Friday, September 30, 2005

haha....juz came back from e Project Superstar concert held @ Max Pavilion of Expo!!! well sum pple may sae dis's a stupid concert 2 go for....since e singers r nt experts in dis area n dey dun sing as well as dose red-hot popular singers like Jay n Stefanie n Jolin!!! haha i oso no choice lah....who ask mi mum dash mi hopes on being able 2 attend 5566 concert in dec!!! n i die die muz go a concert every year...so i choose 2 go 4 dis concert since e tix were very much cheaper oso!!! hahaha anywae it was supposed 2 start 8pm but we were let in juz a few mins b4 8pm!! while waiting 4 e other pple 2 get their seats so that e concert can start......dey played many songs sang by e contestants in e competition!!! haha.....serious speaking......i started enjoying from tt part onwards.....coz can sing many songs mah!!! duh...@ abt 8.30+...e concert finally started!!! well...it started wif e introduction of all e top 24 contestants (of coz 3 were missing)...n e 2nd item was by weijian n weichoong (our army boys)!! haha...overall was hilarious lah...like their conversations dey haf wif Quan YiFeng...n 5 of dem who acted a farnie version of e 5 judges!!! hahaha...dose realy livened up e whole atmosphere....e few sections which i loved moz were when e 4couples sang love songs n when kelvin sang e songs which we dedicated!! haha 1 ting i muz specially mention....kelvin is really nt juz a blind person who can sing very nicely!!! he's oso 1 who can play e piano like any other normal pple n he can play any songs as u suggest on his guitar!!! like i saed above...audiences cld dedicate songs 4 him 2 sing...n i can guarantee its on-e-spot performance lah!! he sang a variety of languages....like chinese english thai n even cantonese!! haha...his performance really surprised everybody n every song he sang ended wif a hall of cheers n clapping!!

anywae e whole concert ended @ abt 11.40+....well i muz admit i kinda miss all e contestants' singing!! haha...hope dey'll show e whole concert on tv!! haha...good luck 2 all contestants in ur future endeavours ya!!

what we could have been, 12:47 AM.
Thursday, September 22, 2005

yeah...its finally e end of prelims!!! haha n i juz gt back hm from a steamboat dinner wif mi frenz!!! well...our last paper was physics paper 5(design expt) n it only lasted 1hr lah!!! after e paper...weiting n i went 2 Plaza Singapura 2 watch movie....korean horror movie "The Red Shoes"!!! wah dis show really gross lah...out of a $8 ticket...tink i only watched like $3 of it lah!!! hahaha i noe its abit pathetic....but it seriously is very disgusting lah!!!! after e movie @ 1+...we moved ard PS 4 a while coz it was raining!! we finally left e place @ nearly 2pm coz we were meeting other girls 4 dinner!! i reached hm n had a nap 1st b4 leaving hm @ 5.50pm!! when i was on e bus heading towards toa payoh...weiting msged mi n saed she was juz abt 2 reach e mrt station!! haha nv did we expect tt we'll meet on e same train lah!! haha...well we all were supposed 2 meet @ 6.30pm @ marina bay mrt station....yet only our 2 carols were punctual n our dear wanyuan was late again!! haha by e time we decided on which shop 2 go 2 n got our seats...it was alr 7pm!! we toked n laughed alot whilest hafing our dinner till 11pm!! haha...i noe it's considered pretty long for 5girls 2 sit so long n eat so much...but all of us starved ourselves 4 lunch n we were eating pretty slowly too!!! haha...

we reached e mrt station @ ard 11+ n were rushing 2 e train as thou it was leaving in a few seconds when it is in fact leaving in 4mins lah!! haha...slowly we parted ways as we all took different trains!! weiting n i sat till bishan station den walked 2 e bus interchange 2 take a bus back!! tt time was roughly 11.40pm...we waited 4 bus 53 4 15mins but it nv came...we looked @ e board den realised e last bus was @ 11.15pm lah!!!!! but we were still stupidily waiting 4 e bus.........haha so we decided 2 share a cab hm!!!! so by e time i reached hm.....it was alr 12.15am!!! haha...guess e next time we can enjoy will be after our A'levels!!!! haiz....cant wait 4 tt day 2 cum by!!!!!

what we could have been, 12:52 AM.
Thursday, September 01, 2005

haha...juz finished watching e Project Superstar finals!!! wow.....tt was like a damn exciting fight between blind busker Kelvin Tan Wei Lian n hot favourite Kelly Poon Jia Li!!! haha....e finals started @ 8pm...but i was in front of e tv since 7.30pm 4 a Project Superstar Special!! haha...it toked abt how dey started on their singing journey....wif all e auditions n stuff!! n whenever dey went in2 e advertisements...dey'll oso show abit of wats happening backstage!!! tt was live leh....hahaha looking @ how dey do last min preparations n last min rehearsals backstage....it was so cute!! haha e whole competition started promptly @ 8pm...all e top 24 superstars(except 4 hagen n candy as dey were overseas) were on stage n dey sang S.H.E's "Superstar" as a starter!! well...i muz sae e whole finals was a great success...n i really admire e 22 superstars lah...hafing a chance 2 perform in Singapore Indoor Stadium when their status r nt like dose pop idols!! its like dey're holding their own concert lor....so envious!!! haha...e competition went on smoothly 4 e next 3hrs!! e 2 finalists had 2 go thru 5 rounds...n e judges preferred kelly's performance for 4 out of e 5 rounds!! but too bad...e judges' comments were nt taken into account 4 e final results!! in e between e 2 finalists' singing...e other contestants oso came out occasionally 2 sing a few songs!! very farnie leh...e organiser had 2 separate dem in2 groups...like e 1st 6 pple who were eliminated were in 1 grp n e next 4 quarter-finalists in another grp!!! of coz junyang n sinhuey had their own solo part as well...n dey 2 sang "Wu Ding" 2gether!! it was totally marvellous lah...haha!!! @ abt 10.45pm...dey were prepared 2 announce e final winner!! initially i tot wld be kelly leh...coz her comments were quite good!!!!! but unexpectedly....e winner is kelvin!!!!!!!! n i jumped up n screamed when dey announced dis lah!!! haha...i mean like...4 e 1st time in singapore history...a blind busker actually emerged as e overall winner in our very 1st Project Superstar!! haha...his courage n singing really touched alot of pple's hearts lah!!! haha....well if a blind can do it...wat more we normal human beings!! haha...towards e end of e competition...e hosts oso saed tt kelly will be getting a contract wif Universal Music while kelvin will be getting a contract wif Play Music!!!

anywae i'm consider joining e 2nd Project Superstar next yr...so do support mi ya!!! hahahaha..... :p

what we could have been, 11:31 PM.



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