple were late, including mi!! i reached @ abt 5.15pm n by den....lisa, natasha, jacintha n jonathan haf alr reached juz tt lisa n natasha were moving ard hougang mall!! cedric n felicia arrived nt long after tt...so we were waiting for ah boy!! we met him @ e bus interchange @ 5.30pm n we waited for bus 112!!! it took very long to cum...when we board e bus n arrived @ e bus-stop which we were supposed to alight, joshua n joween were alr waiting dere 4 us!! haha as i reached e place, i realised that its e same condo as where clarence is staying in!! but he was nt @ hm @ tt time so too bad lor...anywae we went to e function room where e party was held....it was quite packed wif his family n relatives so we ate our dinner @ e balcony upstairs!! we took sum pics b4 jacintha left @ 7pm...hweengee n her bf came up to chat wif us n we went back to e function rm @ abt 7.30pm for a mini performance!! after e performance...it was e cake-cutting session n of coz we took many pics!!! lisa, natasha n felicia left after eating e cake...e rest of us sat in e function rm until josh brought a bottle of jim beam out to near e pool so we went along!!

each of us were given small cup to bottoms up...n of coz we did!! but after tt drink...i had to go in n get a cup of coke coz it was quite hot down mi throat!! when i came out...e guys threw josh into e pool...haha i managed to capture a few pics of tt moment!! haha as a result, he went up to change b4 joining his other frenz in e function rm while e rest of us stayed outside!! we entered e rm @ abt 9.45 to drink e red wine n we started to play "zhong ji mi mah" wif his frenz!! u noe wats e forfeit like?? a mixture of e remaining bobo chacha n wateva sauces tt were left over!!! haha gross rite?? n u noe wats e suay ting?? i still ganna twice lah!! haha omg...after e 1st cup...i was quite blur so jonathan helped mi e 2nd time!! haha we played till 11pm...n many of dem saed mi face turned red after drinking e 2nd cup!! haha we took a few more pics b4 leaving...i reached hm @ 11.40pm (coz we waited quite long for bus 112 back to interchange)!!

well it was a simple yet great party...but @ least tts a time when we could catch up wif family, relatives n frenz!! or can bond between our SIM42 committee as well...haha!! anywae sum pics of e ktv session ystd n 2dae's party will be up in mi friendster...so if u wan can go n haf a look!! mi 21st bday will be 2yrs later...so can slowly wait lor!! haha lastly...thanx to joshua for dis wonderful party!! Happy 21st Birthday (in advance) to u!! =)

what we could have been, 11:57 PM.
Friday, November 03, 2006

it has been a long day 2dae!!! well had school in e morning n went out wif mi frenz from SIM42!! so obviously i ponned mi tutorial in e afternoon!!! haha anywae byron, cedric, joween n i met @ 12+pm in school den we went orchard to look for joshua's present!! we had lunch @ food republic den went to isetan to get vouchers for him!! by tt time, it was near e meeting time so we juz sat down @ dose tables on level 6 of shaw hse!! jolene came @ abt 2.50pm followed by joshua who came @ nearly 3pm...we walked to international plaza where we decided to sing @ e newly-opened partyworld ktv!!

after entering e room...we didnt noe wat songs to sing so josh anyhow press "tonghua" n we sang!! after tt song...everybody started looking for songs tt dey wan to sing...n e atmosphere slowly became higher!!! haha we sang till 7pm but byron n joween left @ 5.30pm n 6pm respectively!! of coz we took a few pics n played a bday song for josh b4 dey left!! haha den we continued singing....overall was quite fun lah!!! 1stly...u see pple of our age wearing disney clothes thou in e end only byron, ahboy, jolene, joween n i wore (josh saed he himself is cute enuff)!! haha 2ndly...u can hear diff pple's singing!!! well byron kept saeing his singing is lousy but it sounded nt as bad as wat he tot arh...@ least e glass didnt crack!! haha cedric, ahboy, josh n jolene's singing r quite nice oso!!! we sang till 7pm b4 dey went for dinner n i went off to meet mi jc classmates!! haha guess we'll haf another ktv session soon...since everybody's into singing!! haha looking forward to it...

after e ktv session, i took e train to cityhall to meet weiting n e rest!!! wanyuan, small carol, nig carol, peiyi, weiting n i met up to celebrate weiting's bday which was ystd!! haha well nt really to celebrate lah...juz prob a small gathering to catch up wif each other!! dey were supposed to meet @ 6.30pm but apparently weiting n small carol were later den mi even thou i reached @ 7.15pm!! haha i even finished buying weiting's present n still had to wait for dem!! weiting reached @ 7.40pm n small carol reached @ abt 7.45pm!! we walked to marina sq n took quite a long time to decide where we wanna eat!! finally, we settled on kenny rogers!! we were there fr 8+ till 10pm!! den we walked ard for a while b4 separating ways...i reached hm @ abt 11.20pm!!

it's finally e end of e day...feeling tired but i enjoyed miself, esp during e ktv session!! haha gonna slp soon as 2ml will be another long day 4 mi!! haha nitez peeps....

what we could have been, 11:51 PM.



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